Brittany Murphy / Nelly
November 16, 2002

By Mark A.

The last show was good; so let's hope this trend keeps up.


- Not much to say other than I liked it.
- If anything, this will probably end up the most memorable opening of the season.
Rating: 3.5

- I was half expecting Chris Parnell to come out as Eminem but this was more original.
- There were a lot of funny in-jokes, especially if you know a little bit about the background and other projects of the cast.
- Why was Jimmy with the NYC crowd? Isn't he also based in LA? 
- The only bad part was Brittany's bit, which was basically an excuse for self-promotion.
Rating: 3.5

Welcome Back Potter
- If anything, Will is a more accurate Potter than Rachel (not that it's too hard).
- Kind of expected this to be a skit but it still had its moments.
Rating: 3

Leather Man
- What was this doing opening the show?
- I think this skit is basically an excuse for Jimmy to crack up at Horatio and flub his lines.
- Brittany didn't exactly add much.
- Let's not have this one repeat again.
Rating: 1.5

- Darrell's impression was pretty good.
- Jeff's wasn't but he had the voice going for him.
- This really dragged until the other guests came in.
- Tracy and Maya really saved this from bombing.
- This sketch was basically one joke stretched for far too long.
- Did anyone notice the audience cheered when they said Hardball was up next? Probably for good reason.
Rating: 2

Jarrett's Room
- See Leather Man.
- Not even Seth could save this.
Rating: 1

Diana's Butler Speaks
- Took a while to get anywhere.
- Seth plays a good Englishman and Rachel was good too.
- Still, probably not a big enough pay-off in the end.
Rating: 2.5

Tennis Talk
- Another one of those bizarre sketches that I enjoy.
- Nice to see Dean getting a funny part for once.
- Also nice to see Maya with more interesting roles.
- Brittany seemed to struggle and brought this down a bit.
- Wouldn't mind seeing this repeat in a different setting.
Rating: 3.5

Music #1
- Not too bad.

- WU has been really uneven this season and this may be the worst yet.
- Jimmy seemed to struggle with his lines (what else is new?).
- I think Drunk Girl has outstayed her/his welcome.
- Maya and Kattan's bit was amusing, especially Kattan.
- I think you know you're in trouble when Kattan is the highlight of update.
Rating: 2.5

Astronaut Jones
- Strangely enough, this sketch hasn't got tired yet.
- Garrett and to a lesser extent Nelly made this all the funnier.
- Tracy was funny as Jones but that probably goes without saying.
Rating: 3.5

- I could see this being offensive to some but I thought it was funny for the most part.
Rating: 3

Thick Novel
- Not as bad as some of the other ones.
Rating: 2

Music #2
- Nothing too impressive.

- This was funny the first two times but now it just seems tired.
- Fred, Tracy and Dean were good for a few laughs though.
- If you're going to do this then put it somewhere in the middle of the show not and the end, as you could tell some of the guys just wanted to get out of there.
Rating: 2


Funniest Skit: Astronaut Jones

Weakest Skit: Jarrett's Room

Top 3 Regulars:
Tracy Morgan:
In a lot of sketches tonight and provided much needed comic relief.
Maya Rudolph: She's getting bigger and better parts. Definitely the female star of the night.
Chris Kattan: No one else stuck out but he was good on WU.

Don't Say A Word (Weakest Regular)
Jimmy Fallon:
Sorry but this isn't amateur hour.

Best of the Rest (Featured)
Dean Edwards:
Finally getting some much-deserved airtime and, besides, he really was the funniest of the FP tonight.

Clueless (Weakest Featured)
Jeff Richards:
He portrayed a fat slob and a drunk girl tonight. That's high class comedy right there.

Overall Show Rating: 2.31

Well, this was one of the weaker shows so far and the weakest since the second episode. It's nice to see underappreciated cast-members like Maya and Tracy get more attention but too bad for every funny Maya or Tracy moment there was a bad Jimmy and Horatio moment. Jimmy, Horatio, Jeff and Brittany should form their own sketch comedy show, if anything it would make this season of SNL look good.

Vardalos 2.92
McCain: 2.69
McCormack 2.54
Murphy 2.31
Damon: 2.14
SMG: 1.875