Eric McCormack / Jay-Z
November 2, 2002

By Anna Z.

Pre-show thoughts
"You better loose yourself in the music, the moment you want it, you better never let it goyou only get one shot, do not miss your chance and blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime" I love that song!! 

Sketch: Rudolph Guliani and Friends
My thoughts: Yah! Will Forte!
Kick ass: "who served his state as a woman, then a man, and then a woman again. What?!?"
Lame ass: Drug out waaaaaaaaaaay too long

Sketch: Monologue "I'm not gay!"
My thoughts: Eric McCormick just had a baby boy, Finnegan McCormick; does this mean that child has to open a pub?? J
Kick ass: "I'm no gay ether. Um, do you wanna go make out?"
Lame ass: The S&M guy who didn't get to ask a question

Sketch: The Bachelor
My thoughts: I watch the Bachelor! I love it! The real Aaron is such a total ass!
Kick ass: "I can't wait to go home and out on my bikini and high heels and wash my car."
Lame ass: "At least I have two self-respects!"

Sketch: Over-Aggressive Party Gamer
My thoughts: Sighting of Will Forte
Kick ass: "I almost didn't get it! I almost didn't get it!"
Lame ass: Rachel-shaped wall figure!

Sketch: Political Commercials: Talorico vs. Frankel
My thoughts: I hate theses, they do them ever year. From now on, I am disregarding them!
Kick ass: "Tell him to stop asking voters to call Ellen Frankel to tell her to stop talking about his record."
Lame ass: Everything but the aforementioned quote

Sketch: American Morning
Kick ass: "I gotta ask you, what do you think of our love?"
Lame ass: "You crazy guys down there in nightly news are the ones to watch."

Sketch: Weekend Update
My thoughts: The highlight of the show, even in a short episode.
Kick ass: "In happier news, Christina Aguleria's filthy hot dog stand is going strong."
Lame ass: Gene Shalit (Gene, I hate you!!! Your only good line was "Back to you Jimmy")

Sketch: Bullhorn in Court
My thoughts: Eric doesn't say a word the whole time
Kick ass: "Bmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"
Lame ass: "Mr. Marshall you have a second bullhorn, don't you?" I LOVE WILL FORTE!

Sketch: Z 105 Mix Morning Crew
My thoughts: Jimmy's voices are amazing; I wish I could do that!
Kick ass: "I didn't poop my pants?"
Lame ass: "Moonachie buffet"

Sketch: Commercial John Hancock Life Insurance
My thoughts: The camera angle and lighting stuff make it look like a real life insurance commercial
Kick ass: Frightening Your Family Since 1862
Lame ass: "The average price for sex in the Waffle House parking lot is $10"

Sketch: Jackass The Musical
My thoughts: "I adore Jackass." ­ David Bowie (I swear to God)
Kick ass: "I'm a party boy and I like to dance, just get me out of these break away pants."
Lame ass: "Staple your nuts to our legs today"

Sketch: Hard Knocks Bar
My thoughts: My brother watched it about 5 times after I was done writing my review. He loves Tracy Morgan.
Kick ass:  "Ya left some serious streaks in your drawers."
Lame ass: "This white bitch, some may know her as Jennifer Love Hewitt." I like her!

Farwell! Bella Cairo!