Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By Sarah

For all the big Chris Parnell fans out there, check out
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It's been two weeks since the last live show, and I really have nothing to say. The Halloween Special was old stuff again, although there were a couple of new sketches that had been cut after dress rehearsals. It was a pretty good show, though. I gave it a four.

The Giants lost the World Series, The Angels won their first World Series, and nobody outside California cared. I was probably one of the five people in NorCal who actually wanted the Angels to win. I felt sorry for them, I guess. I didn't tell my family who I was rooting for, they probably would have disowned me. No, actually they probably would disown me if I ever became a Lakers fan. GO KINGS!

I was a little irritated to find that most of my review was edited out on, but it may have been some error on Word or whatever. I won't hold it against Sean Bradley. If anybody really cares enough to want to read the whole thing, it's posted on

The season has been basically mediocre, but it may pick up later in the season, like last year.

Two e-mails to read this week, all right! :p

First, from elivisllama:
Fred Armisen (the new guy who plays Fericito) was the
other guy in the picture.

My Response:
This was referring to my last review, where I couldn't figure out who was in the cold opening. I got several replies telling me it was Fred. Thanks for helping me out with that one!

Meg writes:
The other guy in the picture with Seth Meyers during the cold open was Fred Armisen. ;)
I love your reviews, by the way, and I also think that The White Stripes need to get some sun. It's disturbing how pale they are, that is not normal! But it's also disturbing how Meg White always looks stoned, so I guess that's just their [really, really weird] thing!

My Response:
Thanks for loving my reviews, and thanks for letting me know it was Fred. Meg White just seems really shy. She kept trying to hide in her drum set, I think. I think Jack White may be albino or something though. No, I do not have evidence or any real suspicions on that.

Questions? Comments? What would you like to see on these reviews? What would you like me to shut up about? Send me your ten cents (your two cents is free) and I'll publish you in my next review.
And it just doesn't get any more special than that.

Brace yourselves, here we go


Tonight's Host: Eric McCormack
I think his only credit is Will & Grace, and I'm too lazy to go check in the IMDb. I think that show is hilarious when I actually watch it, but I'm not a regular viewer. Maybe the monologue will be something with the audience asking him if he's really gay.

Tonight's Musical Guest: Jay-Z
This choice really surprised me, because I didn't know Jay had anything out right now. I hear he's performing with Lenny Kravitz tonight. Will the randomness never end? He's a good rapper, I like most of his songs.

Grading System: I've changed the grading scale to a possible 10. A ten is a truly hilarious sketch, and a 1 would be some absolute suckage.

Starring: Hammond, Parnell, Meyers, Forte
Comments: We have a few of these Rudy-supports-me commercials over here, but I don't really pay attention to who he's supporting. Darrel does a great impression. This was fairly uneventful until the end, when they dubbed his voice.
Live, From New York, It's: Another one for Hammond
Major Player: Hammond
Grade: 7

Starring: McCormack, Kattan, a bunch of audience extras
Comments: WHO CALLED THIS MONOLOGUE? Oh, snap! I could see this coming a thousand miles away. Sorry Kattan, but everyone still thinks you're gay. Waltzing around in his Mango outfit is just going to puzzle people further. Average monologue.
Major Player: Kattan
Grade: 8

<[SKETCH]> The Bachelor
Starring: McCormack, Dratch, Rudolph, Poehler, Kattan
Comments: I've watched this show once. And I really don't like Amber the Flatulent Hypoglycemic. Rachel and Maya were pretty good as an obsessive contestant and a completely blonde contestant, respectively. Otherwise no.
Major Player: Poehler (I have to)
Grade: 5

<[SKETCH]> The Insane Game-Player
Starring: Dratch, McCormack, Poehler, Forte, Meyers, Rudolph
Comments: Tearing down everything in the house was kind of reminding me of Chris Farley it's not something you'd think Rachel Dratch would do, but she very much surprised me. It could be recurring.
Major Player: Dratch
Grade: 8

<[COMMERCIAL]> Political Ad 1
Starring: Dratch, Kattan
Comments: It was too much like a real political ad, and not that funny.
Major Player: Hmm, I'll say Kattan because it's his ad
Grade: 3

<[COMMERCIAL]> Political Ad 2
Starring: Dratch, Kattan
Comments: See previous comments *yawn*
Major Player: Dratch
Grade: 3

<[SKETCH]> CNN Lovers
Starring: Fey, McCormack, Parnell Poehler, Dratch
Comments: Hey, Tina in her first sketch of the season. Geez, Rachel is all over this show, and doing a great job. I'm not sure why they picked CNN for the setting, unless the couple is a real pair there that is all over each other.
Major Player: Fey
Grade: 7

<[COMMERCIAL]> Political Ad 3
Starring: Dratch, Kattan
Comments: Same thing.
Major Player: Kattan
Grade: 3

<[MUSICAL GUEST]> Jay-Z featuring Lenny Kravitz
I didn't pay attention.

Starring: Fallon, Fey, Sanz, Richards
Comments: I was wondering if Jimmy was even here until WU I absolutely love Horatio's Gene Shalit impression. I think Horatio and Jimmy's motto should be "When we get together, it's giggles". They are so bad about not cracking up in each other's face. I can't really blame them though, because Horatio is hilarious. There weren't too many fabulous stories tonight. Jeff's baby rapper was okay.
Major Player: Sanz
Grade: 9

<[SKETCH]> Courtroom Disturbance
Starring: McCormack, Forte, Parnell, Poehler, Meyers, Sanz
Comments: It's nice to see Will Forte in some sketches. Seth did not serve any purpose, really. Even though Eric did not say any lines, it was still pretty funny. This sketch reminded me of the scenes in Austin Powers with "Shh!" and "Zip it!".
Major Player: Forte
Grade: 8

<[COMMERCIAL]> Political Ad 4
Starring: Kattan, Dratch
Comments: Will it never end?
Major Player: Dratch's ad, Dratch's Major Player points.
Grade: 2 (I'm hating it)

<[SKETCH]> Radio Station Morning Show
Starring: Fallon, McCormack
Comments: Interesting. This one also reminded me of something else. On the Simpsons, when Mr. Burns went on the radio and they kept making it sound like he farted and was saying things he wasn't. Maybe that inspired this.
Major Player: Fallon
Grade: 7

<[COMMERCIAL]> John Hancock Insurance
Starring: McCormack, Dratch
Comments: Somewhere, there is a John Hancock Insurance that is pissed off. Mountain lions are a very prevalent danger, you know.
Major Player: Dratch
Grade: 5

<MUSICAL GUEST]> Jay-Z Featuring Beyoncé and Lenny Kravitz
Beyoncé too? Jay-Z has never collaborated with these two before, to my knowledge.

<[SKETCH]> Jackass The Musical
Starring: McCormack, Meyers, Richards, Hammond, Dratch, Parnell (voice)
Comments: I want to see Jackass so much, but I'm too much of a wimp to sneak in. I think Jeff was wearing the Mango shorts. *Shudder* Funniest part: when the panda was late knocking Seth over.
Major Player: Meyers
Grade: 7

<SKETCH]> Maya and Tracy Again
Starring: Morgan, Rudolph
Comments: Haven't they figured out that the audience dies during these? They have about one good line, and that's about it.
Major Player: Morgan
Grade: 4

Comments: Not a bad show. I almost rewound the tape to see if Dean was even on the show anymore, but then I saw him in the closing. Two shows with no appearances. That's gotta hurt. Rachel was really the busiest person. Kattan wasn't far behind, though. Memo to Lorne: we want to hear the Places Call lady again in breaks! It's interesting.
Highest Rated Sketches: Monologue, Insane Game Player, and Courtroom Disturbances
Lowest Rated Sketch: All of the Political Ads, and please get rid of the Maya and Tracy bits.
Busiest Player of the Night: Rachel Dratch in nine sketches.
Underused Player of the Night: Neither Fred Armisen nor Dean Edwards got any appearances!
Major Player of the Night: Rachel Dratch
Host Sketch Count: Eric McCormack was in eight sketches.
LFNY Tally: Hammond 2, Parnell 1, Sanz 1
Non-WU Appearances By Tina Fey Counter: Yay, finally at 1.
Grade: 2 + (3 x 3) + 4 + (2 x 5) + (4 x 7) + (3 x 8) + 9 = 86/15 = 5.733 or approximately a six.

Next Week: Nia Vardalos/Eve
Never seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I hear she is a great comedian, though. Eve is a good rapper. See you all next weekend!