Brittany Murphy / Nelly
November 16, 2002

By Mary E. Calvano

Just a thought before I get into Brittany Murphy anorexic?? Or... is she on drugs?? What is going on with her??  She used to look healthy and last night, well, I don't know...she just looked sickly thin to me! And her eyes...whoah...something is NOT right! Anyways, on with the review...

Opening: LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam Sandler!!! I was so glad to see the rumors were true, but confused as to why they would do the Chanukah song so early! I guess it's to promote his new move, "8 Crazy Nights." The kids choir was a nice touch, and I really liked seeing Rob Schneider back again! The new lyrics are great...but we don't want Tom Arnold back, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

Monologue: Once again, not a monologue....they never are. Even though Brittany looked WAY too skinny, I loved her pants....sincerely, I would like to get a pair myself. I enjoyed their parody of Detroit's Rap Wars, mostly because I love when Chris Parnell raps! I was severely disturbed that he was wearing leather pants though...and that Jimmy Fallon was too..although why Jimmy was wearing them was about to be revealed! And could Jimmy and Horatio be any more white??? This was amusing, but not a monologue...oh well.

Welcome Back, Potter!: hehehehe! I enjoyed the concept, but I think a lot of the younger viewers might be confused as to where this came from!

The Leather Man: why in God's name did I find this funny??? Oh yes, I was drinking a screwdriver at the time!! Watching it now, I am bored...but wait, I'm still laughing through the boredom!! Oh yeah,  I know why, because Jimmy and Horatio screwing up always makes me laugh...that's it!!!  By the way,  I highly doubt Ms Murphy is a petite 2...she's more a 6X in children's. I mean, come on, EAT SOMETHING!!! "I should do what?? With my mouth??" That was good, I do admit!

Donahue: I kinda had a feeling when Darrell Hammond and Parnell were on the actual show that he was getting material, but this sucked after awhile!! Oh wait...that's because Donahue is hateful in real life, so there's only so much you can do to make him funny on SNL. Michael Moore could've been funnier, but it somehow just sucked.  It was nice to see Jeff Richards in a sketch though.

Jarrett's Room: YEAH!! I totally guessed this was going to be on during the commercial break!!! I love Gobe, he's my favorite in this sketch. The turkey bong was hilarious! I am glad they finally decided to have this on after they cut it a few weeks ago. Although this wasn't my favorite Jarrett's Room of all time, it was still nice to see it back...and I love Gobe!

C-Span: Um, the accents kinda sucked, but the facial expressions were dead on!! They have the British face down pat...I enjoyed the commentary, by Chris Parnell I believe, and the captions on the screen...those were the only thing that made this funny.

Scott Joplin: Why Scott Joplin of all people?? This was scary reminder of the music appreciation class I took as an undergraduate! I hate Anna Kornikova, and I was glad to see them make fun of her, but Brittany's legs looked so sick. I am sorry, but she looks ill...someone needs to be looking after her, I think. Overall, I enjoyed Maya's protrayal of Joplin, as well as the Williams sisters...were Brittany's nip ons supposed to be part of the sketch?? I hope so!

Nelly w/Kelly Rowland: so sick of this so so so sick of this song....sick of it.

Weekend Update: Always my favorite part of the show, and this one did not let me down!!! Although, the Phill Collins joke was delivered better last time and they really don't need to repeat this one was funny the first time, now you're pushing it!! The best joke was the Ben Affleck/J-Lo one..."it will be the third marriage for Lopez, the first for Affleck, and the last for neither!!" That is completely true. I love Drunk Girl...I don't know why, I just do!! "You know what?!" I just think this character is hilarious. The Harry Potter joke was classic too, for some reason, I really laughed at it. LOVED the Richard Gere joke!!! That was just awesome!! Oh, and the chocolate bra...but that was funny mostly because of Jimmy's face after he said, "or with peanuts." I also enjoyed Chris Kattan as David Gest...I don't care what anyone says, I still like him!!

Astronaut Jones: Never been my favorite, even though the theme song is quite catchy and I love Tracy Morgan!!! Nelly, Tracy, and Garrett muttering was humorous, but this was predictable. "Thank you Jesus."

Religetables: HA!!!HA!!!HA!!! I love Veggie Tales, this was hilarious! "We'll turn the non-believers into guacomole!" "That doesn't rhyme...whatever!" I am getting sick of the priest jokes, but the gerkins part was funny!! I loved the broccoli newscaster. "Armageddon outta here." I know the audience didn't seem to enjoy it so much, but I did.

Jack Handey: "That's alls I can takes, I can't takes no more!!" Please, someone make him stop!

Nelly #2: "It's getting overplayed in stop playing this song...I am getting sick of this song, I wanna cut my ears off!!!" What the hell is up with the Phantom of the Opera mask??? take it the fuck off dude!!

The Girl with No Gaydar: I like this sketch, but I was severely disturbed for awhile after Chris Parnell grabbed Jimmy Fallon's ass...there is just something wrong with that!! And it's scary how good Jimmy is at playing a gay guy...just like in Jeffrey's...oh, I miss that sketch!!! I love Tracy Morgan!!! Wait, is that Fred?? Where has he been all night? Dean has been in more sketches! The hand motions during the song at the end was awesome!!!

OK, so this show fluctuated. Some parts, I was laughing SO hard and others, I was just sitting there feeling buzzed...or hungover, as the case may be this morning. And, we have to wait two weeks for a new episode?? Well, that explains why Jimmy can open for so many Strokes shows. I am looking forward to Robert DeNiro on December 7th!!! Hopefully they will bring back the Christmas Song!!!! "I wish it were Christmas today!"

Until then, g'day!