Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Max Rieper

Wowie, wow, wow, wow, Christopher Walken is a good bet
to be funny, if for no other reason for his oddity.
I'm hoping beyond hope Jay Mohr comes back for a cameo
to play Walken himself. He does by far the best
impression of Walken I have ever heard. And besides,
what is he busy doing, making phone calls to the Jim
Rome Show?

"Hardball with Chris Matthews"

Hardball has become what the McGlaughlin group was in
the late 80s for SNL. A formulaic sketch that never
really gets old because of the changing political
scene. Christopher Walken is HILARIOUS as a French
department minister. They don't follow the usual
formula of Hardball with Matthews ridiculing a
liberal/Paul Begala type and there was no 3rd guest
uttering Harry Belafonte-esque crazy statements. But
the banter between Hammond and Walken was great, the
French are such easy targets! Parnell's material
wasn't quite as funny, although the Karate Kid
reference was great. A great opening, although the
crowd seemed a bit dead. Wake up people!

Grade: B+

Best line: "Pretty strong comments from a country
whose biggest contribution to culture is Gerard
Depardieu and a horny skunk."


Walken is in the six timer club! Congrats to Mr.
Walken! I expected a song and dance, I get the feeling
its in his contract with SNL. Walken has a really
funny dance (see his "potato, potato" monologue with
Jimmy Fallon or the Fatboy Slim video "Weapon of
Choice") and a certain vaudevillian quality about him
that makes him entertaining to watch. Nothing great
about this monologue, but it wasn't as bad as a lot of
song and dance numbers either.

Grade: B-

Best line: "Wowie Zowie"


Is this an actual show on Nickolodeon? I know there
are a lot of prank shows on TV, I didn't know if
"Pranksters" was an actual one. The beginning is all
pretty lame, except for the sound effects. And its all
to set up one joke, a guy getting beat to death. A
pretty long way to go for one joke. And its not even
that funny. I think Seth was doing an impression of
the Dell guy again, or Johnny Mosely's best man. He
seems to be pretty good at that.

Grade: C

Best line: "Now you're the one being a Stiffly

"The Continental"

We all knew this was coming, didn't we? It's a bit
eerie hearing Phil Hartman's voice, but I'm sure most
didn't notice. Walken does play this character very
well. I know a lot of people think this sketch is
lame, but I think it still has some redeeming
qualities. The Girls Gone Wild tape was great. This
was better than most of "The Continental" sketches,
but that ain't a high standard.

Grade: B-

Best line: "I see London, I see France!"

"Lost at Sea"

Surprisingly funny sketch...I'm wondering if it would
have worked with anyone other than Christopher Walken.
He has a certain craziness about him. Walken carries
this sketch, the other actors don't really have much
to do.

Grade: B+

Best line: "I can also admit it was a mistake to use
all the flairs from this lifeboat to light my farts."
"I'd like to apologize for the gay stuff."

"African American Archives"

Dean Edwards? In a sketch? Who did he sleep with to
get that opportunity? Pretty lame sketch, but at least
it was short.

Grade: D

Best line: None

"Colonel Angus"

It took me a minute to get this. It wasn't all that
funny to begin with, then they just pounded it into
the ground. Why not just have a skit about Mike Hunt?

Grade: C-

Best line: "If I overstay my welcome, just tap me on
the head."

"Weekend Update"

"Joe Millionaire" - lame
"vagina auction" - lamer
"terror ads" - just retarded
"liberal radio" - wow, this is horrible so far
Christina Aguilera - Maya does a great Christina
impression, and she has a great voice too. But there
wasn't much material here. Maya's impression has to
carry it.
"Billy Joel" - egads
"genetic corn" - ho hum
Steve Martin - man does "Bringing Down the House" look
lame or what? What was the last funny Steve Martin
movie? "Three Amigos"? "My Blue Heaven"? Pointless
cameo, but Martin still has a bit of charisma to carry
it off.
"Mike Tyson" - blah
"fatsos" - blah
"Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders" - wow, this is bad
"Spice Girls Reunion" - joke was bad, it was funny
when Tina wanted Jimmy to eat the whole sandwich, what
was so funny we missed off camera?
Will Ferrell - his appearance was hilarious, Roger
Ebert called him one of the most fearless comedians in
Hollywood. Damn Britney Spears is hot. This cameo just
didn't go anywhere. I expect so much more of Will

Overall, this WU sucked. Majorly sucked big donkey
balls. What happened to WU? It was hilarious 2 years
ago, the best it had been since Curtin-Chase, but now
its as bad as the Colin Quinn years. Is Tina Fey busy
with something else that she has to slap jokes

Grade: D

Best line: Will Ferrell's appearance.


Ack, I am tired of this skit. If they're going to
break Will Ferrell back, have him as Bush, not as the
stupid professor lover. Rachel seems to crack up every
time in this sketch, and I think Will gets a kick out
of trying to get her to crack up when he's kissing
her. Just a lackluster sketch, they might as well have
shown us a rerun of the first time they ran this
sketch, there's no discernable difference.

Grade: C

Best line: None

Foo Fighters

In an age in which I can't stand 75% of all the crap
on the radio, I must commend SNL for having 3 straight
weeks of good musical acts. I had never heard of the
Donnas before, but they were surprisingly good. Beck
is one of my all time faves, and I've really become a
Foo Fighters fan with their latest CD. Dave Groehl
just reeks of coolness.

"The Lounge Act"

Kinda lame. Fred was great as the drummer. Walken
plays a lounge act pretty well, I'd bet he portrays
one in a movie someday. The cocktail waitresses
walking by was pretty funny. I hate it when sketches
depict characters in emotional pain, its kinda
uncomfortable. Counting the days until Kattan
announces he's leaving...

Grade: C

Best line: Fred Armisen's facial expressions

Foo Fighters

It starting to be a trend having only one sketch
sandwiched between two muscial numbers. What the hell
was Jim Carrey doing there? What a dork! Does he
ALWAYS have to be the center of attention?

Overall, not a bad show, but Christopher Walken really
had to carry it. Not much Horatio Sanz or Jimmy Fallon
this week, I wonder if its because of the Osama-Saddam
debacle last week. Darrell Hammond has also become
surprisingly scarce this week, as well as Tracy
Morgan, who only appeared in pictures. Chris Kattan
has been getting a lot of face time lately, I guess to
help his film career (Can "Corky Romano: 2" be far
behind?) Where was Jeff Richards? Fired already? We're
getting to see a lot of Seth Myers and Fred Armisen
which is good because I see Seth as a good straight
man, and Fred as a good supporting character. But this
show is in danger of not having any big stars. I don't
see any of the featured players being big time stars
on the show. Maybe I'm just spoiled by seeing featured
players like Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and Chris

How many cameos can they cram in one show? I guess it
is still sweeps month. Will Ferrell, Britney Spears,
Steve Martin, and Jim Carrey all in one show. Too bad
there's not better material to work with.

"Poolhall Junkies" looks like a pretty good flick.

Everyone gets a much needed week off, this show really
would have sucked without Walken. I'm not a big Queen
Latifah fan, but she does have comedic experience, and
a certain charisma, and will be the first black female
host since Oprah hosted on April 12, 1986.