Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Rachael & Mandy

Pre Show Thoughts

This is our first review, that being said, we are going to get our opinions
of the cast members out of the way (yeah like anyone cares,Ķ) but we'll do it

Rachel Dratch- We have a lot of respect for her because she can be the best
old woman or little boy. Her best performance this season was probably last
week with the girl-on-girl action involving Jennifer Garner (as Sheldon, what
were you thinking?)

Jimmy Fallon- This is going to be Rachael's opinion, she likes Jimmy better
Rachael: Yes, I admit it! Jimmy is a fine attractive young man. But don't
call me a teeny-bopper; I'll admit he can be an idiot in some sketches (when
will they learn not to pair him with Horatio?) but his impressions are great,
his update jokes are usually funny, and he has a nice butt. (adopts Ferecito
voice) "I'm just kidding!"

Tina Fey-
Mandy: Tina is pretty much entirely Update. Last year I thought Update was
done well, and usually the best part of the show, but lately I think it has
been lacking. I don't know if anyone agrees, but I think it may be a
combination of the following: 1) Jimmy has been getting the better jokes, not
that its bad, but hers are lackluster. 2) The visiting guests haven't been
great. 3) I wasn't happy that there was no tribute to the NASA astronauts. To
make things a little more positive, I do like Tina and I think that she is a
solid member of both the writing and performance staff.
Rachael: I pretty much agree with Mandy. I'll just add that I hated the
American Morning sketch (with Eric McCormack). But that doesn't mean I hate
her. This review doesn't sound nice about her, but we really don't dislike

Darrell Hammond-
Rachael: What happened to him? He was so good last year, I think it is
because the political impressions he does are getting a little tired. His
only solid sketch is Hardball. Although did anyone see the end credits of the
Jennifer Garner episode? Was he purposely trying to look like Hannibal? Just
my opinion, don't take offense.
Mandy: Maybe Dean's obligatory 9-second thing is rubbing off on Darrell. He
hasn't been a fundamental part of the show this season. But to his defense, a
lot of his political characters just aren't making the headlines anymore.
While he still does a great VP Cheney and his Colin Powell wasn't bad, his
big impressions aren't needed (Gore and Clinton,Ķ).
Rachael: Does it seem to anyone else that his political characters run
together? Minus Cheney, I couldn't tell his Rumsfeld from Ridge.

Chris Kattan-
Rachael: I don't care what anyone says, I love him. I'll think of something
Mandy: "You can't have-a the Mango!" well, uh anyone else relieved? I don't
mind Kattan, but I'm not missing the Mango sketch. Luckily the show isn't
abandoning the "Chris Kattan makes a great gay guy!" aspect. Not bad, it is
still where his strength in characters lies.
Rachael: In my mind Chris's shining moment this season was Gollum. "We loves
the Raiders!,Ķno! We hates the Raiders!"
Mandy: She's actually doing the impression as she is typing, its scary
people, real scary.

Tracy Morgan-
Mandy: he makes me feel like the Lion King. Enough said.
Rachael: (Ignoring the implications of that last statement.) I think Tracy
has gotten a lot stronger this year, even though he hasn't gotten as much
Mandy: It was just a reference!

Chris Parnell-
Rachael: I swear I met his brother where I work. That has nothing to do with
his talent, but it was weird. Although I'm not sure if he even has a brother,
there was a creepy resemblance.
Mandy: Did he pretend he wasn't a rapist?
Rachael: He gave me a good tip. It should help to mention here that I wait
tables, not other things one gets tipped for. Okay. As for his talent, him as
Bush bothers me. I don't think political impressions are his thing.
Mandy: I personally think Chris is the most talented cast member; he's done a
good job this season. Besides, they gave him the impossible job of trying to
fill Will Ferrell's shoes.

Amy Poehler-
Rachael: I hated her last year, I did and I don't know why. Because this year
she has really impressed me. I think she's done a lot for the show,
especially with the loss of Ana.
Mandy: I agree. Although I think they should have made Lil' Sleuths a
recurring sketch. I liked that sketch and thought she did a good job.

Maya Rudolph-
Mandy: I can't stand her. I don't like the one-on-one sketches she does with
Tracy and I have never found her to be incredibly talented. While she is the
best looking female on the show, she shouldn't get as much airtime as she
does. Who decided to make Glenda Goodwin a sketch? What were they,
Rachael: I will never enjoy her on SNL, because whatever she does in a sketch
I will think of Versace and cringe. I can only moderately stand her during
"Wake Up Wakefield!" and that's because of Sheldon.
Mandy: Although I think it says something when a cross dressing Rachel Dratch
can get some action and Maya can't in a sketch. By the way, I thought the
Seth-Maya kiss looked completely fake.

Horatio Sanz-
Rachael: He's really a hit-or-miss this season. I like Gobi. The pot jokes
never grow old. And I enjoy how the bong gets bigger every sketch. Good stuff.
Mandy: I like everything he does, although I think the Gene Shalit impression
is past its prime, well excepting the dance. I really like the Gene Shalit
Rachael: Me too.

Featured Players:

Fred Armisen:
Mandy: Of the new featured players, he's the best. I really thought he stood
out in the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode.
Rachael: From the first Ferecito I knew I was going to like him.
Mandy: What is this, Jerry Maguire?
Rachael: No. Anyway, I think he will become an important player and will
continue to make good characters.

Dean Edwards-
Rachael: When he finally gets time on the show, everything he does is
hilarious. Remember Denzel Washington? I thought that was great. I really
hope he gets more opportunities as the season goes on.
Mandy: I'm just happy that this season his number of seconds per show has
reached double digits.

Will Forte-
Mandy: I'm going to explain this, The Falconer is a book. They didn't pull
the sketch out of thin air, go to a library I promise it exists. I think Will
Forte is doing a great job this season. I say yes to Hollywood.
Rachael: I agree, I think he is doing a really good job this season. When
does he find the time? Doesn't he have like three other jobs?

Seth Meyers-
Rachael: Personally I think Seth should not be a featured player and is
probably funnier than a lot of the regular players on the show. I honestly
thought he was going to get Bush. (Presidentially speaking).
Mandy: Thanks for clarifying on that last one. Seth is my favorite cast
member, although I'm partial because I am also a Red Sox fan. There is
something to be said for the integrity that comes with being a fan of the
same team who had Buckner play. Also I find him to be attractive, striking,
eye-catching, alluring, fascinating, delightful and luminescent. I love my
built-into-computer thesaurus.
Rachael: By the way I made her write luminescent, I know it makes no sense.
But its so much fun to say.

Jeff Richards-
Rachael: Not as good as Seth, but has some characters that I love, a.k.a.
Drunk Girl.
Mandy: Great cast member, I like Drunk Girl as well, and I think that his
Letterman is great. Even if it does seem like eighties Letterman.
Rachael: Agreed. And I'll add that he's particularly luminescent in the
Jarret's room sketches as Jeff the roommate.
Mandy: It was the underwear sniffing that did it for you huh?
Rachael: You know me all too well.

Finally done! But now you will never have to sit through that ever again!
Well until next season.

Pre-Show Thoughts:

Mandy: Did I ever mention I play a mean cowbell?
Rachael: I'm really bummed that they will never be able to do another cowbell
sketch, although there is the rumored Will Ferrell cameo. I'm really excited
about this show; because it is the first live Christopher Walken I have ever
Mandy: I'm actually more looking forward to the Foo Fighters performances.
Not that I don't think Christopher Walken runs a great show, but I've been a
Dave Grohl fan since Nirvana.
Rachael: Personally I'm hoping for the Continental sketch to make it to the
live show. And about the possible cameos with Steve Martin and Britney
Spears, is it me, or is this a good "wild and Crazy Guys" opportunity.
Mandy: Where is Aykroyd when you need him? Well we all know Britney can play
an American fox with large boobs. That little minx. (watch Animal House)

Well that's the end of the pre-show thoughts. On to the Review:

Cold Opening:
R: Rare is Hardball a cold opening. Refreshing change, still political but
M: As a former spelling bee champ, I was happy to hear the alphabetical order
reference. I always suspected something was going on in Zimbabwe.
R: Does this mean Bush has a basic knowledge of our alphabet? I'm impressed.
M: Well they really only mentioned five letters I think, but maybe by the
next State of the Union he might shock us all by knowing his times tables.
Bottom Line: Solid opening. A sure 6/10. LFNY: Christopher Walken

R: I don't think this was very impressive. I was looking for something more
from Christopher Walken.
M: Nice line about having the girls though, add a trampoline and you've got
the Man Show.
Bottom Line: Weak opening, didn't really like the song. 4/10.

M: Best sketch of the night, without a doubt. Any sketch that can incorporate
the phrase "whammy blammy wowie zowie" and includes Seth is good. Also it was
nice seeing Seth in the first sketch of the night, felt oddly proud.
R: Agreed on it being the best sketch. I really thought Seth's facial
impressions made the sketch. Walken had a great line about wanting to prank
them for hours in my basement.
M: How did he know what I do in my free time?
R: What you like to prank the stiffy stiffersons?
M: sure, right, pranking,Ķ.
Bottom Line: Good sketch all-around. 10/10

Next Episode: Queen Latifah/ Miss Dynamite
R: What the heck is Miss Dynamite?
M: Prince's new stage name?

The Continental:
R: I liked that sketch. Even though it wasn't the best continental. It seemed
a little awkward for some reason. But hearing him say shiznit just about made
up for it. "Combos, they cheese your hunger away,Ķ"
M: solid elaboration on profanity, although I liked the biziotch in Matt
Damon's episode a bit more. I liked the "naughty cougar" line, because we all
enjoy comparing our personal ad dates to misbehaving cats.
Bottom Line: Could have been better, but was still entertaining. 8/10

Raft Captain Elections:
M: Oddly enough this reminded me of an experience I had camping on a school
trip once. One of my cabin mates was completely insane, and we got lost
orienteering. I think that Fred Armisen really did a great job in this
sketch, and Seth is right, conserve the sunscreen.
R: Yes, Fred Armisen is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the
show. I thought this sketch was funny, although the timing seemed off.
Bottom Line: Had potential, 6.5/10.

African American Archives:
R: Dean is alive! Hallelujah! Hercules! Hercules! This was funny. Why are
they hiding Dean? He's so good.
M: I personally enjoyed how they showed the full spectrum of movie screen
yelling. Dean was excellent in this.
Bottom Line: Good and short. 9/10
Welcome Home Colonel Angus:
R: An excellent way for the writers to get out their sexual frustrations.
Every line could have some double meaning in this sketch, that made it funny.
M: Good old sexual innuendos around midnight, what a way to start a Sunday.
"I always dreamed of the day Colonel Angus would rest his head at Shady
Bottom Line: One joke sketch, but they pulled it off well. 8/10

Weekend Update:
R: Not one of the best Weekend Updates, but Steve Martin's cameo was good. I
love that guy, he's the best. Maya surprised me, she was funny as Christina
M: And as if the wonders would never cease, Tina Fey got called "boo." High
Quality, I applaud the writing staff. I thought Will Ferrell could have done
more if not for Britney Spears, but I think the Colin Farrell-Will Ferrell
name confusion was great. As for Tina, well some of us use duct tape to cover
our windows, and others,Ķ.
Bottom Line: Some excellent jokes, but there's been better. Will Ferrell
inflation means, 7/10.


Foo Fighters
M: I have been looking forward to this performance since I heard who was
playing in January. It was great. Remember the good old days when they
advertised Bacardi with that shot of the audience?

R: The noises that they make always crack me up, and I was really excited
when I saw Will Ferrell was doing this sketch again. But, it wasn't the best
luvahs, and I think I expected something more from Will's first return. And
Maya was stupid.
M: yes, because we all discuss the Lost Gold of Tutankhamen. What exactly is
a Polynesian soul kiss? Altogether a good luvahs, but I liked the Jack Black
version myself.
Bottom Line: Give me a good circle yank. It's a 6/10.

Foo Fighters
M: Jim Carrey plays a good leg, I took lessons, but I didn't have the skills
to keep it going. Great musical performance.
R: I just wanted to know where Jim Carrey came from, it was so random. But it
was okay cause it was my favorite part of the song.

Night at the Rialto:
M: Fred makes this sketch worth seeing.
R: That's all I was going to say.
M: Not great, but Amy's dancing at the end was awesome.
Bottom Line: if they got rid of everything but the drumroll and the dancers
it would be great. But they didn't, so 5/10.

Final Word:

R: 70/ 100. It seemed like a better episode than the score. I think certain
people stuck out and made it a good episode, but on the whole it wasn't the

Players of the Night: it goes to the featured players, Fred Armisen and Seth
Worst Sketch of the Night: sketch wise, Night at the Rialto, in general, the
Best Sketch: Pranksters