Matthew McConaughey / Dixie Chicks
February 8, 2003

By Greg Haledjian

Okay, nobody will probably ever read this review. I wanted to do this for once in my 3 year reviewing career and I did it folks.


I just got my comp back and its 530, so chances are I will never be able to post the review I planned. This is like Retro 1997 here with the short ass reviews, but lets just see if me, not from 1997, can pull it off.

Well, just to mention something, I had a segment this week with Shifty and Alex, but guess what, I'm a douche bag.

The Shifty-Greg Segment will be posted next week.
The Greg-Shifty Segment will be posted next week.

See, me and Shifty had this huge thing in November, so like Sammy and Dave at the VMA's, each name got first billed, then second billed. Nobody gets it, its ok, everything will be back to normal next week.

Onto the fucking pre show please.

Pre-Show: Matthew McCo (not going to even try) is hosting. Should be decent. Dixie Chicks are singing, blah. I drank last nite, so some of that's in my system, keep that in mind.

Onto the show folks.

Pretty much the same as the Jeff Gordon/Avril Lavigne Opening.
Grade: D (Avril Lavigne is hot by the way)

Mono: About Pot
Grade: C

Skit: Blind Date
Funny, Rachel was good.
Grade: B

Boring Commercial, Jarrets Room was good, the something else, then Update.
Grade Combo: B+

Music: Dixie Chicks
No Landslide, screw this shit. How funny the thought of them opening for the Metallic/Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit concert.

12;30 and after:
Chili thing was good, Kattan in that skit was decent.

"Didn't tape"

Yeah, I really did, but I'm tired.

Okay, this was never done before, mocking the short reviewers, you, the viewer, if you can ever think of something that has ever been posted like this, I'll "quit" right now. Nah, not quiting, but need some type of energy to get past the review for sweeps. Okay, "great" show, Dixie ChicMatt McC.Jim Fallon.that's it. Add in your own ideas for the 's.

Overall Grade: B

Next week is a jam packed review folks. We've got the Shifty Segment back on track, tryouts to be the next correspondent since Spazo Tom left are going on. You can relax, nobody from that dam show American Idol will be "making" an appearance, and Alex will be back with what I hope is a rant. And, to mark the passing of the Columbia I plan on making up some poem of some sort. Can you smell sweeps?? Shitty ending, but my demograph has probably hit the 71-91 age gap of old men and they can only understand the hip taglines.

Okay, thank you for tuning in to my shortest and this websites shortest review ever. Goodnight.

Everything will be back to normal next week.