Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Greg Haledjian & Alex Carian

(On tap this week: A conversation with Alex about SNL, 'WE HAVE AN OPINION' with Shifty, Alexs' segment- Spazo Tom Auditions)

Hey, knew you'd be back here. You know why, cause guy on alcohol writing a review sells. Nah, just kidding, no clue why you came here today, but thanks for tuning in. Last week cut the review off short, however, I nabbed the front spot, and I've hit that maybe 3-4 times before. Good feeling, even beat out Shifty, great reviewer that guy. Well huge show today, let's get it started.

Well, it's been a while since me and Alex really talked about SNL, here's Alex and I talking about SNL last Monday:

Greg: So Alex, what have you been thinking of SNL lately? Or in other terms, what do you think about the season overall?

Alex: Well, I really don't know, this season hasn't been up to snuff in my opinion, but who does snuff anyways? It was ok, I was disturbed during the wake up Wakefield skit where jen gardner was like a 6'2 sixth grader.

Greg: Oh, I guess you are talking about last weeks half ass attempt at comedy by SNL, well in my opinion, the biggest disappointment was about the Ben Affleck cameo not happening, I'm liking the featured players being used in the past few weeks, but anyway Did u hear about that Ben Affleck cameo happening?

Alex: No I didn't hear that... maybe he slipped on a spilled bottle of hair gel near Darrell Hammond's dressing room.

Greg: The noice about last weeks show was pretty much that all the other morons on the site, mainly the bottom half of the review list, are saying that this show was better than last weeks, what fucking morons. y'know. Rough comment, I feel bad for Darrel man. He's like 55 around all those 20 year olds.

Alex: Yeah he's getting to look like an antique with all of those jimmy fallon-bots following him all the time

Greg: Very true about that man, I could seriously compare Darrel to what Kevin Nealon was up to between 1993-1995 also, due to the fact he's still got a few good characters and in the middle of all the new guys. He's being pushed out practically by the new guys when u think about it.

Alex: Enough about Nealon for one day, back to Fallon. I don't like Jimmy that much - I don't know why, only his sandler impression has impressed me at all.

Greg: Really, well when he started out it was pretty much he was a new guy. His first 2 seasons was shitty, now he's like the star with great characters. Jimmy has really came up from the ranks when u think about it though. His big thing when he started in 1998 was that he only did impressions. He had no characters, but when he did Update, that changed everything. Pretty much you could sum him up in 1 line. His first 2 seasons was shitty, now he's like the star with great characters.

Alex: Eh, well the first seasons all he did was update and Randy Goldman from WakeUp Wakefield.

Greg: Randy Goldman started in 2001 dude, but he only had 3-second cameos anyway

Alex: I guess I didn't watch that much back then

Greg: We've sort of side drifted from the show, overall what did you think of last weeks show?

Alex: The show was ok, jen gardner did ok-not really ok job, it varied
I think she kinda messed up wake up Wakefield by being a frickin 6'2 middle schooler

Greg: Yeah, that was too fucking weird for me, total mute on the TV for this skit.
Next topic: This week's show. What do u think about Christopher Walken and the Foo Fighters?

Alex: Walken is always great, (the continental is always a classic) and the foo are the hardest music they've had on this show in a while. I'm still plugging for them to get something like system of a down on there, but I don't see it happening.


Greg: I'm liking the Foo's this week, huge fan of them, really fucking siked for whatever songs they do, I'm guessing All my life and Times like these, the Jersey scoop from friends is that they might do Have it All (thanks Scott.) Walken I see as a good host, I hope they keep him away from the new people on the show, more older cast members, I think that would work. Good luck to getting system, it would be a good opener right after a teeny bopper Jimmy/Tina Weekend Update edition.

Next Topic:
Anyway dude, you hear about the Tracy Morgan rumor?

Alex: What's the scoop?

Greg: Rumor has it, he's leaving the show supposedly and there is a show in works for him at NBC in the fall lineup that's a definite. He's playing himself and raising 2 kids supposedly.

Alex: "Wow thats crazy!" - Brian Fellowes

Greg: Lornes directing

Alex: That guy's sort of wacko - hey it made him lots of money though

Greg: How's he wacko?

Alex: Haha that's the question - how about keeping SNL alive for 25+ years?

Greg: Yeah, true. Thanks for the info, got to go.  (Note-this is where I signed off AOL and forgot to finish the conversation.)


And that's it I guess. Good conversation.

Okay, the segment that is still going after 3 weeks is back, Shifty is here, both at the end of the review and now due to the segment is a bit longer this week, so without further adieu (Fuck, I know I can't spell)



Greg: Sorry, the segment will not be shown tonight, chances are if you read Chris Schiffmans review it will be there. We, actually, more Me than Chris, had a mix up and it will probably not air till the next review, sorry.


Hey, this about the middle of the review and it's time once again for my favorite new segment hosted by Alex, let's get into the.


Greg: Now apparently Alex isn't sending me anything for tonight's segment, so I figure we'll screw over the other 2 contestants for tonight and bring on last weeks winner, Aaron, we'll let him do some jokes and let Cletus and I rate him. If you don't remember Cletus, he's a moron. And I have Alex who's not in the mood to do the hosting duties standing by.

Aaron: Greg, first let me thank you for giving me a chance to come back and do some jokes.

Cletus: I reckon I'm drunk, so just do 1 joke so I can go finish puking in the dang can you son of an asshole.

Greg: And, the end of Cletus, has just started. Good-bye Cletus. Okay, Aaron, you've only got 1 joke, and 1 critic. Me. Good luck you dumb fuck.

Aaron: Okay, thanks for all the pressure and all the time for that. My joke for tonight

Alex: Greg, please don't go any further, you've turned this into Van Halen from 1999. I'm done. You really murdered it man. Killed it like next Texas Killing.

Greg: Okay, guess that's it, sorry Cletus and Aaron, thanks for watching.

Aaron: Whatever, I'm gone.

Cletus: Guess I shud go on home.

Greg: Actually, Cletus, turn to that wall for a second, I have this "present" (really a shotgun) for you in the back.

(Got toooo carried away with the skit, that's it.)

Okay, well if you want to write to Alex or me. My email address is: Alex's email address is So just send the emails folks and your answer or response will be posted on here on the next show.

Upcoming Shows:
February 22, 2003 (tonight)-
Christopher Walken and Foo Fighters
March 8, 2003- Queen Latifah and Ms. Dynamite (going to suck I can guarantee it now)

Onto the pre-show.

Pre-Show Thoughts: Okay, as rumored Will Ferrell, Britney Spears, and Steve Martin are all supposed to be stopping by the show. The musical guest is the Foo Fighters. They have been getting a lot of publicity on the radio and news shows on there appearance tonight. I'm siked for them once again on the show. This will be the bands 3rd time on the show. Expect the hit single "All My Life" and either "Everlong" or "Times Like These" to be on the program tonight. This is the 5th time for Dave Grohl actually. In 1992 he did the drumming for his old band Nirvana, then once again in 1993, then he started the Foo's in 1995 and played on the show, and then in 1999 he did the show again with the Foo's. Rare 5 timer musical artist for Dave Grohl. The host tonight is Christopher Walken who will be making his 6th appearance on the show. He's a funny guy, has a lot of weird characters, it's funny how he never plays any comedic roles in movies, but he's one of the most famous hosts if the 90's. Same with Baldwin. Expect of course The Continental and some other out of range characters. Looks to be a very, very interesting show.

How could I forgot those famous lines, onto the show.

Opening: Hardball
-A regular skit doing the opening, we barely ever see those these days on SNL. The microphones were messed up when starting with Darrell. I had no clue the guests that were on. Parnell's' character was just plain boring as hell and I had no clue what French guy Walken was playing. It sucks they don't have Kattan on anymore as Paul Begula. That might have been one of the classic moments when Kattan did that.
-I found it pretty weird SNL would make a comment like the one Walken did about the oil, of course they took no disregard from what happened on Staten Island on Friday Morning.
-Decent skit, I hope they don't kill it. This was the 3rd time in 2 months that they have played the skit.
Grade: B+

Monologue: Christopher Walken
-Long round of applause, this was a really short type Christopher Walken monologue. It was pretty weird that he went right into song and dance without not even a little random talking like he usually does.
-He missed the tap cue, first of his mistakes he does throughout the show.
Grade: B-

Skit: Pranksters
-A skit led by Seth Meyers, Holy Crap. Very rare.
-The sound effects from Ted or Tim was pretty funny, they got some good laughs.
-Kattans character was just funny to look at, but the main guest was Walken who was great here. Him being into the little show was just funny, but the video with Parnell was great. The highlight was when Walken did the thumbs up and wink, his look was just too funny.
Grade: A

Sketch: The Continental
-It was pretty weird hearing the Phil Hartman voice over from when both Hartman and Walken were on the same 90 minutes of the show back in the early 90's.
-This sketch is always a classic, I never found it drop dead hilarious, but it was quite humorous. (Lame ass line by me there, thanks)
-The small bits I liked were: snacks, Girls Gone Wild, Lip Gloss, and the Mirror.
-Walken guarding the door is always the best moment.
-2 things that were the most notable were: Walken actually said these words- "Shiznit", and they did the voice over early while Walken was still talking, so you know somebody is definelty drinking over at the sound board.
Grade: C+

Skit: Life-Boat
-This was the featured players with Christopher Walken in the middle of an ocean doing some voting thing. I really only payed attention to Walkens speech during the skit.
-Walken has great lines to Fred Armisen.
Grade: B

Comm./Skit: History Channel- African Americans Archives
-Dean does a good impression of Don Cheadle. See at least we get some type of Dean Edwards's leading impression instead of the debacle of last weeks Michael Jackson disaster.
-Tracy's pictures were great and I'm pretty sure Tracy only had this skit tonight and it was only pictures of him.
-Short, but funny.
Grade: B-

Skit: Colonel Angus
-Thanks to Scott and Fry for clarifying what the hell this skit was about.
-Rachel and Amy played decent characters, What's with Rachel always getting to play the really old lady. I mean, well there's nobody else, so I guess who else could they put in anyway?
-Lots of funny lines. I wonder how many complaints and calls this skit from those bitchy people who hate this type of comedy, what assholes.
Grade: C

Weekend Update: Fey 'n Fallon
-Not that many jokes tonight, I wonder why, hmmm..
-Good jokes: Who wants to marry my mom/Vagina Auction, The Corn one.
-I saw a lot of mistakes here by Jimmy and Tina.
-Mayas' Christina Aguiliara impression was not needed. It was just ok at best. She has a strong voice, and looked just like her, not that bad of an impression overall.
-How random was it to see Steve Martin? Good "cameo." Good to see SNL poking fun at itself. The site is now at 1 for 3 on the cameos.
-Hey Will Ferrell is on Update too, now it's at 2 for 3. It was good to see a mix of Will Ferrell on Update. He sang for like a second, and had some funny lines. I was shocked he didn't plug Old School. I remember when Tim Meadows came on a show after he left he plugged the shit out of his movie and TV show. Funny how things can get. (Yeah, not really, I know)
-And to top it all off, Britney Spears shows up as well, now they are at 3 for 3. Sean Bradley congratulations for making the biggest cameo preview and being correct.
-Anybody notice Britney calling Will something else during the commentary, plus her voice got mad high.
Grade: A+ (Great Update)

Music: Foo Fighters ­"All My Life"
-Great song. Dave's voice is great. The sound came off really good for once. SNL is known to have lousy mics and speakers, but the Foos' performance was very loud and woke up the studio compared to Dixie Chicks and Beck from the last 2 boring ass weeks during the Music session.
-I like Dave sporting the punk look of a tie, random comment. What does the guitarist's shirt say??
Grade: A

Sketch: Lovers
- Of all Will Ferrell's classic characters, and the 1 time he guest stars on the show he does his Roger character. Rachel as well was his wife as Virginia.
-When they would usually air this when Will was actually on the show I hated this skit cause it was soo annoying. I pretty much just waited for the ending when he usually yells, but this time I watched it, pretty lame ass remark, sorry.
-The last line he had when he yelled was "Get the Hell off of me." Classic Will right there.
Grade: B

Music: Foo Fighters- "Times like These"
-Another song off there 4th cd, One By One.
-Great track, I'm assuming it's the next single. Hope the video is good.
-Another cameo tonight, Jim Carrey runs up in the middle of the performance playing his leg as a guitar, classic.
Grade: A

Sketch: The Rialto Grande Casino
-This is back after 3 shows, good job to Kattan on holding onto a new recurring character.
-Great delayed drumming by Fred, his face is priceless.
-Funny for a 12:55 sketch. Walken was funny, the pants down was sic.
-The girls of the cast came out in the end, and Tina Fey showed up, marking another rare out of Weekend Update appearance for her.
Grade: C+/B-

Closing Credits: Lots of Thank You's. The Foo Fighter guitarist shirt read "No War."

After-Show: Nothing too extraordinary in the show tonight. The cast, plus Walken were reading the cue cards like there was no tomorrow. Walken looked tired most of the night, but the show defiantly will be remembered for its guest stars, but most of all Will Ferrell. Anybody know where Horatio was?? The Foo Fighters were amazing by far. The format for the last few weeks has been going music, skit, music, I wonder why SNL doesn't spread it out more, no clue over here. The cast is getting huge, if I put down numbers for who was in what, it would be some small ass numbers, hope some feat. players and leave room for the regular cast next season.

Skit of the Night: Pranksters, Weekend Update
Worst of the Night: I'd put Lovers, but Will was good
Special Guests: Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Britney Spears, and Steve Martin

Lines of the Night:

From Lifeboat:
"It was a mistake to use all the flares to light my farts."- Christopher Walken on the boat as Sailor giving a speech.

"Also, I'd like to apologize for all the gay stuff."- Walken once again in the same speech as above line.

From Update:
"Will, I thought you were married?" Jimmy Fallon
"Jimmy, look who it isit's Britney Spears."- Will Ferrell

"Next week is Eating Disorder Awareness Week, fat-sos."- Jimmy Fallon

Good Sweeps show tonight. For my review I put a lot of shit in, lets hope you just didn't scroll down to see my final grade for it, cause guess what, I need the ratings, so to see what I give this show you have to tune in next week,

Spazo Tom: Yeah I just read what he wrote: Overall Grade: B.

Greg: What the hell, the morons actually back, long time no see man. Guess we'll have a Spring Update when the Review returns in 2 weeks. Alex will be back probably, Shifty of course isn't going anywhere. We're the dam veterans on this site. Plus Spazo Tom apparently is back, so tune in in March folks.

That's all for now, goodnight folks.