Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Kate Richardson

Jeez, 3 reviews in a row. I'm running out of crazy stuff to say. This will have to suffice: "Nothing isn't nothing; nothing's something that's important to me." That is a great quote from a great musician named Ben Kweller. I know I've mentioned him before, but I'm bringing him up again because I'M GOING TO HIS CONCERT ON MAR. 1st! Oh yes, it will be grand.

In Lieu of an Anecdote- Well, my life is just not exciting enough to churn out these little nuggets each week, so I'm taking a break this week and giving you a list of some great movies I've seen lately (never fear, the anecdote will return next review). So, without further ado, I present: Kate's Movie Picks: First up is a movie that I never really liked when it first came out, but with the help of my friends Allie and Mica, I have grown to love; Edward Scissorhands. While the main draw to this is obviously Edward, when you're watching it, take time to notice the other characters, specifically all the gossipy housewives. My next pick is Almost Famous. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed this tale of a 15 year-old rock journalist on tour with a mid-level rock band during the 70's. It's beautifully written, directed, and acted. Both Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand earned Oscar noms for their performances. And for the record, I would be William Miller's (the main character) best friend, he's awesome. Ok, moving on. My next pick is The Endless Summer; a documentary about surfing made in the 1970's. I heard about this one thanks to my friend Allie. Trust me; you don't even have to be into surfing to enjoy this. Bruce Brown, who is also the director, narrates using his dry sense of humor and knowledge about surfing. His comments are priceless. Alrighty, my final pick is Best in Show. This movie is in the same category as "Spinal Tap," and "Waiting for Guffman," and stars many of the same people. It's a perfect parody of all the crazy dog people out there. If you love mockumentaries, I highly recommend this one. Before I wrap this up, I'll dedicate one pick to Allie; if you like coming-of-age stories, you should check out "Now and Then." It's pretty good for what it is. Well, I hope that you get a chance to check these movies out sometime, enjoy!

Mail- Got a few emails this week; I'm posting the full email but not my full reply.

you are oh so right about avril lavigne. you know she actually sells ties on her website? AHHHH. at least britney admits shes packaged. i just have to talk to anyone who shares my hate for avril so many people like her--girls want to be her, guys want to do her. plus--your reviews are awesome, yours is the one i never miss.

keep it up :)


Thanks Abby! Yes, Avril Lavigne is irritating to the tenth degree, and there is a growing army of Avril clones assimilating at my school; it's frightening. Also, thanks for the positive feedback on my reviews, it means a lot to me. Thanks!

Hey Kate, this is Greg from SNL reviews. Just wanted to comment on a few

things in ur review. First off, I am too a huge blink fan, but did u know

about there other 2 cds before Dude Ranch which is a good cd also. I agree

Dude Ranch is a good cd, but the last cd they came out with Take off... is

also just as good in my opinion. also, i agree with ur bush/ferrel/parnell

observation, but how else r they going to stay with polotics without a bush


First off, as you probably know, Greg also writes reviews, so if you haven't already-check his out (after you finish reading mine of course *wink*). Yes, I am aware of Blink's first 2 CD's "Buddha," and "Cheshire Cat." They are both great, but I felt that they were a little too raw so I went with Dude Ranch. Thanks for agreeing with my assessment of Parnell's George W. impression. Maybe they'll just have to take a break from the political openings for a while. I dunno, we'll just have to see. Thanks for writing!

Also, thanks to Uncle David for his insightful email this week.

CD of the Week- "Jimmy Eat World" by, you guessed it-Jimmy Eat World, is a great rock CD. It's pretty straight-forward music, but has just enough of a hook to keep you interested. J.E.W. does a great job of mixing hard, fast beats with melodic guitar parts. I saw them in concert, and they sounded really good. I highly recommend this self-titled CD from Jimmy Eat World for any rock fan. My favorite track on this is a tie between "A Praise Chorus," and "Authority Song."

And now for something completely different.

Pre-Show Thoughts- This is bound to be one of the best episodes of the season. Christopher Walken always brings ample amount of weirdness and hilarity to the show. I could listen to him talk for hours; his voice is so interesting. I can't wait to see what, besides "The Continental," this show has in store. What makes this episode even better is The Foo Fighters as MG. While I've never bought one of their CD's, I've always loved what I've heard on the radio, and their music videos. Remember "Big Me?" Oh man, that was the greatest song and it had an awesome video. Well, I hope that by the end of the review I don't sound like an idiot; here's hoping Walken and the Foo Fighters live up to my hype. Onto the show!

Cold Opening: Hardball- Yay! Hardball! Hardball is always good, and this was one of the best openings this season. The comments about the protesters were priceless, and Walken was hilarious as the foreign minister of France. "Pepe LePew; what about him?" "We oppose it because we're anti-American." Parnell was also great as the guy from the Bush administration trying to justify the war (talk about an uphill battle). I loved it when Darrell would call the French guy by the name of some famous French person. This was a great way to have a political opening that isn't too boring. 8.5/10

Monologue- Not as good as his "potato-potahto" mono from 2 years ago, but still very entertaining in a Christopher Walken kind of way. Yea, that pretty much sums it up. I loved it when he said "I can do crazy mix-em-ups." 7/10

Pranksters- I thought this was gonna be really stupid at first, but it picked up when Kattan came on. I think it was the hair that did it, but I found his portrayal of an annoying hyperactive little brother to be hilarious. The sound-effects and little movements were great as well. And then Christopher Walken came on as a middle-aged prankster and made the sketch even funnier. When he started wailing on the guy with the crow bar I lost it. That was so twisted and funny. Seth Meyers' reaction was also great. The best line was "I want to prank them for hours in my basement." 8/10

The Continental- Ah yes, here's a classic. Walken was great as usual, and I thought the writing on this edition was particularly good. The bit about champagne being French was great. "Without the frogs, my cuisine has suffered." It was great when he offered up "ants on a log," and Combos. I love Combos! His line of beauty products seemed kind of rank, but it was very funny. I was really surprised when he said "It's the shiznit!" That sounded so hilarious coming from Christopher Walken. What can I say? "The Continental is always great. 8.5/10

Shipwreck- This was a really decent sketch. Of course, with anyone other thank Walken, it probably would have fallen flat. He was great as the not-so-likeable captain of the former ship. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I probably laughed the hardest at the joke about lighting his farts with the flares. Seth, Fred, and Will were also great. I loved the line-"I'd like to apologize for the gay stuff." The tossing of the oar was also really funny. 7.5/10

African-American Archives- I feel almost racist for saying this, but I absolutely loved this. Dean Edwards was really great as the narrator, and the pictures of Tracy were really funny. It was really short, but it packed a powerful punch. "Oh no you didn't! He nasty!" 9/10

Colonel Angus- This was FILTHY, but oh so funny. This is a prime example of how to make disgusting humor truly funny; put it in a clever setting. Making "Colonel Angus" a Civil War general returning home from the war was a stroke of genius. I really can't believe they got this past the censors. Also, Rachel, Amy, and Chris did a really good job of staying serious the whole time, I thought. Maya as the slave saying "I don't know nothin' 'bout no Colonel Angus" had me rolling. Some other good lines were: "Colonel Angus can be very messy," "I'm headed down South." Well, the point is, the sketch was really gross, but very well written. 9/10

Weekend Update, or should I say "Cameo-fest '03"- Wow, this WU was jam-packed. Before I get to the awesome cameos, I'll concentrate on the jokes themselves. In general, I thought they were above average for the season. Jimmy's "Vagina Auction" joke was good, as was Tina's explanation of the new print-adds from the office of homeland security. It was funny when she said "Do you smell something funny? You'd better hope it's pee!" Some other good jokes were: the Billy Joel joke, the hunger strike joke which was mostly funny because of Tina's comments, and the Mike Tyson joke-very scandalous. Maya's Christina Aguilera was freakin' dead on. The singing was Ok, but got a little annoying. Now to the cameos; STEVE MARTIN!!! It doesn't even matter that all he did was stand there and look into the camera, he was hilarious. "Just doing a cameo." And then WILL FERRELL! I could have done without Brittany Spears, but the joke was still pretty funny. I miss Will on the show so much. Also, I think it's great that he was promoting organic food. Anyway, this was an AWESOME Update, good jokes, and great cameos. 9.5/10

Return of "The Luvahs"- YES! I love the luvahs! Frankly, their obsession with spiced meat and sexual innuendo gets me all riled up. But anyway, it was great to see this back. I thought it was weird though, that when Rachel came out, obviously dressed as Virginia Klarvin, she didn't get any kind of acknowledgement from the audience. I guess they were just waiting for Will Ferrell. Christopher Walken was really funny too. I loved it when he was talking about the various foods he and his "luvah" had eaten on the night of their love making, and referred to it as "other spreadable meats." The story about making the Hanes into thongs was hilarious-"Bingo! Homemade thong!" The return of "The Luvahs" was triumphant. 8.5/10

Musical Performance- Holy Crap! Jim Carey! Awesome!

Rialto Grande- I liked this one the first time around, but now I LOVE it. Buddy Mills is by far Chris Kattan's best character (in my opinion). The whole concept of this sketch: Smarmy middle-aged lounge performers make asses of themselves in a trashy club outside of Vegas-is hilarious. Kattan's little noises he makes after telling a joke kill me. Also, as I stated in my previous review of this sketch, I love the late rim-shots. I literally giggled and clapped like a 2-year-old when Fred would hit the drums about 30 sec. too late. Walken was of course brilliant as a recently divorced and unstable Vegas comedian. The waitresses walking by and giving haggard looks at the camera are a nice touch. Also, I hope that if they do this in the future, they always keep it in the 11:50 (central time) time slot. I think it works well as the last sketch. Great way to end the show. 8/10

This show scored: 83.5/100 or 84%

Post-Show Thoughts- Even though I think I scored the Al Gore episode higher than this one, this was definitely the best episode of the season so far. I had very high expectations for Walken, and he delivered. He was wickedly funny, and just about every sketch was as funny as him. Of course, I can't forget the incredible list of cameos: STEVE MARTIN, WILL FERRELL, Brittany Spears, and unexpectedly, JIM CAREY!!! Seriously, that was so weird when he jumped up on stage during the musical performance. I don't think the Foo Fighters were expecting it either. Speaking of them, they were awesome, 'nuff said. Best Sketches: The Continental, African-American Archives, Colonel Angus, Weekend Update, The Luvahs, and Rialto Grande. Worst Sketches: None. I think Christopher Walken should host every year, it would guarantee at least one great episode per year.

Next Week- Rerun-don't know what it is yet, but that doesn't matter-I'LL BE AT BEN KWELLER!

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We've come to the end of the review, now it's time for me to say goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow; goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.