Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003


here is my review on the chris walken episode. please post it under the name- SNL2BE ~ thanks

Saturday night live review
Date 2/22/03
Host- Christopher Walken
Musical Guest- the foo fighters

Rating Scale- A++ to F-
A++ = Super-massively funny
F- = Bombed

Opening Sketch (Hardball)- Rating: B+
i was beginning to lose faith in Darrell Hammonds political characters, but this changed my mind a bit. It began to bomb out a little at the end, but overall it was pretty funny.

Monologue- Rating D+
I expected a lot more from Walken. Im getting sick and tired of hosts (like Ray liotta) breaking into song and dance during their monologues. the songs dont even make sense or are at ALL funny.

Pranksters- Rating B
Yay for Seth Myers getting his own sketch! it was funny for the most part, but it could of used a different ending.

The Continental- Rating C+
I really like the other "Continental" sketches from years before, but this one just died! it had a few funny parts but it ran waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.

Raft Captain- Rating C+
It had its moments ("that gay stuff...") and it was good to see Fred in a sketch, but all in all it sucked.

History Channel- Rating A+
Short and sweet! Very funny! Go Dean!

Colonel Angus- Rating B
Funny but raunchy. I liked how a lot of the more 'rare' cast members were in it.

Weekend Update- Rating A++
not only were the jokes good, but 3 cameos, and a great impression by Maya. one of the best WU's ive seen all season.

foo fighters- rating b
ive actually heard that song before, so that was good. they have good stage energy, but it wasnt that entertaining.
*random thought- the lead singer kinda look like tom green*

The Luvahs- rating b
it was nice to see a good recurring sketch, and very refreshing to see will ferrell there in exchange for chris parnell being in every sketch.

foo fighters 2 -rating A
the band was good...that included JIM CARREY!!
*piece of useless trivia- jim carrey was up against eddie murphy for a spot on snl in the 80s.

rialto grande- rating B
nice recurring sketch and a good show ender.i cant stand chris walken singing any more, but i really like fred a.'s drummin' thing.

pretty good show, but it could of been better