Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Sid Glass

-When they first started doing "Hardball", I wasn't a fan, but now that they've done it more, I think they have improved. This was really good, probably the best cold opening this season. A great way to start out the show. Walken was also good and of course so was Darrell..
Great skit.

-Christopher Walken is one freaky dude, but a great actor. He was really good in "Catch me if you can" and i'm glad he's nominated for an oscar, even though chances are, he won't win, but its cool that someone from C.M.I.Y.C. got nominated. Anyways, this was a typical Walken Monologue with the singing and dancing. They didn't let it drag, so that was cool
Not bad..

-Well, yeah this sketch was "owned" by Walken. No question about it. Seth did a good job as the host of the tacky show, Pranksters, but Walken made this skit work. I think they could have done a little more with the material, but all in all, it was a great way to start the show. Also, I like calling someone a "Stifley Stifferson"..

The Continental
This is the 3rd episode i've seen Walken host and this was my least favorite "Continental". My favorite was when Christina A. was MG, but this didn't seem that great. It wasn't a waste of time or anything, but it wasn't one of the better ones. Hearing Phil do the voice over is great.. Glad they didn't redo it..

Life Boat
I'm all for seeing Christopher Walken go crazy, but this sketch was just so-so. It could have been better, but it wasn't the worst skit of the night.. I'm surprised they showed this skit so early and not in the later half of the show..

African American Archives
Great to see Dean getting more work. His Don Cheadle impression is very good. This was great. It was short and to the point. 

Colonel Angus
-This was a pretty raunchy skit. I'm surprised they got away with what they got away with. It wasn't really funny, it just seemed to be more *Shock Humor*, (Like the bird skit in the Julianna Margulies ep; although it wasn't THAT bad..)

Weekend Update
-They should have called it "CAMEO UPDATE", because thats what really kept this update together. The jokes were definately off this week, but I enjoyed the cameo by Steve Martin. Will's was also pretty funny and Britney Spears was surprisingly really good in her cameo as well. It was a very good update, but not because of the jokes...

- I was never a fan of the "Lovas". I really wish they could have used Will more effectively in a better skit. Hey how about a "Blue Oyster Cult" part 2? Even that would have been better than this.

Foo Fighters
-Wow Jim Carrey. What the hell was he doing there? Oh well, good to have him there, but too bad he couldn't have been in a sketch..

Buddy Mills
-This was pretty weak.  Fred is the ONLY good part of the skit. Kattan is tollerable, but Fred is really what keeps this skit going. I almost fell asleep. 

Overall: C-
I thought this show was very weak. The cameos were great, but most of the skits were in the C range. I was dissapointed with Will Ferrell, I wished they could have used him better, like put him in a GOOD skit.. The show started out great, but it just fell apart.

Best Skit: Hardball, Pranksters
Worst Skit: The Luvas

Hope Queen Latifah will do a good hosting job..