Nia Vardalos / Eve
November 9, 2002

By funnyboy88

My advanced scoring system:
1 = good .5 = needed work 0 = not funny at all

George Bush - Parnell makes his 2nd appearance as Bush. This sketch was written better than the first one from the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode. I still think Parnell needs to squint more, but oh well. He definitely seemed more comfortable this time around. He didn't speak fast this time, which is good. The premise was hilarious, with Bush trying to add up the new numbers of the Senate and the number of governors. I liked the part where he pointed out the black marker on his hand. 1

Monologue - Eh...this monologue was too "I saw this coming from a mile away." It wasn't down right hilarious, but I was still amused, especially by Kattan. .5

Swiffer Sleepers - We've seen this one before. 1

Bloater Brothers - These guys are hilarious. I'm glad they brought them back. I love the puns, and Parnell and Jimmy always deliver them nicely. Fred Armisen was a great touch to this sketch! His Asian chef character, although it didn't get to do much, it had my rolling. Small touches like these are what I like to see. 1

Nerds election - Hammond's Rather is always nice. Dean made a cameo...with a picture of his face. Nia is proving to be a good host. Not much to say about this one, other than it was funny. 1

Bikini Wax - This was a good one! Rachel and Nia were both great. It's nice to see when SNL parodies real life instead of just another TV show sketch. In fact, this sketch and the Bloater Bros were the ONLY sketches in which it was not a TV show or commercial. That figure is definitely disappointing. The show definitely needs to work on including more satires of life than another talk show type sketch. 1

WU - This was a very good Update. Although the jokes were not as funny as last week's, they were still very funny. Unfortunately, it wasn't very original. I'm disappointed to hear that the "Crabs in Time Square" joke was used word-for-word earlier in the week on Conan. You'd think Lorne (the executive producer of both shows), would catch that mistake. It's a shame especially since that joke got the biggest laugh of them all. Seth Meyer's bit about doing his half of conversations at this high school reunion was hilarious! It had a nice progression in outrageousness. However, unfortunately, Adam Sandler used this idea years ago on WU, only the premise was that he was missing dinner with his mother for Mother's Day, not his reunion. Oh well. What can you do? The funniest thing of WU was the test to check the efficiency of the machine that could identify someone by their walk. One of the funniest moments of the entire night. .5 (I have to take off for some obvious unoriginality)

Turkish Talk Show - Wow, I never expected this character to be brought back. It wasn't that funny the first time around, however, I thought they did a better job the 2nd time. Horatio and Darrell were very good. This sketch seemed to have more of a plot and direction than the first one, which is probably why I liked it better. 1

Falconer - BEST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT. Oh my, I was dying while watching this one. The idea was so bizarre and original. It's great to see some really creative ideas like this one. It reminded me of something I would see in an early 90's episode. I wonder who wrote this one. Very good. Very good. Everything about this sketch was perfectly written. 1

Pier 1 Imports - I haven't seen the real commercials with Kristie Alley, but I'm sure this made fun of them pretty well. Nia's Kristie Alley was very good. I really want to see one of the real commercials now. I probably haven't seen them cause I don't really watch much network television. I see a lot of Comedy Central when I am watching TV during the week, and not NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. 1

Missy Elliot Weight Loss - Tracy had me laughing hysterically in the very beginning of this.  Jeff trying to get into his marching band uniform was a nice funny touch. Pretty good bit. 1

Freak Attorney - Maya gets her piece of the pie in the show tonight. Overall, it was pretty good, however it did seem a lot similar to the structure of the Missy E Weight Loss video. It was "character introduces their proposal, go to shots of people who have used the proposal successfully." The best parts were when Rachel's voice was overdubbed to say the name of the attorney, and when the spaceman monkey came out to attack Maya. "I can sue you!" 1

Community Accents - I think this was the only weak bit of the night. Watching this, I felt like I was watching a Brian Fellow type sketch. Someone on made a good point in which they said it seemed like the 5th sketch of a recurring character we've never got to see. Knowing how a lot of Horatio's things get cut, it makes sense. I think the only truly funny moment of the sketch was when Horatio was talking to Dean about black people smoking a lot of marijuana. That was the only time in which I truly burst out laughing. Dean makes an actual appearance in this episode! Unfortunately, he was stuck playing the straight man to Horatio. Poor guy. All his sketches get cut. He must think that Lorne hates him or something. The sad thing is that Dean doesn't get much on air, yet he still is brought back, while Jerry Minor, who contributed a lot in his first and only year, did not return. I'm not sure if Jerry was fired or if he quit. He most likely quit, cause I don't see why Lorne would want to fire someone who created a successful recurring character! .5
The score! 
12 points out of 13 sketches (an 11.5/13), which is an 89%  A very solid, consistent show! That ties the Sarah Michelle Gellar episode. 
Review season's scores:
Damon = 10.5/13 = 81%
Sarach Michelle Gellar = 12.5/14 = 89%
McCain = 9.5/10.5 = 91%
Eric McCormack = 9/12 = 75%
Nia Vardalos = 11.5/13 = 89%