Ben Affleck / N.E.R.D.
March 13, 2004

By Dan Fuitt

Sully & Denise at Donny's wedding
What a surprise, although if you look at what Chris Parnell is wearing, you might get it before they reveal the "twist". This was really, really funny. The expressions seemed real. This was one of the best Sully and Denise's to date, but Frankie was wasted here. (no pun intended)


Ben Affleck's copyrighted shirts
BOPRAH!, loved it. This was the best monologue in a long time. AND A REAL ONE TOO!, who would have thought? This was great, absolutely hilarious.
A (I don't think i've ever given a monologue an A before)


I at first was pissed that they had this AGAIN, but the premise this time actually turned it into a great skit. Hilarious with Ben competing with Jimmy and all the copycat voices- MAN IN THE CAN.

April 3, 2004: Donald Trump
-Is Donald gonna sing? or is there no MG? Please let it be no MG.


Frondi's Gigli bashing
Fred is great at making characters. He made 2 possibly recurring ones tonight. This was the first. I loved this skit. Everyone seemed to be going great and the premise worked. I also loved the "FRONDI VS. WILLIAM HUNG" label on the magazine at the end.
Promote Fred NOW.

(---3 A'S in ONE SHOW, is a new record)


The Making of The Passion of the Dumpty
The Bush campaign ads were the highlight of this, but it was kinda funny. Smigel has gone down a bit in terms of being funny though.


"Appalachian Emergency Room"
Everyone on here was really funny. I liked this one better, even though its about the same as the first time. Good though, maybe i'm getting used to it more.


Only Bangkok, Part 1
Took me a little bit to realize they were parodying the "ONLY VEGAS" ads.
This was the worst of them, but still good.



Fallon & Fey, Finesse Mitchell, Diana Ross, Bill Clinton
The jokes seemed off tonight. I liked Finesse on here, but it was nothing hilarious, he's got potential though. The Diana Ross bit was nothing we haven't seen before. The Bill Clinton bit was funny, but doesn't come CLOSE to as good as it was last week (The single funniest part of the season, so far). Its a shame this couldn't have been better, but with such a terrific show, it doesn't need it.

"Top O' The Morning"
Its about time this came back. I liked the whole Rono/Ronald McDonald bit and the part with Forte's scottish accent.


Only Bangkok, Part 2
Dude, these are getting stranger and stranger, but thats the whole point.


"Donnie G. and Sidecar"
Creative and very funny. I loved the funeral part and Fred getting hit with stuff. I also liked Horatio's "By the way..I'm Itallian"
Loved this.


Only Bangkok, Part 3
The funniest of all of them. Kelly Ripa was HILARIOUS in this (Just after I went on and on saying EW shouldn't have put her on their funniest people in America list). Man, this was so bizarre.


The Full Moon Killer
Loved the "AND HE WAS.." part at the end. This was great. I liked it a lot. GREAT way to end the night.

Overall: A
This was by far the best skit of the season. This would probably be in my top 10 skits of all time. Ben Affleck is great when he's on SNL. He's 2 for 2. I can't pick a favorite skit, because I gave 5 A's, which is NUTS, because I rarely give them out. I'm not gonna give a worst skit, because they were all worth watching. I loved this episode.