Christina Aguilera / Maroon 5
February 21, 2004

By Stu Pidfuk

Im Stu Pidfuk and this is my review. I used to write revies under the name joey for the Jack Black- Halle Berry.

Cold Opening: Hardballl: DH, CP, HS
As always Hardball was good, but this one was one of the worse ones I've seen in a while. Chris Parnell was good. Didmt really like Horatio or Darrell (as Arnold)

Monolouge: Aguilera, JF, TF, FM, Lorne, KT, CP, FA
This was a very good Monolouge until Christina sang. Wasn't she supose to whore it up.

Sketch: Sex and the City: Aguilera, AP, MR, RD
This was fairly good. I didn't really like how they kept mentioning puns and stuff like that. For some reason I didnt like Chirstina doing an impression. Also instead of her saying I'm a dude she should have said I'm a man.

Gameshow: Do You Know Who my Father is?: Aguelira, CP, WF, SM
Will Forte and Seth Meyers were great. But once again I didn't like Cirstina. It seemed to me Christina was doing an impression of Paris Hilton.

Cartoon: Fun With Real Audio
It seems this year they have just been using TV Funhouse as a filler, but anyways I though this was a pretty good cartoon. I don't really have any thoughts on it.

Sketch: History Channel: Celebration of Women Week: Aguelira, DH, AP, MR, RD, CP, FM
Darrell was great as Phil Donahue. I also enjoyed Rachel. Christina just didn't do it for me again. Amy was good as usual. Maya was all right.

Musical Perfromance: Maroon 5

Weekend Update: JF, TF, WF
This one of the best Fallon-Fey updates in recent memory. I don't think there was one bad joke. Will Forte was GREAT! Eminem - Double yes

Sketch: Venice Beach Dance Off: Aguelira, CP, HS, MR, WF, KT, FM, SM
This was an all right skecth. Will Forte was great, as was Parnell and Sanz. Maya was all right for change. I notice you could see Christinas Hoo-Ha when she did her dance.

Sketch: Celebs Visit Christina Backstage: Aguelira, KT, FM. MR, AP, HS, RD
Kenan had a very bad Star Jones impression. Maya was all right. Amy and Sanz as the Osbournes were great. The ending you made Ozzy think was funny.

Sketch: Besos Y Lagrimas: Aguelira, FA, HS, MR, CP, RD + more?
This was an all right sketch really no plot though, but I guess the real thing would of had no plot either.

Commercial: Huggies Thong: RD, MR
See Jack Black review
1/5 (baecause its the fourth time I've seen it)

Sketch: Incompetent employee gets fired: CP, AP, WF
Will Forte was great as usual. Ending starnge in a good way.

Musical Performance: Maroon 5

Skecth: Rude pharmacy employee: Aguelira, HS, FA, CP, RD, KT, MR
An all right 10 til One skecth

Overall this show was in the top 5 of the season

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