Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Katie Liseo

This is my first SNL review ever, I am a HUGE fan of SNL, I have been watching it since the great days of Mike Myers and Phil Hartman ( two men that can clearly never be replaced), I've grown up watching the show and I love it!! So now on with my review!

Pre-show thoughts- Hell yeah Christopher Walken is a crazy man, every time he hosts the show turns out to be a classic, so this one should be no different!

Cold opening- Ah, the hardball sketch are always guaranteed to
get a few laughs, Darrel totally makes the sketch. It made me sad when the camera first went to Walken no one really acknowledged the fact that he was there. Parnell had a few good lines, but all and all it was ok.

Monologue- Walken has done some of the best SNL opening monologues in the past. For example when he hosted in 2000, he opening the show by singing with Jimmy Fallon and he had all the female cast members come out and dance, it wasn't so funny but it was a classic! Last nights monologue however was typical last minute SNL crap, if you ask me.

Pranksters- This was an odd choice for the first sketch, but after watching the rest of the show I knew why they chose to put it on first.  Chris K character was funny, but after that the sketch bombed. The deal with the sound guy was funny but it was overall a weak sketch. I hope this isn't a recurring sketch!

(Was I the only one who noticed that there were NO fake commercials on this show, maybe I just missed one. But I don't think there were any)

The raft wreck- The sketch was pretty funny, it had a couple of good lines, like when Walken said that he used all the emergency flares to light his farts. But other then that it was bad, Seth was the only one who wasn't reading his lines from a que card.

The Continental- I was really hoping that they would bring this back. This sketch truly shows Walkens sense of humor. It was great.

General Sketch- This was funny Rachel was great, so was Chris P,  but after a while it got dumb!

WU- Jimmy and Tina SUCKED! But there was a lot of good cameos, Steve Marten was great! But SNL didn't use Will Ferrell to his full potential, and Brittany Spears has no potential to be used! Mya was great as Christina Aguliara! But I can tell that Jimmy and Tina don't care, because most likely Jimmy is leaving at the end of the season, (thank god, I like him but he isn't as funny as he used to be). This had to be the worst updates of the year, even with all the cameos.

Luvahs- OMG!!!!!!!!! This was the best sketch of the night, I freaked out when I saw Will come out! This is one of the few recurring sketches I miss dearly and I was sooo happy that they did one, I was hilarious at the end when Will basically threw Rachel off of him! I was cracking up the entire time!
Grade-A++++++++++++++++ :)

Rialto Grande- This was funny. Jimmy was good at the beginning with his viagra line and the wiener that's a leaner. Chris K was great, and so was Fred as the drummer that cracked me up. All the girls walking across the screen was great too!

The goodbyes- What the hell, Jim Carrey was there and he wasn't used in a sketch, that's crazy!

Overall show rating- I expected so much more from Christopher Walken, but hey the whole show is going down hill so what can you do. You can tell the people at SNL don't really care. I hate to say this but I honestly can't see the show making it past 30 years, but I don't know, I hope its on forever, but Lorne is letting crap get put in air and the show didn't used to be like that. But that's all for me this week, signing off, I'm Katie!