Ray Liotta / The Donnas
January 18, 2003

By Bob Barron

Here is an interesting little SNL tidbit to start the review off- The shirt that Avril Lavigne is actually being sold up in Napanee, Ontario- so if you like live there- buy it or something.

Sports Report-
Devils- They've been playing excellent hockey recently and have taken over first place in the Atlantic division over the fading Philly Flyers. Hopefully they can keep up this run and starting get some offence.

Leafs- Both goalies maybe hurt but that doesn't stop the Leafs from kicking ass. Hopefully they can have a good run and be able to catch Team Bankruptcy.

Canucks- They had a mini-slump recently but have bounced back. I am pleased the NHL is recognising their greatness by putting their players on the all star team.

Nets- Terrific basketball from the K2 Connection always puts a smile on my face. As done them being in first place and kicking the Raptor's ass. Hopefully they can keep it up and actually win in the finals this year.


agoldenberg@onebox.com writes-

Could you refresh my memory as to the recurring Bee Gees joke you
reference in regard to Wayne's World in the prologue of your SNL review this
week? Thanks. Sorry for making it sound so fancy, I'm a legal
assistant! Sara Goldenberg

The joke is-
Wayne Campbell: I mean, Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes that every one liked. They left that to the Bee Gees.

ecfroggy04@aol.com writes-

Hey there, Bob, it's your fellow reviewer Sarah here...

I've just got to comment on you that I agree with you 150 percent on
the Jimmy and Horatio rant there. I wrote one of those and got a lot of
flak for it from Jimmy's fans. You said it perfectly. I also have to
agree wholeheartedly on the "Terrye Funck Hour". I read other reviews
that gave it almost full credit, saing they'd like to see it again. It
looks like we're some of the few who didn't like it, I suppose.

Anyway, thank you for the lovely Jimmy and Horatio speech.


P.S. I don't like Avril because of herself as well as her music. There
you go. But whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote, I

Thanks- I actually didn't get any feedback from Jimmy fans but I'm glad to see there are people who are starting to get tired of his shtick. Kudos for speaking up. The Terry Funk skit pretty much put me to sleep except for when I went: Hey- his name is Terry Funk! I hope I don't have to rant and rave again but if they crack up again you will bet I'll be a bit pissed off.

PS: See that's fine- whenever I talk about Avril with people it seems they always insult her but never bring up her music so I was just doing a little public service announcement.

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Cold Opening
Cast- Darrell Hammond, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Chris Kattan, Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen
Thoughts- Very weak cold opening. Donald Rumsfeld singing Nancy Sinatra is not my idea of high octane comedy. This is one of those skits that probably sounded good at a pitch meeting or a read through but the actual execution was just overall really flat. A straight up Rumsfeld skit probably would've been the smartest idea. Oh- did anyone notice Darrell Hammond take a sip of rum?? Does this mean he's gonna freak out in March again and be all depressed again? On the downside we have a depressed Darrell Hammond but on the bright side I can make fun of him more! *1/2

Cast- Ray Liotta, Jimmy Fallon
Thoughts- Sometimes I wish Norm was still around so he could grace us with his 'What the hell was that' guy cause if any skit deserved it- it was this. Hosts singing is always hit and miss- I mean for every Kevin Spacey or Martin Short there's about eight millions forgettable one like this. I've never heard of any connection between Ray Liotta and the King and I so this just seemed like an excuse to get the crowd hot so they wouldn't be dead for most of the show. Liotta punching Jimmy was funny but the rest was just flat out awful. *

Regis and Ripa
Cast- Liotta, Hammond, Poehler, Kattan
Thoughts- The owner of fallonfey.com (also known as cutarquettejoke.com) made an observation that reeked of astutioticity. They made sure that Amy had a tattoo in the same place that Ripa does. Hammond does a really good Regis impression having it down to a tee while Kattan's Gelman was also really funny. I gotta take some points off for David Caruso jokes- I mean hello- like 8 years ago called. Also- Regis Philbin did have his own show- Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Other then that skit had funny moments and I enjoyed it. ***1/2

Ummmm yea
Cast- Liotta, Fallon, Rachel Dratch
Thoughts- Famous American general Douglas MacArthur once said: Any skit revolving around Rachel Dratch's breasts is just too disturbing to even think about. Gen. MacArthur was right. They couldn't use Amy or Tina for this??? After my brain got over the fact that Lorne did indeed base a whole skit on the size of Rachel Dratch's breasts I actually found the skit to be really funny. Liotta played the straight man really well and aside from the horrible ending the skit worked really well. ***3/4

Cast- Liotta, Poehler, Dratch, Rudolph, Will Forte
Thoughts- Give it up Forte and just stick to Tim Calhoun so I can like you and preach on the greatness of new people and why Darrell, Tracy and CK all need to exit stage left. Even though he was really gay and said heaven to mergatory a lot- Snagglepuss did have some good advice in terms of the exiting stage left stuff. Anywho- these skits always seem to a die nice painful death. Hopefully Forte will just give it up and move on. DUD

Straight Talk
Cast- Parnell, Fallon, Kattan, Dratch, Rudolph, Meyers, Jim Downey
Thoughs- JAMES DOWNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went crazy for that. I was shocked this was Parnell's only appearance of the night. Maybe it was James Downey but I found myself loving this skit as Parnell just played off everyone really well. He always plays a great sleazebag and I mean that in the nicest way.****

Cast- Liotta, Poehler, Hammond, Fallon, Tina Fey, Rudolph, DeanEdwards
Thoughts- This skit was dying a nice slow and painful death as I stared blankly at the screen wondering why the Canucks couldn't be playing right now so I could flip over and watch that instead of this garbage. But then ground was broken- something amazing occurred that people will talk about for years to come. Tina Fey. Dean Edwards. A skit. Together. Damn- they could do a movie starring Tina and DEAN!~ and I would see it eighteen times- even if assclown made a cameo. So basically- yea the skit sucked but the fact that Tina and Dean were actually in the same exact skit earns this skit- **

Weekend Update
Cast- Fallon, Fey, Tracy Morgan, Forte
Thoughts- Wow. This was one amazing Weekend Update. It was nice and long and every single joke seemed to click- even Jimmy didn't screw up. Tina basically taught Jimmy a lesson in what to do when you screw up by making a fantastic save. The joke off was really good despite Jimmy's earlier screwup and I loved a lot of Tina's jokes especially the Bush joke. Then to completely cap off the rocking that had been going on at the slamoriffic party we get to see the greatness that is TIM CALHOUN!~. Message to Will Forte: Tim Calhoun-good. Falconer-bad. I've commented on it before but I'll bring it up. Will Forte has an absolutely annoying voice that is just so god awful that I would hate to have a conversation with him and that's why I don't seem to like him in skits. But luckily his insanely annoying voice totally works for the character of Tim Calhoun and adds to its charm. Tracy was the only thing I didn't like here as his commentary seemed to run out of gas towards the end. An excellent Update that pretty much hit almost all the right notes. ****1/2

Thoughts- I like groups that seem to just go on SNL and just rock because they keep me awake. The girls were kinda hot but I'd take Avril over them anyday. ***

The Hangman
Cast- Liotta, Dratch, Poehler, Forte
Thoughts- Did Rachel Dratch give Lorne a good deal on cocaine or something?? Because there was a skit centred around her breasts, a skit where she flashed her breasts AND a skit where Ray Liotta wanted to have sex with her despite her looking like Rachel Dratch AND being old. The pussy-posse joke was the only real highlight here. *1/2

Top of the Morning
Cast- Liotta, Fallon, Meyers
Thoughts- I don't know what happened but seeing Seth Meyers try his hardest not to laugh AND succeed made me once again appreciate the god like nature of Seth. Seth- I salute you for keeping the crusade to NOT laugh on the air alive. This was pretty decent and quite good for the end of the show. I wouldn't mind seeing these guys become end of show recurring characters. **1/4

The Donnas-
Thoughts- No complains here. Nice solid music. **1/2

Cast- Liotta, Kattan, Fallon, Dratch. Rudolph, Poehler, Fey Armisen, ASSCLOWN???
Thoughts- ASSCLOWN???/ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASCLOWN???/ I mean- holy Brian Kinney- what in the blue heck was assclown doing in a skit??? Was Dean Edwards getting beaten by the cops?? Was Seth Meyers busy watching hockey?? Was Jeff Richards busy trying to find a chick to score with? Was Tracy Morgan busy trying to explain to someone why he still has a job? Was Darrell Hammond busy looking for his id card???? A skit like this should never have been spoken of again and belongs in a vault where no one will ever be exposed to the horror again. DUD

The Bottom Line- Avg. skit was **.3 making this show a thumbs in the middle. There was some good stuff like Straight Talk and Weekend Update but there was just WAY too much crap on this show, They're trying really hard to put on good shows and get the crowd into it but they just need to weed out the crap and they'll do just fine. Oh- and no more assclown.

Thumbs in the Middle