Senator John McCain / The White Stripes
October 19, 2002

By Eric Golden

Saddam Hussein Election:  This was really good.  Even though Darrell played Saddam better than Horatio, I guess SNL thought it looked funnier to have Horatio play him.  I liked when Maya made that loud sound when she found out Saddam won.  Grade: A

Monologue:  I really hope they stop with this "I'm just kidding" character.  It was ok one more time for this monologue, but I'm fearing this will become an overdone character.  Grade: B

Hardball:  Tracy was great as Harry Belafonte and his rediculous racist remarks.  I like the Pokeman comment.  Grade: A

Lifetime Personal Space Movie:  This was ok. It was a bit slow moving at times, but it wasn't bad.  I think a funnier ending would have been to make Rachel look even more opposite from Amy's portrayal of her than it was.  Grade: B

Wake Up Wakefield:  Overdone sketch, but this one was funny with the "cocunuts".
Grade: A

Ambiguosly Gay Duo:  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!! It was funny 5 years ago.
Grade: F

Musical Guest:  Odd stuff.  I'm not into their music.

Weekend Update:  Not one of the better updates.  Some of Jimmy and Tina's jokes towards the end were ok, but I didn't like the first few.  

McCain Sings Streisand:  This was pretty good.  Grade: A

Drunk Irishmen:  Deadly.  Again, I hope this won't turn into a recurring sketch, but I have a feeling it'll be back around March.  Grade: F

Musical Guest:  Still didn't like it.

Overall Grade: B