Senator John McCain / The White Stripes
October 19, 2002

By Stephanie Bowles

Cold Opening- Decision 2002

Is Parnell now the official political replacement for Will? Guess so. I knew they would spoof this news story tonight. It seems like they are running out of material for the show, so now it is all political spoofs. As far as Maya being in the sketch, that is another turn off. I don't know what it is, I just really do not dig Maya that much. I just don't think she adds much to the cast. She doesn't have that much variety. She always sounds the same. I am boredCould we just get to the monologue please? Oh man, Horatio cracks me up! Just looking at him makes me laugh.

Monologue- John McCain

I think that most people might find John McCain hosting confusing, as well as boring. Who knows! Lets just hope that the show ends up better than they have been for the past few times. I don't think John hosting will really grab the younger demographic watching tonight, guess they will have to switch over to MAD TV. Oh man, I cannot stand that night club comedian. Is it just me, or is the only thing that we have seen Fred Armisen do? I didn't think this night club idiot would be a re-occurring character. This is SNL, not Telemundo! Well, I thought this would be good, then this guy came out, and I already have a bad feeling and would much rather be sleeping!

Sketch- Hardball

I have missed this sketch! There hasn't been enough Darrell Hammond in this new SNL season, same goes for other cast members we have yet to see a lot of, Fallon, Poehler, just to name a few. John McCain as John Ashcroft, pretty fitting. McCain actually isn't half bad. He beats Sarah Michele Gellar by a long shot, and she gets paid to act. The best part of this sketch would have to be Tracy and his one zingers as Belafonte. Pikachu as the slavemaster, for example

Sketch- Lifetime Movie

Okaythis needs to pick up a bit. Starting off slow. John McCain is creepy! Shall I loofah your back? This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. "Girlfriend" I think that is being overdone a bit. I am just not sure if this sketch really had any direction in the first place. It would appear to me that SNL is running out of material, or just cannot think of anything that is even close to being funny. This season is seriously lacking. Can we say TIME LIMIT? I think it would help in situations like these, where the sketches SUCK and are not getting any laughs! If this was the Gong Show, they would have been gonged a looooong time ago!


Sketch- Wake Up Wakefield

Since this sketch is usually good, and a highlight of the episode for me, lets hope that it is at least mildly entertaining, I mean, can you ruin a good regular sketch? Hopefully not. I love Sheldon. Dratch captures the awkwardness of a teenage boy well. John McCain is pretty good in this sketch! Oh my god! He got her name right! YESSS! Yeah Randy!! Wow, we have hardly gotten a glimpse of Jimmy tonight, and for me, that is NOT good!

Cartoon-Ambiguously Gay Duo

Yes! I cannot get enough of these guys. Probably Smigel's best cartoon series. This one wasn't as good as the other ones I have seen, but it was okay. What is going on with this show? Last season was really good, but I have yet to be impressed. I haven't gotten a good laugh from this show in a long time, and that cannot be a good sign.

Sketch- Meet The Press

Too many political sketches. Is this the only kind of material they have? I know we are on the brink of war, but on a Saturday night, you want to watch SNL to laugh, not to be reminded of what is to come. John McCain as himself, interesting. This is pretty goodI like the question reversal. McCain looks pretty entertained by Hammond in this sketch. This could be the best sketch all night, and that really isn't saying a lot.

Performance- The White Stripes

I really like The White Stripes. I like their garage sound, sort of muffled. They are pretty damn good live. 2 people and they sound really good, impressive. I do think Jack was acting a little weird throughout some parts of the song

Weekend Update

As I anticipate the starting of Weekend Update, I sit here crossing my fingers chanting to myself, please be better than last week, please be better than last week!!! Will Forte speaks! He is boring the crap out of meI think this makes time for a good snack break, and I am having a hard time not wanting to change the channel. The best joke of Update would have to be about Pamela Lee and Kid Rock getting married and being registered at the local CDC.

Sketch- John McCain Sings Streisand

Is this a joke? This makes me long for the days of Will Ferrell playing Neil Diamond. This just seemed out of place, like it was done for time suckage in order to fill the void of the show.

My Big Thick Novel Chapter 619

All I am going to say is, I miss deep thoughts.

Sketch- Top Of The Morning

This reminds me of the old Mike Meyers stuffNot a very fresh idea. It's like, Hey! Let's take something Mike Meyers did and do it now, and act like no one will catch on! Well I am sure die hard SNL fans will! It wasn't a bad sketch, but it isn't like it is new material.

Performance 2- The White Stripes

A very short performance, not to mention a softer song. Quite a change from their last song, but I did enjoy it.

My Overall Review

I was majorly let down, again. I keep hoping week after week that it will get better, but it has yet to instill hope that it will. I don't see much glimmer for SNL's future this season. The episode seemed shorter, not very many sketches, and some seemed like they were drawn out in order to help the show fill its time slot. I didn't laugh at all really at this episode. If we have a politician hosting does that mean that we cannot be funny? Maybe we need to give SNL a chance to get warmed up this season, I don't knowWhat I do know is this- something is missing, and has been ever since the season started. I don't know if it is the writing, the cast, or what. On this episode I noticed that the SNL band played longer in outros and intros, perhaps in order to take up extra time because there just wasn't much material in this episode. Maybe there wasn't a sketch shortage, but I feel like there just wasn't a lot substance to this episodeI am going to give SNL a few more episodes to lure me back in, but unless that happens, I might have to retire watching for the remainder of this season.