Nia Vardalos / Eve
November 9, 2002

By Sid Glass

Hey Everyone- This is my second review of the season, but just incase you want to know this is what I thought of the season so far-
*Matt Damon/Bruce Springsteen-B I know I am in the minority on this one, but I really liked this episode. I think I was expecting it to be REAL bad and I was actually surprised. I know TONS of people didn't like this one, but I don't know, I didn't think it was that bad and Matt Damon was pretty funny, I didn't expect that.. My favorite sketch was The Bahston Teens..
*Sarah Michelle Gellar/Faith Hill- C ..This one wasn't the best episode Sarah has hosted. I think the SECOND time she hosted was the best, I do believe that was the one where there was a skit with her as a blind girl and Horatio Sanz as a monster or an alien and it had Will Ferrell singing with "twins" or something, PLEASE someone tell me if they remember this sketch so I know i'm not loosing it... I didn't think they needed to make the Kattan daydreaming guy a recurring sketch because the ending on the first one wasn't expected and now it is expected, so it kind of looses it..
*John McCain/The White Stripes- A- For some reason, I like this season of SNL. Even though Will is gone, I kind of accepted that, so I don't think its THAT bad without him, even though its hard to go on once a main cast member like that leaves... I think that Tim Calhoun, Will Forte's character was insanely hilarious but he was also very creepy. The Hard Ball Sketch and McCain sings Streisand were hilarious.. Overall a very good episode, Best so far this year.
*Eric McCormack/JAY-Z feat. Lenny Kravitz & Beyonce- C- My favorite sketch was Jackass:The Musical, and that wasn't anything to write home about, so this was a weak episode, I felt. I don't know, I just kept finding things wrong with it. Example: In the sketch where Rachel goes crazy and starts throwing stuff and yelling, if this would have been done last year or a couple of years ago, i'd be willing to bet $1,000,000 that Will would play that character and it would have been SO much funnier. Rachel's anger seemed way to forced and badly acted, but I have no problems with Rachel other than that. But yeah, it just seemed like a weak episode.

Alright- so thats it for the episodes of the past, now onto this week's episode: Nia Vardalos and Eve: Preshow Thoughts: I saw "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING" and enjoyed it. I'm glad it did well, but its just a tad bit overated.. I mean people are saying that it might be nominated for best picture at the Oscars.. Huh? Oscars? I can't picture that (Then again, people said the same thing about "SHREK" last year..).. But its a shoo-in for Best Picture/ Comedy at the Golden Globes..
Eve was on SNL a few years back wasn't she? Who hosted when she was MG? was it Renee Zellwegger? She was also in Barbershop. Thats weird, both the MG and the Host starred in very profitable movies this year, weird.
Alright, now its on to the review:

There's no doubt that this one was better than the SMG episode. Chris Parnell seemed to forget about Will's impression of GW and make it his own. Overall, it still isn't great, but its getting there. B-

MONOLOGUE: Nia Vardaos This was the best Monologue so far this year, but its not saying a whole lot. I liked the SMG monologue only because of Amy Poehler's "I wanted to bite the Jimmy Fallon" kid vampire. I don't know why, but I thought it was funny. Anyway, Tina, Rachel and Chris were all very good. B

Swiffer Sleepers- Already aired, but I still liked it. Funny. B

Bloater Bros. I think this was the first time this sketch was on so early, normally its at the very end of the show. Its not the best recurring characters, but its still kind of funny. Why was Fred Armisen looking sideways when he was talking to The Bloater bros & Nia? Was he reading the cue cards? Anyway, it had its moments. C+

The Geek Election - I think Dan Rather and the commentary between him and Seth really helped this skit. Some of the geek stuff was pretty funny, especially the part with Fred as the kid who wears the hat. But yeah, I liked it.. B

Day Spa -It was funny. Nia provided some pretty funny commentary and Rachel was good too. Overall, not the best, but not terrible either. C

WEEKEND UPDATE: with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey I thought this week was good. I think that walking thing was the hilight of the night and Seth Meyer's commentary was good, I thought. I think Seth is great on Weekend Update. I think Seth should be a regular cast member, but hopefully next season. Overall: Some good jokes and Seth's part was funny. B

The Ferey Muhtar Talk Show I pretty much forgot about this sketch and I am surprised they brought it back. I think the only thing I remember was that Ian McKellan was hosting and Darrell's Mustache was falling off and it got some laughs. I like this character and his side kick. It was good. B-

SKETCH: The Falconer I'm sorry, but I really enjoyed this sketch. I know its weird, but I thought the idea was so random, it actually worked. I thought it was pretty funny to have a falcon with a cell phone, eating dinner and he knows all these people. Tim- I mean Will has a great voice, its so awesome. I keep calling Will Forte, TIm Calhoun because of his character on WU. He looks more like a TIM CALHOUN than a Will Forte to me, I don't know. Overall- I think they could bring this one back, only if they make it a little different. B+

COMMERICIAL: Pier 1 I thought this was pretty funny. I HATE these commercials and it just proves that Kirstie Alley needs work. But Nia pushing Horatio was hilarious and Rachel calling this cops was good. I liked it. B+

Drop the LBs with Missy E I'd GLADLY take this sketch over that Tracy/Maya sketches. This one was actually pretty good. Not the best, but considering its a skit at the end of the night, thats pretty good. C

Glenda Goodwin Attorney This was pretty creative, but went on for too long, but I liked it. Sea Monkeys are pretty freaky if you think about it.. C

Vasquez Talk Show This wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. I just hope this doesn't turn into a recurring sketch, it just wasn't funny. Dean was finally in a sketch, thats good. Speaking of Dean, I hope he gets a recurring character or something because he's actually VERY talented. The funniest i've seen Dean was on the SNL behind the scenes on A&E and he was hilarious, but not tonight.

OVERALL SHOW RATING: B I didn't think this show was bad, in fact I thought this was a pretty good show. I think the one was helped by Weekend Update, The Falconer, The Pier One Commercial and the Monolouge wasn't bad either.. Nia Vardalos did a great job hosting, I think she's the best host so far this year..
Best Sketch: The Falconer Worst Sketch: Vasquez Talk Show.

My rankings - *John McCain/THE WHITE STRIPES *Nia Vardalos/ Eve *Matt Damon/ Bruce Springsteen *Sarah Michelle Gellar/ Faith Hill *Eric McCormack/ Jay-Z
Thanks For Reading.. Next Week: Brittany Murphy/ Nelly