Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Eric Amundsen

Cold Opening - Hardball w/ Chris Matthews

This was by far the best cold opening of the season. Non-stop laughs. And it was Darrell Hammond's only appearance on the show. Definitely a sign that it's his last season. Hopefully he'll go out with a bang like Will Ferell did. This had some funny as hell lines:

Darell as Chris Matthews - "I haven't seen a group of people this blood thirsty since the cobra tribe chased Daniel-son out of the Halloween dance in the first Karate Kid."

Walken as the French Prime Minister - "We hate Saddam. But we also know how much Bush wants war. So we want to make it hard as possible just to be, how you say, Deuschbag."

Darell as Matthews - "I'm gonna' try something. How would you fix the American economy?" (to Douglas)

Parnell as Douglas - "I'd bomb it."

Darell - "How about education?"

Parnell - "Blow it up!"

Darell - "What would you do if a deli screwed up your lunch order?"

Parnell - "Assassinate him!"

Walken (to Chris Matthews) - "I hate you! I'm bored."

Great friggin' sketch! Chris Parnell was awesome. Hammond was great as usual. Walken was a pleasant surprise to see in the cold opening. He's hilarious here.

Grade - A+

Monologue - Christopher Walken

I expected Christopher Walken to sing as he usually does in each monologue. It was short and sweet. What I expected. Nothing super great. Just average.

Grade - B

Sketch - Pranksters

This was another great original sketch. The writers always seem to come up wiith great original ideas everytime Walken hosts. I didn't even mind Chris Kattan this time. Seth Meyers was good as the show's host. The sound effects were way too funny. The look on Christopher Walkens face was priceless when beating Chris Parnell over the head with a led pipe. Too funny! The best lines were:

Walken - "I a huge fan. Huuuugggeee!"

Walken - "I hate stiffly stifflersons. I want to prank them for hours in my basement."

Grade - A+

Sketch - The Continental

I also expected to see this sketch. I was hoping they wouldn't do it so they could do another original idea, but I liked it anyway. Christopher Walken is the only host that can do a sketch all on his own. He needs to have his own sitcom or variety show. Or better yet, he might as well join SNL's cast. That would be awesome! My favorite line was at the beginning:

Walken - "You must be the fashion model that answered my ad in the Pennysaver."

Grade - B+

Sketch - 4 Guys On A Raft In The Atlantic Ocean

This was Walken at his best. I love when they just give him a lot of goofy lines and characters to work with. He never cracks up which amazes me. He has to know how hilarious of a guy he is. The only thing that bothered me was that the background set was too fake and cheesy and you could see that the boat was on a mechanical device. It was great to see nothing but featured players in a sketch together (Forte, Armisen, & Meyers). But it was Walken who stole the show with such funny as hell lines as:

"I can also admit that it was a mistake to use all the flares on this boat to light my farts."

"I would also like to apologize for all the gay stuff."

"I'm out of cocaine now. That stuff's not gonna' happen again."

Grade - A+

Sketch - The History Channel: African American Archives w/ Don Cheadle

Dean Edwards! He's got that Don Cheeadle impression down pretty good. I loved that commercial for football he did during the Super Bowl halftime Weekend Update special. This was also the only appearance for Tracy Morgan and it was footage and still photo's. I was hoping they would do a Brian Fellow's sketch with Christopher Walken as his guest but oh well! My favorite line was by Dean Edwards talking about what Morgen's character would say during movies: "Oh no you didn't! He nasty!"

Grade - A

Sketch - Welcome Home Colonel Angus

This was a hilarious sketch with too many great lines to mention any. I wouldn't know where to start. This sketch featured Walken, Poehler, Dratch, Rudolph, Parnell, & Richards which was cool. I like when they involve a lot of the cast members in one sketch. Clever original sketch indeed.

Grade - A+

Weekend Update - With Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Steve Martin, Will Ferell, & Britney Spears

Oh man, where do I start. This was an awesome W.U. I mean Steve Martin, Will Ferell, Britney Spears, and Maya Rudolph as Christina Aguliera? Great stuff! I loved the drawings of the terrorist alert program. Tina Fey was so hilarious. I hope she does Weekend Update by herself whenever Jimmy decides to leave the show. Maya looked so damn hot as Christina Aguliera. She's got a gorgreous figure. Plus she's funny as hell too! Here were the best lines:

Jimmy Fallon - "Fox has plans for a new show this Fall...Vagina Auction."

Steve Martin - "I'm doing a cameo. I was just sitting at home in bed and thought, 'I'd like to do a cameo'. I think it's going well."

Will Ferell (about Britney and himself living on farm together) - "We know nothing about farming. All of our animals are sick."

Grade - A+

Musical Guest - Foo Fighters

Great performance! The new album rocks. Check it out.

Grade - A+

Sketch - The Lovah's In The North Woods

Will Ferell in a sketch once again! I knew he would make at least one episode appearance this season. I can't wait to see him host. They'll have to use all his best recurring characters when he does host. This was yet another awesome Lovah's sketch. It was nice to see it in a different setting than in the hottub with Jimmy Fallon cracking up every two seconds. Hey, I just realized right now that Horatio did not appear at all in any sketch except for the Goodnights at the end! Man, that's crazy.

Grade - A+

Musical Gust - Foo Fighters

Another great performance!

Grade - A+

Sketch - The Rialto Grande Casino w/ Buddy Mills

This has to be Chris Kattan's best character ever! My other favorite character of his is Suel Forrester which they must do one last time before he leaves the show. His laugh is hilarious when he plays Buddy Mills. Fred Armisen is funny as his drummer sidekick.This also featured all of SNL's lovely ladies. This has to be the first season of SNL where I like each female cast member. Cheri Oteri used to get on my nerves. Ana Gasteyer was funny but also annoying at times. Molly Shannon's character's all seemed the same but she did make me laugh from time to time. I love Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, and Tina Fey. I'd love to get all 4 of them into a hottub together. Wowie! Wowie! Wowie! (As Christoipher Walken usually says in The Continental sketches.) My favorite line was by Walken:

"Here's a little tune I wrote when I heard it on the radio."

Grade - A+

Goodnights -

That was cool to see Jim Carrey at the end with Will Ferell and Steve Martin. Why didn't they have Jim do a cameo in a sketch or Weekend Update like they did with Will and Steve? I hope Jim hosts the show again one day. And I hope Steve Martin does too. It's been way too damn freakin' long man! Where have you been all these years? You let John Goodman catch up to you (13 times they both have hosted). He hasn't hosted in 8 years since the first episode of the 20th season. What gives? Maybe he'll host the season finale.

Overall Episode Review -

This was by far the best episode of the seaon in my mind. Every sketch worked great and had at least two or more memorable lines. Thanks Christopher for saving the season from sucking any worse than it could have. I think the show will be even better next year once the veterans leave and the new guys take over. It's going to be exciting. Next up: Queen Latifah. Should be interesting. She's making a name for herself in the acting biz with a Golden Globe nomination and Oscar nod too.She should do great. Thanks for reading this review. Until next time, int the words of Will Ferell as Janet Reno: "What fist? You say he talks too much. Well I think it's time for Operation: Shuttie Uppie!"

Overall Episode Grade: A+