Brittany Murphy / Nelly
November 16, 2002

By Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- Ive seen Clueless before and I have it on video. Brittany should be a good host. Nelly is a rapper. I don't like rappers but you never know. Should be a good show especially since Adam Sandler will be in it.

CHANUKAH SONG COLD OPEN- This was the best cold opening so far this season. I love Adam Sandler & Rob Schneider. Even though im not Jewish, I love this song too. If any of you missed the cold opening you missed the BEST part of the show. A+

RAP MONOLOGUE- This was a good monologue. The best rapper award goes to Chris Parnell. Im on the West coast side, but Amy wasn't bad either so maybe I should go back to the East coast. Brittany helped out on my decision so I say Go Brittany Go Brittany. A

HARRY POTTER- This was funny. For those of you who are clueless Welcome Back Potter was a spoof of Welcome Back Kotter with John Travolta. Another favorite show of mine. A

LEATHERMAN- This was better than the last time. Brittany looks good in leather. Horatio looked like Sony Bono with that hair. The funny part was when Horatio got bitten by the snake. B

DONAHUE- Darrell does a good Donahue. The only funny parts was the ad and the audience. Other than that it wasn't funny. D

JARRETTS ROOM- This was actually a funny sketch. I loved Seth's Miami Vice look. I love the 80s. I loved how Horatio figured out the Turkey Pot Pie. In dress they had a real turkey. C

ROYAL MESS- Who cares about Princess Diana's butler. She's dead now. Move on butler. F

TENNIS TALK- I like Tennis but where was this going. As always Tracy plays a woman & Dean was in a sketch again. Maya looked like Frida when she had her picture taken. [You have to see the movie to see what im talking about]. F

NELLY W/KELLY ROWLAND "DILEMA"- So far so good. This was a nice song. Why does Nelly have that tape under his eye? A

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Adam Sandler was cut as Cajun Man. I love drunk girl. Maya Rudolph does look like Liza with a capital Z. People have told me I look like Liza. Fave Joke:An Austrian is selling chocolate bars for $150 each. You can get them in regular or peanut. Last week Parnell was cut as a pastor. A

ATTACK OF THE CORGONS- Wow Garrett Morris. One of the original not ready for prime time players. Louis never met him until now. I couldn't hear this sketch. The sound wasn't good. The theme song was good though. D

TV FUNHOUSE:VEGGIE TALES- This was a cute cartoon. Maybe I should see the movie. C

MY BIG THICK NOVEL:SQUARE DANCE- This is lame. Hello. This was from last season. Hey Jack Handey get some new material already. F

NELLY "HOT IN HERRE"- This wasn't a bad song but why did he spell here with two Rs. C

GAYDAR- They should have done this sketch with McCormack. It would have been funnier but this wasn't bad. They should put Richards in this sketch. He would play a good gay guy too. C

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- This was the best show of the season so far. Brittany did a good job. Nelly wasn't bad for a rapper. I guess it helps when you hear the song before. Three alumni in one night. Wow. I give this show an A+