Senator John McCain / The White Stripes
October 19, 2002

By Amy

Hey! It's Amy. How are we all doing this evening? I'm doing quite well. I'm not sure if I will be reviewing the Halloween Special or Eric McCormack/Jay-Z episode. My schedule's filling up quickly, so I don't have as much free time.

Pre-Show Thoughts:
We're having a politician hosting tonight,this shall be quite interesting. But hopefully the musical performance by the oh-so-talented White Stripes will make up for whatever Senator John McCain misses out on.

Cold Opening; Iraqi TV:
"Saddam is running against, well,nobody."
I guess Horatio is taking the part of playing Saddam now. Horatio actually fits the character better than Darrell. Horatio has the facial features that resemble Saddam more accurately. It's a nice to see a change in who says the "Live from New York," line.
Score: B-

Monologue; Stereotyping Latin-Americans:
Eh, not the best. We really have not had many great monologues this season.
Score: D (I'm not "only kidding!")

Hardball w/ Chris Matthews:
I love Darrell's Matthews impression! He seemed a little off tonight though.
Okay, SJM looked really, really odd in that Ashcroft getup!
"The poodle is the black man in the dog world."
"Ha-ha! I'll never get tired of this!"
Score: B-

Lifetime, Television for Woman; The Gillian Woodward Story:
This was a very hilarious adaptation of those cheesy as hell movies on Lifetime.
Not only cheesy, but awfully boring & stupid as well.
Score: C-

Wakeup Wakefield:
Yay! I love these! Sheldon as Charlie Rose, LMAO.
The paint on the rented Volvo's seat joke was funny.
"Hey Megan, uh, nice coconuts"
",Randy Goldman knows my name,!"
Score: B+

TV Funhouse; The Ambiguously Gay Duo:
These used to be way funnier, but I guess they just ran out of ways to turn regular things into imitating gay male sex. Man, that green guy with the huge head scares the hell of me! He's so FREAKY looking!
Score: B-

Meet the Press:
This was just really stupid.
Score: D

The White Stripes Perform:
God, they're so awesome! They sound great live! Such energy!
Score: A+

Weekend Update:
"That's right folks, it's Jet Train, The new form of transportation that combines the danger of flying with the poor safety record of trains!"
The "CSI: The Early Show" joke was funny.
"Hey, can we put the onion thing on the backburner and work on curing AIDS?!"
The Tim Calhoun character played by Will Forte was so hilarious! His voice was just so freakin' amusing.
"Yeah, Peggy, you want them to allow more women to become astronauts? Yeah, well, shut up and eat the shrimp!"
Score: A-

Senator John McCain Sings:
Eh, this was rather strange.
Score: D

My Big Thick Novel:
Wow, I thought these were over with! I guess we just had our hopes up.
Score: D

The White Stripes Perform:
Awesome, once again!
Score: A

Irish Talk Show:
"Hi, I'm Patrick Fitzwilliam,"
"and I'm William Fitzpatrick"
This was very cute & comical. SJM's Irish accent was terrible.
Score: B+
Overall, I'd say the show wasn't THAT great. They had the White Stripes and a couple of awesome lines that saved the show from going to hell.
*A notable mark made by Will Forte tonight w/ his character with the "China baby".
*Not much done by Seth Meyers, or the rest of the featured players.
*And thankfully, not much done by Chris Kattan, either. Whew.
*Politicians should never host, they just don't have that acting gene in them!
Overall Score: C-

Well, it's been fun guys! I must go now! Thanks for reading!
I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend, Rachel, too! (She's my SNL buddy)
Take care.
Sincere Love,