Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By Mark A.

I think I may have been a bit too hard on Rachel in my last review. She has her moments but she is technically the senior female on the show right now (if we don't count Tina) and she should be setting an example. As I see it, she is overshadowed by Amy and Maya, who are relative newbies. I'd like to see her airtime go up though, if only so we can see what she is (or isn't) really capable of. I've heard some of the stuff she did when she was at Second City and it's good, so it's not like she isn't capable.

Eric McCormack is versatile comedian and should do o.k. I don't care for the musical guest though.

Decided to change my rating system to numbers instead of stars.


- Hammond's impression is decent but not excellent.
- Started off strong but dragged a bit towards the end.
Rating: 2.5

- McCormack seemed to have fun poking fun at himself.
- Kattan's part was hilarious, if only because of how appropriate it was.
- The ending wasn't as funny as the rest.
- Much better than the previous three.
Rating: 3.5, as far as monologues go.

The Bachelor
- I'm not sure what to think about Amy's one-legged character being recurring.
- The sketches are usually funnier than the character is.
- Rachel looked like she was channeling her Luvahs character and Maya looked like she was channeling her Megan character.
- Kattan was also good for a few laughs.
- McCormack made the right decision in the end, given the competition.
- The very end sucked and brought this down a bit.
Rating: 3

Guess the Celebrity?
- Started off slow and I wondered where it was going.
- Hey, Rachel was good in this and the previous sketch.
- Not a great payoff but fairly amusing.
Rating: 2.5

Negative Ad #1
- Mildly amusing.

CNN's American Morning
- Tina in a sketch? She has a certain ease with the camera.
- Rachel was funny again, ask and you shall receive I guess.
- Amy brought this down (again?)
- It's not a great premise but I guess I'm easily amused.
Rating: 3

Negative Ad #2
- Funnier but nothing too outstanding.

Music #1
- Not very interesting.

- The jokes were solid, probably the best of the season so far.
- The other bits were weak, especially Sanz as Shalit.
- Couldn't tell who the baby was (either McCormack or Jeff) but it was only mildly amusing.
Rating: 3, brought down by the guests.

- The premise was very silly but this made it all the funnier.
- Forte was excellent as the camp judge. Does he remind anyone else of a young Randy Quaid?
- Dean (or Fred) could have taken Horatio's role.
Rating: 3.5

Morning Radio
- Predictable and dragged a bit towards the end.
- Fallon showed versatility, so this sketch wasn't all bad.
- Let's not have it recur.
Rating: 2

Mean Law Firm
- The best ad of the night.
- Rachel impressed me again.
Rating: 3

Negative Ad #3
- Probably the funniest.
Overall rating for all: 2

Music #2
- Blah.

Jackass the Musical
- This had an incredibly weak premise.
- I suppose everyone tried their best but the material they had to work with was so thin.
- Jeff got the biggest laugh of the sketch (did I just say that?) and pulled it up a notch.
Rating: 1.5

Bar Scene
- I liked Subway Fred and the last one was decent too but this went nowhere.
- Tracy seemed to be struggling with his lines.
- Maya could play these characters in her sleep, I'd like to see her do more original stuff like in the Bachelor skit.
Rating: 1


Best Sketch:
- Bullhorn. It had just the right amount of wackiness and Will Forte was shown to good effect.

Worst Sketch:
- Bar Scene. It's not often Tracy is unfunny but in this case he was. As much as I like Maya and Tracy, let's give this pair a rest for a while.


Top 3 performers:
- Rachel Dratch. Yes, you read that right. I was very impressed by her in this episode and she even managed to save some of the sketches. Hope she keeps this up.
- Tina Fey. Good in her starring role and solid in WU.
- Chris Kattan. He was funny in this, as opposed to most of the others shows this season.

Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler (2)
Rachel Dratch, Darrell Hammond, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, Maya Rudolph, Horatio Sanz (1)

Weakest Performer:
- Amy Poehler. I was going to give this to Tracy but Amy brought down a few sketches. I hope this is an isolated incident because I could see her getting real annoying real fast. I like Amy and hope the above doesn't happen.

Chris Kattan (2)
Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler (1)

Best of the Rest (featured)
- Will Forte. Seems like a great addition to the cast.

Will Forte (2)
Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers (1)

Worst of the Rest (featured)
- Fred Armisen. Just because Dean got it last week.

Dean Edwards (2)
Fred Armisen, Will Forte (1)


Overall Show Rating: 2.54

Only slightly behind the McCain one. Started off strong but was brought down by a weak last quarter. It's great to see Rachel and Will get chances to shine though.

McCain: 2.69
Damon: 2.14
SMG: 1.875