Christina Aguilera / Maroon 5
February 21, 2004

By Get Off the Damn Shed

Pre-Show Thoughts- Lorne is really picking bad guests. Pop stars shouldn't host comedy shows. Timberlake did ok, hopefully Christina will too.

Hardball- Hardball sketches are always good, but they're starting to get overused. This was a decent sketch. I liked Chris' role, Haratio as Rosie is always funny. Darrell was good here. I love his Schwarzenegger.
Grade: 7/10

Sex and the City- I've never seen the actual show, so I'm sure a lot of the jokes went over my head. Rachel and Maya did especially well. Amy's impression was alright, but she really looked nothing like Sarah Jessica Prker. This sketch was funny, but could have been done a bit better.
Grade: 8/10

Do You Know Who My Dad Is?- Good premise, bad writing, good performances. I usually don't like SNL's game show skethes, but this was enjoyable. Forte was there which is definitely a good thing.
Grade: 7.5/10

Fun with Real Audio- Smigel's cartoons have been excellent this season. This wasn't as good as the FWRA from the Elijah Wood episode, but it was funny nevertheless.
Grade- 9/10

History Channel: Celebration of Women Week- Didn't enjoy this one bit. The female cast this year is very strong, so I should have like it, but it was just boring. Darrell's Donahue is still great, though.
Grade- 3/10

Maroon 5- I like this song, so this was watchable, unlike most of the musical performances.
Grade- 7/10

Weeked Update- Excellent update. None of the jokes were terrible. Forte was funny as usual. I really enjoyed this.
Best Jokes: Denis Kuninich/Littlest Groom, KKK Ken, Polaroid and Bacardi, Jesus Horses, and Peta.
Grade: 10/10

Dance Off- The dancing was really funny at times. Kenan's dance especially. It started to get boring, then Will came in and I started laughing my ass off.
Grade: 9/10 because of Forte's appearance.

Celebrities Visit Christina- This was my favorite sketch of the night because Haratio as Ozzy was absolutely hilarious. Kenan as Star Jones was somewhat funny. He playes a lot of women, doesn't he? It was good that Christina didn't mind being poked fun at a bit. Haratio really stole the show here... his fall through the table was very unexpected.
Grade: 10/10

Besos Y Lagrimas- This was accurate, because that's exactly how those spanish soap operas are. This was a little too similar to Mad TV's spanish parodies, though. Good sketch either way.
Grade: 6/10

Huggies: Don't air this damn commercial again.
Grade: 0/10

Getting Fired: Forte is getting a lot of roles tonite, and that's not a bad thing. The ending of this sketch was the funniest. It really fit Forte's odd kind of humor.
Grade: 6.5/10

Maroon 5: Didn't like this song.
Grade: None

Wallgreen's: Pretty good for the last sketch of the night. It could have been shorter, but this was funny.
Grade: 7/10

Goodnights: No Darrell once again, but that shouldn't be suprising anymore. Haratio riding around the stage on his wheelchair was really really funny.

Overall: This show was very good. Christina was not bad, but I didn't like many of the roles she played. Tonite's episode get's a grade of 8/10.

That's my review, good night everyone.