Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By Stéphane Dagenais

Giuliani Campaign adds : Good idea. It's almost true. If the republicans could do that, they would. I liked the idea more than the jokes, but it was ok. It reminded me of the Tom Brokaw sketch with Dana Carvey. B

McCormack monologue : They went with the obvious and talked about his "gayness". It was ok with a cute little song (boobies boobies boobies..). B-

The Bachelor : Being a fan of the original, I liked it a lot. Maya's caracter of the dumb blond was not funny and not even a true parody, but Rachel's caracter was dead on. They're was a girl on the real show who was almost as pathetic as Rachel's caracter. And I don't know why, but the one legged girl makes me laught like crazy. I love her, I would date her. Good parody. B+

Couples' celebrity game : It was a one gag sketch. Rachel was good. It was not incredibile, but i liked it never the less. B-

Political Campaign Adds I : Well, the first installment of the three was not very funny, but it was just the setup.

Anchors in love : I don't know it the sketch was done with any bases of thruth, but it was mildly funny. Tina Fey as her first none Tina Fey caracter. C+

Political Campaing adds II : They shifted to gear 2. It was a crazy notion, but not really a laugh factor.

WU : Some good jokes as always. Nothing really great but ok stuff. Then enters Horatio as Gene Shalit. It was not the first time. It's always the same thing with Horatio on the Weeken Update. He makes Fallon laugh (I don't know why), then he laughs for nothing, and we have two guys laughing at something we are not aware of. This has to stop. I'm tired of it. And what was the Baby K thing?? I guess we'll never know. C

Bull Horn Justice : Somewhat funny, but really idiotic. You have to ask yourself where they get there idea sometimes. C+

Political Adds III : It never flied. It was just ok, but really funny. I didn't like it. D

Morning Man : Fallon as a zany morning man who does all the caracters, even the callers. Jimmy must have channel Robin Williams on that one. It was not very funny, but a good idea. They could have done much more with this. They're trying, but it was not a success. C

John Hancock Insurance Add : Not very funny. C-

Jackass the Musical : It was almost great, could have been I think. In fact, it was just good. But the Idea was great. I can't believe they made a movie about Jackass, why not a musical with trained actors playing the dumb caracters. B-

Bad Tracy Morgan sketch : I couldn't find a better name for the sketch. I didn't see or ear a joke there. A complete waste of time. They should have put a picture of the NBC peacock for two minutes instead. Unbelivable. F

See you next week...