Ray Liotta / The Donnas
January 18, 2003

By Eric Golden

Donald Rumsfield: Deadly opening sketch. How stupid an idea was this?
Whenever a political sketch doesn't go well on the show you can see the
hole that Will Ferrell left in the show.
Grade: F

Monologue: More singing, as if there wasn't enough in the opening
sketch. Glad I wasn't sitting in the audience having to sing along.
Grade: F

Regis And Kelly: This was great. I was hoping that like last week, the
show would pick up from the 2nd sketch on, but I was wrong. This was
the best sketch of the night though. Chris was great as Gellman.
Grade: A

Overgrown 12 yr Old: Another one of those where Rachel doesn't even
have to say anything and she's hilarious.
Grade: A

Falconer: This wasn't even funny the first time they did this. And so
they repeat it. For whatever reason. I don't like Will Forte at all.
Grade: F

Stock Commercial: This was allright. Chris and Jimmy's argument at the
end was funny.
Grade: A

Hannibal: Gross, and not the least bit funny. There were some funny
lines though concerning Wayne Brady and those girls that Tina and Amy
were playing. I don't think the audience cared by that point though.
Grade: D

Weekend Update: Probably the weakest Update this season. 2 weeks in a
row Tina didn't have the greatest jokes. Then Will Forte makes another
unfunny appearance with an unfunny recurring character. This guy is
just creepy.
Grade: C

Hangman: This was allright. Again, Rachel's facial expressions make the
Grade: B

Top O' The Morning: And another recurring bit that bombed the first
time, but it gets brought back. And again, Jimmy can't keep a straight
face, even in an unfunny sketch.
Grade: F

????: I think there was another sketch in here that was bad, but I
can't remember, because I was falling asleep.
Grade: F?

Lounge Singer: At least they had a decent last sketch. The drummer was
Grade: A

Overall: Easily the worst one of the year. I was hoping they wouldn't
have another weak one like the Sarah Michelle Gellar show, but this one
sunk even lower. Hopefully the February shows will be decent.
Grade: C