Nia Vardalos / Eve
November 9, 2002

By Kate

My review:


Hey there, I'm Kate, and if you're reading this, you're probably like- "Who the hell is this girl?" Ya, I've been reviewing episodes for a while, but I've never posted one on this site, well, hope you enjoy it.


Funniest thing that happened this week- Well, I was gonna tell this story about how my theatre teacher had an emotional breakdown, but then last night, me and my friend Allie and her neighbor Sarah went to the brand new Super Wal-Mart in search of iron-on letters so we could make funny shirts, and some pretty great stuff happened. First off, there were 4 mullet sightings, I mean, how often do you see 4 mullets at the same time and in one place? One dude had what Allie likes to call the "mo-mullet." He had a mo-hawk looking thing in the front, and long hair in the back. The other mullets were curly mexi-mullets. Then, while we were looking for plain white shirts in the men's section, we spotted a little cardboard stand that had white socks in a little basket, and flasks on the side. Yes, that's right, while shopping for white socks you can also purchase a lovely stainless steel flask, only at Wal-Mart. And, did you know that Wal-Mart has wide selection of naughty lingerie? Needless to say, that was very amusing. I'd like to thank the fine people of Super Wal-Mart for making it such a freak show, I salute you Wal-Mart employees and shoppers!

Coolest thing that happened this week- I went to javajazz and saw some kick ass local punk bands, Problem 7 was the best, Demogous was good too.


Alrighty, now onto the important stuff.


Pre-Show Thoughts- Never seen Nia Vardalos, but I hear that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is good. Uh, maybe Dean Edwards will get that part as extra #2 that he's been wanting all season. I'm getting a good feeling about this show, I think it'll be the best yet.


Cold Opening-George W. Tallies the Votes- I think that if you look at last weeks review I mentioned that Chris Parnell was probably honing his impression, was I right or was I right? It was a big improvement, and the makeup was 10 times better than the last time. Not to mention that it was an incredibly funny sketch. As soon as he started to tally the votes, I was like "I know where this is going." Chris did a sufficient job of looking confused, which is a key component of a Bush impression. Best opening this season. 9/10

Quote: (Concerning the guy who switched parties) "The pee-pants that switched sides" "The little fudge-drawrs from Vermont"


Monologue- I think it was funny that she had to say "I'm the girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I actually laughed at this monologue. Tina Fey and her whole Greek family bringing food was hilarious. I especially liked it when Rachel(as an old Greek lady) said "You're so skinny, eat something!" The dance was cool too, I saw some people do it at the Greek festival a few years back. Great Monologue. 8/10


Swiffer P.J.'s- Hmm, I think I've seen this before!!!! Ya, it was still funny though. 7/10


Bloater Brothers- I like the Bloater Brothers, and if you don't you totally sake!!! Uh ha uh ha haha uh ha uh ha hah haha uh hah uh ha ha Hyooooooo! I found myself laughing along with this one. 8.5/10

Quotes: "Well if you're alone, we'd like to approve that loan, approved!"   "I hope they have a pupu platter, cuz I gotta shitake."


Student Council Election Coverage- Man, the writers were really working hard this week. This sketch was totally brilliant. All of Dan Rather's comments were funny, and just the absurdity of CBS covering student council elections was great. And, almost every thing they said could pertain to my school, it was uncanny. I especially liked the part about the 2 cool kids splitting the vote, we had a similar situation with our homecoming King vote. The nerds were great, head gear is always funny. Well, if I had the time and patience to type everything I liked about this sketch, I would, but I'm just gonna say that it was freaking awesome and I loved it. 9.5/10

Quotes: "One usually expects a vote like this to go to the slutty girl." "It was a tough week for the sluts." "A classic case of the cool kids splitting the vote." "That boy is cooler than Sister Mary Margaret's nipples on a cold winter's morning." "The kid who wears the Fedora."   


Bikini Waxing- This was hard to watch, but funny nevertheless. I have a feeling that they wrote this just so they could say the little jokes, like the one about Robin Williams and the crazy person's house analogy. I also like the joke about eastern European women being hairy, but it got pretty gross. Nia was funny in this one. 7/10

Quote: "You've got Robin William's forearms in you panties!"


Weekend Update- Ahh, yes, Update is back in fine form. Every joke was seriously funny. The best ones were: The one about George Bush campaigning "This is the hardest he's worked since that time he tried to walk home from Mardi gras." The one about finding a mini-license plate with "Erskine" on it was classic, and my favorite- "Finally, just like the good old days, you'll be able to go down to Times Square and get Crabs." The Winona Ryder joke was also pretty good. I loved the "walk detector," very original. "Stupid Asshole." Haha. Seth Meyers was also really funny, I think he's my favorite featured player. One last quote- "You don't see enough SNL re-runs on cable, do you?" Best Update all year. 9.5/10


The Ferry Muhtar Show- This doesn't do much for me, although I love that they're making fun of Leno. The accents are pretty good too. Horatio was really into it, he can be funny, as long as Jimmy isn't in the sketch with him. Uhh, not much else to say, again, Nia did a great job. 7/10


The Falconer- Fairly forgettable, but actually pretty funny. I'm not exactly sure if this was supposed to be a parody of something or not, if you know, email me and tell me. The best part was when the Falcon was eating at the restaurant, and the he brought the dead rat back to the falconer. Will Forte did a nice job. 7/10


Pier 1 Commercial- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK ON IT KIRSTIE ALLEY!! HAHA YOU'RE SUCH AN ANNOYING HOAR! This commercial was SOOOOOOOO funny. I mean, I was having hysterical fits of laughter, o man, I've been saying for the longest time that SNL should do a parody of these commercials. Every time I see them I want to bash in the TV screen. Maybe they'll stop making them now. This is my new all time favorite SNL commercial parody. 10/10

Quotes: "I've been kidnapped by the woman from cheersno, the second one." "If you are confronted by Kirstie Alley, speak in quiet tones and DO NOT look directly into her eyes."


Dropping the Lb's with Missy E.- This was a really funny idea, and Tracy Morgan cracks me up. The joke about how she does all that weird computer generated stretching in her videos was awesome. Eve made a cameo, and I guess those were her dancers in the background. Tracy Morgan made it work. 7.5/10

Quote: "I got my her did."


Glenda Goodwin: Attorney at Law- Not the best sketch of the night, but it still made me laugh. Maya's voice was really funny, and the general idea of the sketch was so absurd that it was funny. Rachel's part was funny. 7/10

Quote: "Case Pending!"


Community Access- Blah, this was kind of like Brian Fellow's Safari Planet, but instead of saying "I'm Brian Fellow!" he says "You're the best in the biz!" But, by end of show standards, it was pretty excellent. Note to Dean Edwards: Hey man, this was the only sketch you were in all night, it would have been nice if you could have memorized you're lines, or not look like you're reading every single word off the cue cards! 6.5/10

Quote: "Why do Black People smoke so much weed anyway?"


This show scored: 103.5/100 or 80%


Post Show Thoughts- Good Lord in heaven, this was an awesome show!!!! It was way funnier than the past 4 shows combined. I mean, there was something funny in every sketch. Nia Vardalos was excellent, I might go see her movie now, she was by far the best host yet. But, o ya, one thing about the musical performance- "Hey I'm Eve, I'm so gangsta, look at my pants with furry leg warmers! Keepin it street foreva yo!" Ya, I only watched long enough to see those crazy pants, then I switched to Airplane on Comedy Central. I'm definitely not taping over this episode! Great job SNL writers/cast.(cuz I know theyre all reading this)


What I'd like to see next week- Brittany Murphy is hosting next week, she was good in Clueless, and she does the voice of Lu-Ann on King of the Hill, but otherwise she seems like a total flake. I don't really have high expectations for next week's show, but I could be wrong. I bet they do a Sully and Denise Sketch, at least I hope they do.


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Well, that's all for now, I'm Kate, goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!