Matthew McConaughey / Dixie Chicks
February 8, 2003

By Kate Richardson

Did you ever notice how The Beatles used terms like "day tripper" and "paper back writer?" What do these terms mean? Are they strictly English or can I, as an American, use them also? -just something to think about. I hope everyone had a great first week of February, I bet you were cold, huh?

Anecdote- I can't think of anything particularly spectacular that has happened lately, so I'll just tell a little story that demonstrates my superior cleverness. (I'm a very humble person): So, we've all heard of a Sadie Hawkins dance, but at my school they've decided, for unknown reasons, to call it "Ladies Night." It's the same principle (girls ask guys) just a different name. And since every dance must have a gimmick, at Ladies Night you and your date either wear the same shirt or shirts with a theme. Now, I know what you're thinking-"as if Kate could actually get a date to this, yea right!" Think again buddy, I took not a fellow freshman, nor a rather sophomoric sophomore. Nay! I took a junior by the awesome name of Eric WALDO! Is that not the best name in the world? And if you think we didn't take advantage of it for the shirts, you're sorely mistaken. We decided to make our shirts, but had no idea what to put on them. Then, in a sudden flash of genius, I suggested that I wear a shirt that says "Where's Waldo?" and he wear a shirt that says "I'm right here!" Oh yes, it was an awesome idea and earned me the respect as a comic genius that I deserve. They were well received at the dance, and Eric and I didn't even have to dance (thankfully, for neither of us could dance to save our lives) we just stood around and showed off our awesome shirts.

CD of the Week- Something Corporate is an incredibly complex, and entertaining band. It's hard to describe their style, but the one thing that sets them apart is the piano. Crafting catchy, but complex rock songs, they

weave a piano into the mix in innovative and often ingenious ways. Their full-length debut, "Leaving Through the Window," is a mixture of harder, more punk-influenced songs like "Punk Rock Princess," "Hurricane," and "iF U C Jordan," and softer, more piano driven songs like "Cavanaugh Park," "Straw Dog," and "Globes and Maps." I highly recommend this CD for emo fans, or anyone who is interested in really good music.

Mail- Now, I don't receive a great amount of mail, but one person who consistently supports my reviews is my dear Uncle David. A fellow SNL fan, he's been watching since the 70's and offers good insight and conversation on the show. Here's a particularly nice email I received from him:


A most excellent review!

Either you are the best reviewer or we share some humor DNA, but your reviews always seem way better than anybody else's.

As usual, the pre review stories are the best.

There are many things in this world I don't understand;

Calculus 2,

Why a negative number times a negative number is a positive number'

Why people adore George W Bush,

But I really don't understand Tim Calhoun. And the skit just keeps on going. It's like trying to start a fire with donuts, you keep using more but it'll never start. That is how I feel about Tim Calhoun the more he talks the funnier he ain't.

Personally I thought WU was pretty good, and we've switched on Tracy Morgan this week. I thought this bit was darn good.

Straight Talk is incredibly funny to anybody who has a 401K. You see your "nest egg" cracking and running into the pockets of the brokers. This guy is what you suspect they really think. Powerful stuff. "It's funny 'cause it's true!" of course it would be funnier if it wasn't me.

Anyway, that's how I sees it.

Take care, be good, etc...

Uncle David

Thanks Uncle David! See-someone likes my reviews-ha!

Special Thanks- Before I get to the review, I have to give a special thanks to Jess of <> for helping me get the clip of Tina Fey on Letterman that I missed because I was doing what any healthy person should be doing at 11:00 p.m.-sleeping! Anyway, thank you!

And now for something completely different:

Pre-Show Thoughts- Yee-haw! We've got an all-Texan show on our hands tonight. Both Matthew McConaughey and the Dixie Chicks are former residents of the lone star state. "Mac" (as I will be calling him throughout the rest of the review) is a decent actor. He's no doubt just hosting the show in order to hawk his latest piece of processed romance-"How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days," which is ok I guess, I'm not worried about his ability to host the show, he'll be decent. I'm thinking that they may do a parody of Colin Powel's address to the U.N. or at least a George W. opening. The Dixie Chicks, or as my dad likes to call them-The Chixie Dicks, are only slightly annoying, and they will most likely play "Landslide," which is a good song. Alright, enough of my inane babble, onto the show.

Cold Opening: U.N. Lunch Break- Har har, this was a funny concept. SNL has effectively reduced an important global discussion about the possibility of war into a "Seinfeldian" chat about where to eat lunch, not that I'm complaining, it was funny. I liked how they were discussing various ways to cost the U.N. lots of money. Parnell was, as always, excellent, and Dean Edwards was funny too. 7.5/10

Monologue- I don't think the story about his sandals had a point at all, but I kind of liked it because it sounds like something my grandfather (who was born and raised in Texas) would have done. The part in the dressing room was mildly amusing; the best line was when Amy Poehler said "I just took an Amy Poehler-oid with my mind!" now that was funny. Mac reminds me of Woody Haralson. (Or however you spell it) Meh, this was ok, not anything outstanding though. 7/10

Blind Date- This was-um-not so funny. The concept was okay, but it just kind of fell flat. The only time I laughed was when he guessed her weight as "two hundo." Although, I did think that Rachel and Mac turned in good performances. 6/10

Anal Suppositories- I don't remember which episode this was from, but I liked it then, and I still do. Sure, it's kind of gross, but idea is very original and I liked when Jeff Richards said "Let's just say I stuck my lunch up my butt." 8/10

Jarret's Room- This has been done way too many times this year. Fortunately though, this one provided more laughs than any of the other ones. I have a feeling that Mac specifically requested this sketch, he was really into his character. As always, Gobi provided some sort of addictive substance play on words-"Happy Balantine's Day!" My favorite part was Jeff's video valentine to his girlfriend, and the stoner insight of Mac's character-"He may be a bonehead, but you can tell he means it." Dixie Chicks made an appearance also, nice touch. I think that if this is the last Jarret's room this year, I will be perfectly happy with the character. 8/10

Divided We Protest- Now this was a funny non-recurring-character sketch. Mac did a nice job as the frustrated protest leader, and Jimmy Fallon shined as the gay rights activist. The concept was funny, and all of the comments were great. "You know, they use hemp to make rope!" "Don't send the whales to Iraq!" 8.5/10

Weekend Update- Perhaps the first update this year that was up to par with last season's. The "Happy Orange Alert" thing was great; it reminded me of "Oh snap!" Tina's "Michael Jackson photo compilation" was awesome, and the closest thing she's had to a rant all year. BTW, the Michael Jackson interview thing on Thursday was deeply disturbing, but I digress. I found all the jokes to be sufficiently funny, but the highlight was most definitely Tracy Morgan as Joseph Jackson. I lost it when he said "reducolous," because I've actually seen an interview with Joseph Jackson when he said that. Tina flubbed a joke again, but it was very minor, and the joke was most excellent. The H&R Block singers were kind of weird, but it worked. Will's voice is very strange, and he put it to good use. I was pleased by this update, and that's all that matters. 9/10

Club Traxx- A noble attempt at mocking crazy European people that just fell kind of flat. Before I get to what was wrong with this sketch, I'll say that Fred Armison was totally awesome. The voice and the American wanna-be attitude were dead on. Maya was also good, for some reason I found it incredibly funny when she said "You're like a black man from the ghetto." Now, what went wrong? The answer: Chrome. I found this character to be more disturbing than funny. The voice was just way too annoying. I dunno, I just didn't get it. The cooky European teens in the audience who both protested war and requested bad pop songs were a nice touch, but not enough to salvage the sketch for me. 5/10

Office Storytellers- This was much like the very first sketch of the night. There were some funny parts, like when the boss would walk in at exactly the wrong moment. But, on the whole, I just didn't laugh very much. 4.5/10

Second Time Around- I predict that much like the "Terrye Funke Hour" from the Jeff Gordon episode, I will be one of the only people who likes this sketch. If I recall correctly, Glenda Goodwin appeared in the Nia Vardalos episode as a lawyer. I like her better in this setting. There were lots of little nuances to this sketch, like the harp that Rachel's character strummed; what was that all about? I don't know, but I liked it. Also, the mispronunciation of "Hyundai." Crispin was a funny character, the pyramid thing was good. My favorite line in this was when Maya said "At my house, we call that Porky Piggin' it." 7.5/10

McConaughey's Red Hot Texas Chili- Can you say filler? This was very broad humor, but you know what? Farts are always funny. The audience laughed, and I bet you laughed too, so I can't completely trash this. Props to Mac for keeping a straight face. 7/10

This show scored: 78/110 or 71%

Post-Show Thoughts- This show was very acceptable. It was nothing outstanding, but there was enough good stuff to leave me with a good impression. I really liked Weekend Update, the protest sketch, and "Second Time Around." McConaughey was a very energetic host, and he did a great job of not looking like he was reading cue-cards. Darrel Hammond was nowhere to be found, what's that all about? The Dixie Chicks sounded really good live. I'm not into country music, but I definitely respect their talent. Overall, an enjoyable episode.

Next Week- I've never watched "Alias," but I've heard that Jennifer Garner is a pretty good actress. I'm hoping for either a Sully and Denise sketch, or a Wakeup Wakefield. I secretly hope for those two every week. I don't think I'll ever be a completely jaded fan; I still like the recurring characters. Beck is really cool, I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or comments: <>

Well, that's it for me. It's late, I'm going to bed. This is Kate saying goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.