Senator John McCain / The White Stripes
October 19, 2002

By Mary E. Calvano

Hey All!! I was glad to see that this week was an improvement over the last two episodes! I was completely impressed with Sen. McCain, I think he did an excellent job! Now, for the more comprehensive review...

Cold Opening: Overall kinda lacking something, but I did enjoy Sanz as Saddam, it was a nice change.

Monologue: OH MY GOSH!!! THAT DAMN FERICITO CHARACTER HAS TO GO!! I think McCain could've handled it on his own, thank you very much!

Hardball:Excellent!! I really enjoyed Hammond's portrayal of Chris Matthews and Sen. McCain played an excellent Ashcroft!! And Tracy Morgan as Harry Belefonte?? I was rolling.

Lifetime: YAWN!!!! I think this one could've been dropped, even though Sen. McCain was decent, it was completely devoid of any original humor.

Wakeup Wakefield: YEAH!!!! One of my favorites and I was happy to see it back. Dratch's lines about trick or treating and Sheldon's mother's Volvo were great! I had to tell my sister that McCain was the teacher, he did an excellent job. Once again, Megan's infatuation with Randy Goldman cracks me up, as did the fact that Randy (aka Jimmy Fallon) used a friend from high school's name..."Gerard Bradford just ate tempura paint..." Only those of us who watch Last Call would know that...oh, and the Jimmy stalkers!

Ambiguously Gay Duo: Not at it's best, but it will do!!! I truly enjoyed the dancing to Superman by Five for Fighting, that was hilarious!

Meet the Press: Hammond kinda overdid it with Tim Russert leaning, but I think it was a good thing. I laughed through the whole sketch, and I think McCain got a kick out of it too!

White Stripes: OK, they are awesome!! And to the one reviewer (I don't remember your name) who thinks they're from England...check your sources...they are from DETROIT!!!! HELL YEAH!!

Weekend Update: Jimmy had all the good jokes this week, minus the last one about the MI man molesting the pumpkin...Wow, Michigan has been mentioned twice in WU this year!!! Will Forte's voice made me giggle, but that went on for too long! Truly enjoyed all of Jimmy's jokes, especially Jet Train and the Robert Downy, Jr dating him in drag one. Budweiser was another good one because Natty Light is gross as hell!! His facial expression when the audio of "Saddam" singing came back on was classic!

McCain sings Streisand: YES!!!!! This was what I was waiting for. FINALLY, someone sticking it to Babs. I have never been a fan and she opens her mouth entirely too much. I generally can't stand it when celebrities use their status to push political agendas, and she is over the top with it. McCain did a superb job, even making fun of his singing talents...or lack thereof.

My Big Thick Novel: Yawn again...Jack Handy needs some new ideas.

Top O' The Morning: Even though McCain's accent was subpar, I really liked this sketch and I hope they bring it back. Although, next time, can Jimmy have normal hair?? His wig was scaring me a little bit there. And did he really hurt himself when he punched the wall? He had a silly look on his face!

Overall: I was VERY impressed with the show!!! I think Senator McCain won over people who otherwise thought he was going to go down in flames. I love the White Stripes, it's nice to see a local band make it big and maybe now we will stop being known for Eminem, who only raps about his shitty childhood, and Kid Rock who, I am sorry, is just nasty. Jimmy Fallon REALLY needs to start being in more sketches. Did anyone see Chris Parnell and Darrell Hammond on Donahue? I think Hammond may have gotten more material for his Donahue impersonation...that guy is a weirdo.