Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By funnyboy88

Here's how it goes down:
1=funny .5=kinda funny 0=.......

Rudy Giuliani - This one seemed a bit slow in the beginning. It didn't get
REALLY funny until the part where they had placed the syllables over
Giuliani's mouth. I wished the sketch had gotten to that part
sooner.  Kudos to Hammond's fantastic impression 1

I'm not gay monologue - It's kind of funny because randomly yesterday I was
thinking how there hasn't been a "questions from the audience" monologue in
a while. Low and behold, there was one the next day! I was dying in this
one. I liked it when Eric skipped over the guy dressed in leather. The
writer who went after him appears in a lot of these type monologues it
seems. The best part: when Kattan came out. Best use of him in a while! I
was scared that there was going to be a Mango sketch because he was wearing
the Mango outfit, but THANK GOD there wasn't. The picture of him with his
wife was the part in which I laughed the loudest of the bit. 1

The Bachelor: Amy's one legged character is back! Pretty generally funny
stuff. For most of the sketch I was wondering why Amy hadn't farted yet,
but they put it in right at the end! Maya's voice seemed a like weird
variation of her Wake-up Wakefield character. I kind of thought that Amy's
character could've been a tad grocer. "It's just not dirty enough!"

BTW, I was HOWLING for about 5 minutes after the "Last Chance Tuesdays on
ABC!" commercial. I was dying! Poor Jim Belushi, John Ritter, and Bonnie
Hunt. I crown that moment: Moment of the Night!

Celebrity Game - BEST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT. I bet 10 solid bucks that this
one will make the "Best of Rachel Dratch" compilation. One of the funniest
sketches Rachel has ever gone! GREAT stuff. I have played this game
before, and I admit it that it really annoys me when someone writes an
obscure celebrity. One time the celebrity I was supposed to describe was
one of the actor's from Harry Potter! Since when would I give a shit about
Harry Potter and who would think that I would know him! AHHHHHHHH!!
*smashes through wall* 1

Political Ads - Pretty good stuff. The credits claimed that Al Franken had
a sketch in the show tonight. I wonder if these were what he wrote. 1

Anchors in Love - Wow, Tina Fey in a starring role! I don't think that has ever happened! She's done small things, but she was never the lead.  This was a pretty solid sketch! The best moment: Obviously when Tina said "I think I'm in love." Ha! Not much to say here, but I enjoyed this one. 1

WU - I think this was the best WU of the season! Usually the jokes are
good, but then one of the commentaries are kind of lame, but this one was
great through out! Horatio's Gene Shalit was hilarious! 99% of the jokes
were funny tonight also. The Baby Rapper thing was ridiculously silly, but
I like silly stuff. The Phil Collins thing was completely silly also. 1


Courtroom - Is it just me, or did Will Forte's character sound a lot like
Mark McKinney? The voice could work for an impression. I'm sorry, but this
sketch was just BAD. B to the A to the D. I was really hoping there was
going to be some hilarious twist half way through, but nothing happened.
You can't write a sketch with only one joke. I bet the idea started off
with the writers together going "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if a murderer
interrupted his trial with a bull horn?" Sure it's a funny idea, but it did
not translate well into a 5 minute sketch. 0

One Man Radio Show - Good to see Jimmy getting a good part to prove that he
can play other characters besides the "I'm so cute and adorable" Jimmy. He
did a great job of going from voice to voice without screwing up. It was a
good parody of the average morning radio talk show. 1

John Hancock Insurance: Ouch. This commercial was bad. I really didn't
laugh at all. I usually love the commercials, but ehhhhh, not this one. 0

Jackass the Musical: This was pretty good! Put me back in the mood after
the commercial and courtroom sketch. Seth's Steve O made no sense since it
looked nothing like him, but oh well! Everything else made up for it. I
enjoyed the Panda, the tiny (no pun intended) appearance of the midget
towards the end, and Jeff as the Party Guy was pretty funny! 1

The Bar story with Tracy and Maya: I am usually a big fan of Tracy's, but
this one was a sleeper. Zzzzzz. I think the audience agreed since they
only laughed at the Payless Shoes joke. Watching this was painful because I
knew it was the 3rd really lame bit of the night, which would sadly
overshadow the wonderfulness of the first half of the show.

The 11.2.02 show is a perfect example of the "After Update Blows" SNL curse.
The Bar Story, Courtroom bullhorn, and John Hancock Insurance commercials
were pretty lame. Notice how I awarded no ".5's" to anything. Whatever was
good was really good! Whatever was bad was really bad! But hey, you can't
win them every time!

The Score: With 12 bits all together, my ratings give the show a 9/12.
That's a 75%. Ouch.