Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters
February 22, 2003

By Dave Ciampa

I am very much looking forward to this show. After last week's snoozer (I love Jennifer Garner, but it just wasn't a good episode), I have extremely high hopes for this one. This is Walken's sixth time hosting, and every time he has hosted, the show has been great, and I have nothing but the best intentions for this show.

Hardball w/Chris Matthews - Absolutely hilarious cold opening! Good to see Darrell back to doing what he does best. It was good to see Walken there, as well as saying "Live From NY..." Walken's douchebag line was the best. Off to a great start. Grade: A

Opening Monologue - Not neccesarily a funny monologue, but I just love Christopher Walken, so seeing him do anything is good enough for me. That, and he has a pretty good voice, as well. Grade: B+

Pranksters - "I jumped out and pranked him to death with a tire iron!" This one was hilarious, only furthered by Walkens performance. "You've been a Stfiley Stifferson. I hate Stifley Stifferson's, I wanna prank them for hours in my basement." Seth did a very good job at keeping a straight throughout this one. Very funny, Grade: A

March 8th Host: Queen Latifah - Not sure how this will go. Never really been a fan of Queen Latifah.

The Continental - Can they even say shiznit on the air? This one was funny. It had a a few dry spots, but it was still good. I love seeing this skit, as it always comes on when he hosts. "Combos, they cheese your hunger away!" Still is pretty creepy hearing Phil Hartman's voice on the narration, even nearly 5 years after his death. Grade: B+

Stranded at Sea - This one was OK. Not too many laughs, although Walken does what he can to salvage it. The whole bit with the oar was very funny. Grade: B

African-American Archives - Great to see Dean actually in a skit rather than in the background. He did a very good Don Cheadle impression. This one was funny. Tracy Morgans facial expressions were great. Grade: B

"Colonel Angus" - I didn't much like this one, probably because I didn't get it, and the anal bit near the end seemed way too forced. Not very funny. Grade: C-

Weekend Update - Wow! Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, and Britney Spears all in one skit! This one was very well done. And it was very cool to see Will back on the show, even if it was for 2 minutes. The milking bit with Britney was great! The jokes were just OK, but those three cameos more than made up for it. Grade: A+

Foo Fighters - N/A

The Luvahs - Now I know that a lot of the reviewers here hate this sketch, but I absolutely love it and was glad to see they brought it back for Will's temporary return. A very funny sketch, many laugh out loud moments, most of which were from Will, but Walken did a very good job with his character as well. Grade: B+

Foo Fighters - N/A

The Rialto Grande - This was pretty good. Again, good to see Kattan doing something on the show. Fred Armisen was the standout here as the drummer. He was great. Grade: B+

Good-Byes - What the hell was Jim Carrey doing there? Was he in a sketch that got cut?

Overall - This was easily the best show of the season. I'm glad Christopher Walken had the honors of bringing the show out of its slump. Hopefully, they can keep up this streak. Great show, with some great cameos. Overall Grade: A-