Ray Liotta / The Donnas
January 18, 2003

By Funnyboy88

The system:

1= good .5 = not consistent 0= dumb

Rumsfeld - I thought this started off pretty weak. There were no solid
punchlines. However, it was funny once he started singing. However, for me
to give this sketch full credit, I would have had to enjoyed it all the way
through. When it was weak in the beginning, I got scared and thought maybe
the show was going to be stink again. .5

Monologue - This monologue was...weird. The "Getting to know you" sing a
long didn't really have much to do with the subplot that the cast didn't
like Ray at all. Also, I thought this guy was supposed to be fat? At least
he looks fat in all the commercials for 'Narc.' I enjoyed this though,
despite the weirdness. 1

Regis and Kelly - Nicely done. The funniest jokes were about Kelly having
so many babies. My favorite one was when she had the baby, yet she was
still pregnant, and patted her stomach telling it that it had a brother. 1

Girl with Juggs - GREATEST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT. Probably one of the
funniest sketches of the season. Oh my lordy, I almost pissed myself. When
she started jumping and her boobs were going all over...I don't know where
I'm going with this sentence, but it was awesome. The kid's voice changing
at the was a nice way to end it too. 1

Falconer - Although this wasn't as funny as the first time, I still enjoyed
this. Nice to see Will Forte get his first recurring character. I knew at
the end when the Falcon handed the saw to Will that the bird would tell him
to just cut off his legs. BTW, I wonder who writes these. Is it Forte? 1

Global Century - This was great! I bet Jim Downey helped write this since
he asked one of the questions. I really liked the joke that they knew about
9-11 months in advance. The bit with Jimmy and Parnell at the end was good
too. Good stuff. 1

Hannibal - Very good sketch! Ray Liotta was pretty funny in this one. Once
again, Darrell rolls out another impression, however, I'm assuming that he's
done this one before? Interesting note: This was the second Hannibal parody
this season. The first was "Hannibal Goes to College" in the Matt Damon
show. I would especially like to point out Dean Edwards in this. His Wayne
Brady impression was FANTASTIC. They should seriously consider doing a
Whose Line or Wayne Brady Show sketch. It seems to me that Dean Edwards is
becoming the show's first black Darrell Hammond
(http://snlarc.jt.org/cast.php?i=DeEd). 14 impressions. No characters. 1

Update - As usual, Update pulls through with lots of good jokes. And the
commentaries didn't stink this time either! I thought it was kind of weird
that both Jimmy and Tina had major slips on the jokes. But I don't mind
that kind of stuff. It's very hard to read so much and not flub once. Wow,
and Forte got his 2nd recurring character...all in one show! Tim Calhoun
was hilarious this time around, I think better than the original. It's such
a strange character. And it's original too (unlike
*coughjarret'sroomcough*!). And of course, you can't go wrong with straight
up Tracy. It's going to be sad when he's not around. They should just keep
him around forever for his personality bits, but not characters. 1

Hangman - At first I thought this was going to be a "Molecular Man" thing
where he would look at the camera every time he said "The Hangman."
However, instead, this turned out to be a funny sketch. Forte gets another
starring role too! Rachel's Grandma character was definitely funnier the
second time around when we knew Ray Liotta wanted to bone her. 1

Top O' the Morning - The first time they did this, it had recurring stamped
all over it. I thought the jokes were very good early on...but this sketch
QUICKLY went no where. It died after the punching the wall bit. But I
think this is Seth's first recurring character. Congratulations to
him...unfortunately its not such a funny sketch. I'd rather see the classic
"Little Sleuths" be brought back. .5

Las Vegas Show - Fred Armisen KILLED in this one. Funny thing...during the
commercial break before this I was thinking Fred hasn't had much to do
recently. Then this came along. The funniest joke was when he finally hit
the drums after a line, but it was after Kattan saying it was darkest time
of his life. Awesomeness. The punchlines of Kattan and Liotta were pretty
funny too, although they went by quickly, so you have to pay attention. 1


OVERALL - VERY good show! The only weak bits were the opening and Top o'
the Morning. Seth and Will got recurring characters. Fred Armisen was the
highlight of the Las Vegas Sketch. Dean's Wayne Brady impression was
amazing. Between Jeff getting two sketches last week, and the new guys
getting so much this week, they are taking over! It was sad that Jeff was
completely missing this time though. And Parnell didn't make any live
appearances either. Darrell got three big sketches this week! With Regis,
Rumsfeld, and Hannibal, he was around quite a lot in the beginning. Maya
got no starrring roles - a good thing? *gets attacked for saying that*

This was a very solid episode and its nice to see the show rebound so
nicely after the terrible Gordon episode. I just hope the show isn't going
into a pattern of bad show-good show-bad-good like it has been. Deniro was
bad. Al Gore was classic. Gordon was bad. This one was consistently good.

Score - 10/11. That's a 91%. Very good show! In fact, that makes it the
2nd funniest show of the season!