Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By Chris Schiffmann

Al Gore will host SNL? Who saw that coming? - Oh and someone should kill Pat Buchanan.

-s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y----n-i-g-h-t----l-i-v-e- "if it's not Scottish, it's craaaapp!"

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SNL eBay Item of the Week: [featured in 2001 Pierce Brosnan episode] 
Scott Jurgenson's trident

With the assistance of doing cocaine all day, you'll have no trouble killing your boss. Unless he/she's like Mr.Tarkanian.

Current Highest Bid: Amount of Money to Stop Jack Handey's Big Thick Novel from airing


Thank You Trio! (i'm sure you've read this but anyway...)

Former "SNL" featured player Paul Shaffer will be rockin' it up eighties-style when the cable channel Trio brings "Late Night with David Letterman" to its schedule next year.

Letterman's acclaimed NBC series will officially launch on January 2, but Trio will "Give Thanks to Dave" with a 53-hour Thanksgiving marathon.

It's about damn time we see the Late Night from the 80s. Being born in the mid80s I've never seen a episode only old footage. My dad who dispises Letterman and prefers Leno now, said he liked Dave in the 80s. It should funny. Funny in knowing that Chevy Chase has no carreer in the present day. Lets just hope its on at a good time. 


Well I've got my little thoughts on Nia at the end, but I'm hoping for some only in Winnipeg inside joke stuff. Brittany Murphy - I was suprised to find out that she was on King of Hill. I ocassionally watch the show, and see the credits before The Simpsons came on and her name would appear on the credits but I guess it never clicked. She and Emenim had a little fling while filming 8 Mile. So now you know why she acted like that at the MTV Movie Awards. I guess other celebrities were busy. Hopefully she does a good job, I'm not excited that she's hosting, but low expectations are easy to surpase if she does a fair job. What a lucky cast, they get Robert De Niro. His previous cameos were great and unexpected. Then there is Al Gore. Did anyone have them in their host thingy? Probably after Clinton and O.J. he's the one guy you wouldn't think you would see in Studio 8H. One since he isn't a member of the S.A.G. and all those funny things they've said about him.

Al I thought you were dead. ---- I'm Al Gore I just appear this way.

He's probably getting ready to run for President again. He'll do anything to get a few extra hundred votes. It will either bomb or be a riot. Of course I thought Al Gore would win the election on election night.

Television Moment of the Week: Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland) shoots a child pornographer/murderer (who is getting off free by testifying in a trial) while questioning him.

24 Day 2: 8AM-9AM was another excellent hour of TV. Fox is re-airng the show after Boston Public since girlsclub has been cancelled after two shows. 24 got it's highest ratings ever last week. A close second for Moment of the Week, was Kim Bauer (Elisha Cutheburt) wearing no pants.


This week at work the employees were asked to dress up. I only dressed up on the 31st, as a Scotsman. I had The Jimmy Hat (the usual tartan hat but thick orange hair is attached to it. There are two people in the world, those who are Scottish and those who Wannabe was the phrase on my t-shirt and I wore my robe backwards to make it look like I was wearing a kilt. Really made an ass of my self. But it was a good time, the place was so dead after 5:30. But anyway that's why there is some Scottish stuff with the review.


PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Sean Hayes hosted SNL, and did a good job at it. That was Molly Shannon's last show that seems like ages ago. Before the days of Seth, Amy, Jeff, Dean, Will and Fred. Eric McCormack is a fellow Canadian. Well he was born in Canada and is making the big green in the States. Who was the last Canadian to host the show? All I can think of is either Phil Hartman or Martin Short. Like in '96. Eric plays a gay character on the show and it sometimes offers a good laugh.

Last week's effort was the best of the season, lets see if they can make the same kind of laughs from last week.

COLD OPENING:  Life After Being Mayor [7/10]

I've seen a commerical or two similar to this sketch. Heck, Bloomberg pretty much won the election last year due to his money but mainly his support from Mr.Mayor. Started slow but it got good. Parnell and Hammond once again are in the opening. Suprised to see Will Forte this early. "What lies?" Decent opening.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: The Very Non-Gay Eric McCormack [7/10]

This was some sort of supermonolouge. It had questions from the audience, a castmember speaks to the host and the host sings a little song. It wasn't hillarious, but it got the job done. Who didn't expect Kattan to appear? Yeah Chris I don't see how anyone could think you're gay. (Mr.Peepers, Mango, Gay Hitler, Sean DeMarco, Hollywood, Gay Speedskating Hitler) Well Eric tries to convince the audience that he likes boobs.

SHOW: The Bachelor [6.9/10]

I don't watch this show. SNL did alright here. Amber makes her appearence once again. I like how she doesn't have her own sketch which she stars in she just appears on gameshows. The sketch was predictable, Amber really saved the sketch. The slap in the face to ABC was quite good, did not expect that. "Last Change Tuesdays".

SKETCH: The Celebrity Game [8.8/10] 

This game a lot of people can relate to. There is always somebody or some kid who gets into the game. Dratch really sold it well and it wasn't pathetic, it got laughs. Eric was funny. "Who the balls wrote Felix Mendelsen?!!" "He's an actor. --- Bruce Willis?" Rachel maybe small but she destroyed the house. And made me laugh.

COMMERICIALS: Senate Commericals [3.5/10]

I'm just going to group all of them together. SNL has done silmilar stuff in the past with these commericals, but these were just not working. To stop the lies, to stop the phone calls, blah blah. Glad it's election day this week down south.

SHOW: American Morning with Paula Zahn [7.2/10]

Tina Fey outside WU and having a starring role? And she's wearing a blonde wig? Plently of guys must've been creaming in their jeans. Now did Tina write this sketch just so she could get close to Eric and makeout with him? You saw the sketch. Mr.Jeff Richmond must have had no access to a television last night. Totally through a curve ball didn't see the two anchors falling in love. Rachel again does a good job of the jealous co-worker. Amy, played the straight character and did well. Parnell singing what more could you want? Maybe a few more jokes. Was I the only one who liked the Russia joke? I laughed.

WEEKEND UPDATE: with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey [ 7.9/10]

Filthy Hotdog Wagon joke good. Mercilles Bed wins Most German Invention. Heather Mills the one legged gold digger and Larry King thing was good. Larry King has been married five times. Gene Shalit just what the hell happened? Gene Shalit? More like Ge this is shit. Okay that is harsh. On closer inspection it was pretty good. The audience I think gave some pity laughs. What was with the dancing? Tina and Jimmy seemed confused. Haratio did well with Gene before but you can only say "Jimmy?" so many times. David Guest is creepy and waxy. Phil Collins thing went nowhere. I mean nowhere. Gonzo picture killed me. Jeff Richards should never do Baby K again. Pretty short WU, which was salvaged by Gonzo and Guest.

SKETCH: Bullhorn in Court [5.3/10]

McCormack never uttered a word here. Forte tried but didn't the laughs he could've gotten. "I like the cut of you jib." The bullhorn should've had themes from different TV shows. Stupid sketch.

SKETCH: The Morning Crew [7.0/10]

Fallon was the sketch here. Original idea here. "Man in the box!" Why is it always the morning show guys who can pull this kind of stuff? Eric didn't get to say much here. Great potential, still fared well.

COMMERICIAL: John Handcock Insurace [7.4/10]

Glad this aired at the end, beacuse it just got terrible for the rest of the show. Funny stuff. If this is a parody, I haven't seen the real one. Eric makes his way here which is unusual since the hosts rarely appear in commericals.

MUSICAL: Jackass the Musical [5.5/10]

Foreshadowed in WU. Twice this season that has happened. Read about this in the sketch spoilers, it did not live up to the hype. Jackass has only been out for one week and it's rated R. I haven't seen that much of the show, not a fan of it. Maybe if I was I would love this sketch. Jeff keep your clothes on.

SKETCH: Bartender and Partron [3/10]

Tracy Morgan forgot about him. Another Tracy/Amy sketch but by far the worst one of them all. Not since the one where Parnell/Amy sketch on the cruise ship have I been so disapointed with the last sketch.

OVERALL SHOW RATING:  76.5/120 = [63.8/100]

Not a stellar effort, in fact it was all over the place, but mostly the sketches weren't that great. Fred Armisen came down with Dean Edwards Syndrome and Dean Edwards appears to be in a coma. No one really shined, you could say Rachel did. Only one recurring (well two if you count Rudy) character appeared this week and that was Amber. Eric acted well and he never gave up in the sketches. Will Forte made a few appearences and his judge was pretty good. Darrell only had the opening and that bit in Jackass. The writing just didn't work this week.  The SMG was more disappointing since it was her third time hosting., but this is probably the worst of the season. I laughed more during SNL than I did watching Death to Smoochy, but that isn't saying much. Death to Smoochy was a decent film that was okay even if it wasn't hillarious. It was only funny when Williams was on screen and he had less screen time than expectd. It's moslty Norton and Keener. But any Jon! Stewart fan should watch just to see him in his best acting performance ever.


are brought to you by Exxon School Of Supertanker Steering

01 - Eric McCormack (Handled monologue well, didn't go for too outrageous characters, the frightened boyfriend was good.)

02 - Jimmy Fallon (WU, and the many voices at 5:24 in the A.M.)

03 - Darrell Hammond (With weak efforts from Tracy, Jeff, Haratio, Seth and just not enough from Kattan or Parnell and Armisen and Dean not showing up at all.) Darrell finds himself here with his impression of Rudy.


are brought to you by Yum Bubble Genital Herpes Gum

01 - Rachel Dratch (Finally made some decent appearences. Notice the 's'. The woman who loves games was great and her CNN reporter was believable.)

02 - Tina Fey (WU once again and had her first big role outside WU.)

03 -  Amy Poehler (Brought back Amber, and playd staright character in CNN sketch.)

FUNNIEST THREE SEGMENTS: The Celebrity Game, Weekend Update, American Morning with Paula Zahn

Honorable Mentions: John Handcock Insurance

IMPRESSIVE IMPRESSIONS: Darrell Hammond as Rudy Guiliani, Haratio Sanz as Gene Shalit


01 - Matt Damon OCT 05 (8.3)

02 - Eric McCormack NOV 02 (7.0)

03 - John McCain OCT 19 (6.4)

04 - Sarah Michelle Gallar OCT 12 (5.4)


01 - NRA Happy Hunting (8.4) [Damon]

02 - NRA Reminds You (8.3) [Damon]

03 -NutriQuick (8.0) [Damon]

04 - CORONA #3 (7.2) [Gellar]

05 - John Handcock Insurance (7.4) [McCormack]

06- McCain Sings Striesand (7.1) [McCain]

07- CORONA #1 (7.1) [Gellar]

08 - CORONA #2 (6.9) [Gellar]

09 - SWIFFER SLEEPER (6.0) [Gellar]

10 - Racial Profilling Airlines (5.9) [Gellar]


01 - John McCain OCT 19 (8.9)

02 - Matt Damon OCT 05 (8.8)

03 - Eric McCormack NOV 02 (7.9)

04 - Sarah Michelle Gellar OCT 12 (7.6)


01 - John McCain OCT 19 (77.6)

02 - Matt Damon OCT 05 (76.3)

03 - Eric McCormack NOV 02 (63.8)

04- Sarah Michelle Gellar OCT 12 (63.4)

Insert Mark Polishuk Here: it easily couldn have been the name of the Bullhorn guy. Mark likes bullhorns, he's very quiet. And kills people.

---------------And so now its time to say goodbye.--------------------------

Stuart Rankin: Growtowsky? Oh, the Growtowsky tartan, from the Voyeur Hojets klan of tartans, I suppose? Now, GET OUT!! GET OUT, Mrs. No Can Understand Her Own Ethnic Background!! GET OUT!!
Ronnie Rankin: I love you!
Stuart Rankin: I love you! Come on, let's have a drink now!

NEXT TIME: Nia Vardalos This looks to be promising. Not to knock the previous hosts, but Nia's successful film was written by her. And it was a comedy. Sure Eric is funny on Will and Grace but he's an actor. Damon and Gellar are actors, McCain fared well being a politican. Now SNL gets a comedy writer and performer. That's two Canadian hosts in a row. Last time that happened, Martin Short gave us the first Celebrity Jeopardy! and the Great Phil Hartman was alive. Hopefully her talk show host character makes an appearence. Can't miss this one.

THANKS TO: Sara, WNYX,,, SNL Transcripts, Ottawa Senators for finally winning on home ice agains the Red Wings. They own Joseph. SNLARC, The SNL Mesage Board, Jay Stular, and for you for either skimming or reading this.