Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite
March 8, 2003

By Sarah

Okay, here's my story/rant of the week:
I wrote an e-mail to Teen People magazine recently asking them to feature the cast of SNL more often, because you really only see Jimmy in teen magazines here's some of what I wrote:
"I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I am a huge fan of the long-running show Saturday Night Live. If it is at all possible, I would love to see more on the current SNL players in your magazine, and not only Jimmy Fallon. I think that the cast would most likely be happy with more exposure to their teen audience, and I would enjoy learning more about the lesser knowns on the show."
- Please note that I said "NOT ONLY Jimmy Fallon"
Here's the reply I got. I don't even think they read my e-mail.
"Thank you for writing to Teen People. We have received many requests, like yours, to feature Jimmy Fallon in our magazine. We appreciate your feedback and we want to make sure the magazine covers your interests.
The Editors
Okay, did I not CLEARLY say, "not Jimmy"? I don't want just him featured, I want the CAST featured, you eeeediots. I guess they just saw "Jimmy Fallon" and didn't read further. Good lord. I was irritated.

Anywhom, let's move on.

Well, the Grammys came and went, and I watched a couple of performances. I saw Simon and Garfunkel, Avril Lavigne (cringeworthy of course; worst performance I saw), the Dixie Chicks, and Norah Jones. And it was boring. I just settled for watching X-Men instead. Really, I watch a lot of those award shows just because, but I really only like the MTV awards. At least those aren't too stiff and prestigious. Not that the People's Choice and whatever else is prestigious.

Joi Writes Again:
Where is Cheri Oteri nowadays? I heard about her TV deal with CBS, but that was about 2 1/2 years ago. I miss her so much *sniff, sniff*

My Response: Well, I don't know, and I don't think many do know. She might be working on another series, but I think she's made some guest appearances most recently on other shows.
Jason Writes:
Hey Sarah - For the past few months I have been coming to saturday-night-live.com and have been reading reviews on shows. I must say yours are the best, in my opinion, and for me. You really go into detail as to why you liked something or didn't.
As for the email from last week you received, frankly, in your support, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I agree with the writer that Fallon and Kattan are, now, my favorites on the show since Meadows and Ferrell left. However, I can tell that Kattan, Fallon, and even Hammond are about ready to go. I mean, I didn't see Hammond, except for the monologue, once when Garner hosted.
It's sad in a way...I started watching SNL in the late 90's. I have seen the reruns on Comedy Central, and the late 90's are my favorite, then the early 90's and backwards. Probably a generational thing since I am only 22. But...yes...I'm sad to have seen Ferrell leave the show.
I also want to say that I think that this year's episodes hasn't been good as previous years. Well...Ferrell isn't there, Oteri, Hammond is pretty much done, Kattan is beginning to get old. It's sad.
I'm rambling now, so I'll stop.

My Response: Thanks for the interesting e-mail. Well, I like the more recent SNL seasons as well, probably because I get most of the political humor there over something even from the early 90s when I was like 5. And you're right. This season is a bit sad. Kattan was never my favorite, but I can see that he's still trying a little (Jennifer Garner), but it seems to me like he's not there anymore. And Darrell is like Dean this year here. This guy's great, and I don't want to see him go, but they can't just have a Cheney or Rumsfeld impression every week. I really, really hope that they can pick it up next season. No more "Saturday Night Dead" headlines, please. It's been done. Several times.
Jeremy Writes:
Tonight's show with Christopher Walken was terrific, the best of the season. Just wanted to let you know that Tina Fey appeared in the last sketch at the casino. She was one of the ladies that walked through. I was like who is that and then I realized. So you have another one for her tally. Excited to read your review. I am surprised however that they did not use Tracy Morgan at all (except for the History channel commercial) and Horatio Sanz I didn't even see at the end. Other wise great show.

My Response: Yeah, I added Tina to the counter that week. But thanks for looking out for me. And where has Horatio been for two episodes now? I think all his stuff got cut, but I thought cast members were guaranteed one appearance at least
Questions? Comments? Write to me at ECFroggy04@aol.com and we can discuss. And maybe, chances are high, that you'll get posted in my next review.
And, of course, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Maya Rudolph fans check out www.mayarudolph.net. Because I said so.

Tonight's Host: Queen Latifah
I don't know what to expect. She's in Chicago and Bringing Down the House.

Tonight's Musical Guest: Ms. Dynamite
I had never heard of this girl until it was announced that she'd be on SNL. Apparently she's an R&B singer from the U.K. Hmm.
My Grading Scale: A scale of 1-10, a 1 being the "Reese Witherspoon's Farting Baby" sketch, a 10 being of course "Schweaty Balls".
<[COLD OPENING]> Point/Counterpoint
Starring: Parnell, Hammond, Dan Aykroyd
Comments: Dan Aykroyd has never really left this show has he? It's good to see Darrell actually being used for something that's recognizable. This wasn't something I expected.
Live From New York It's: Chris Parnell again
Major Player: Hammond
Grade: 7
<[MONOLOGUE]> Queen Latifah
Starring: Latifah, Sanz, Meyers, Rudolph, Morgan
Comments: Funny. The Missy Elliott and LL Cool J bits didn't really fit as well as Nellyville and Sir Mix-A-Lot did.
Major Player: Meyers, for the best Missy Elliott impression since Tracy Morgan
Grade: 8
<[SKETCH]> 106 & Park Countdown
Starring: Edwards, Rudolph, Richards, Latifah
Comments: Well, it was better than the last Baby K appearance. This is the perfect role for Queen Latifah, but not the funniest thing in the world, of course, probably because Jeff's voice started getting on my nerves.
Major Player: Richards
Grade: 6
<[SKETCH]> Live With Regis and Kelly
Starring: Hammond, Poehler, Kattan, Latifah
Comments: I really should watch this show sometime to know who Gelman really is, but I probably won't. Amy, I think, succeeded in making Darrell break character, a rare phenomenon. Ah, the FOX network. When will they decide how low they really want to go with their standards?
Major Player: Poehler
Grade: 7
<[COMMERCIAL]> Who Farted?
Starring: Latifah, Hammond, Sanz, Rudolph, Forte, Dratch, Meyers, Morgan, Parnell
Comments: I really don't like fart humor
Major Player: Parnell with his VO
Grade: 4
<[SKETCH]> Where Are They Now?
Starring: Poehler, Latifah, Rudolph
Comments: Hah. Queen Latifah couldn't hold up her heel there I don't know. It was average, I guess. I don't have any strong feelings.
Major Player: I guess Rudolph for going nuts.
Grade: 6
<[COMMERCIAL]> I'm A Celebrity Who Farted?
Starring: Fallon, Kattan, Dratch, Hammond, Richards
Comments: I only knew who about two of these celebrities were here, maybe it's because they're all D-List celebs, I don't know. A little better than the last one, but it needed to follow the other. I think Busey farted.
Major Player: Kattan did the best impression of Kathy Griffin ever.
Grade: 7
Starring: Fallon, Fey, Sanz, Richards, Parnell
Comments: This review is getting shorter because I'm getting a little bored here. Update was once again fairly crappy, and I'd probably put it around the ranks of 9 or 10 so far this season. Horatio's deal was okay. The Dustin Hoffman impression was awesome. I love Jeff Richards and his impressions. I really do. Parnell sorta bombed, sorry Chris. Best Joke: the Ice Penis one.
Major Player: Richards
Grade: 6
<[MUSICAL GUEST]> Ms. Dynamite
Ah, so this is her. I didn't really watch that closely though.
<[SKETCH]> Give Up The Ham
Starring: Latifah, Poehler, Dratch, Rudolph, Morgan, Kattan, Forte, Parnell
Comments: I didn't see where this was going until Forte got out. This guy is the head of every crazy/good sketch this year, I swear. Parnell just made it better with the disclaimer thing, but why the beer reference?
Major Player: Forte
Grade: 8
<[CARTOON]> The X-Presidents
Cast Voices: Poehler
Comments: The real Spongebob guy came for this, eh? Not the best X-Prez I've seen, so I guess just below average.
Major Player: None, that would be unfair I think
Grade: 6
<[SKETCH]> Profiles in Jazz
Starring: Hammond, Latifah, Morgan, Rudolph, Armisen, Edwards
Comments: Is this now Maya's "funny voice" for everything? Okay then. This was actually pretty good, for being so late. I could tell "Let's Make Whoopee" would include a butt line. It's just predictable.
Major Player: Hammond
Grade: 7
<[SKETCH]> Walgreens
Starring: Sanz, Latifah, Armisen, Parnell, Dratch, Morgan
Comments: I'll bet whoever wrote this had some part in that horrible Fish Tanks sketch, although this was hardly as bad.
Major Player: Sanz
Grade: 4.5
<[TRIBUTE]> Mr. Rogers
Starring: Sanz
Comments: Aw, this was so cute. Horatio's so cute when he's all sentimental. I really did like this.
Major Player: Sanz
Grade: I can't really grade this, because it wasn't comedy, but I thought it was extremely nice, so a 9.
Comments: I'd lump this show in with Ray Liotta ­ I wasn't terribly impressed by the material again, but I'd like to see Queen Latifah back, I think. I just don't really have many comments here.
Highest Rated Sketch(es): Monologue, Give Up the Ham
Lowest Rated Sketch(es): Who Farted?, Walgreens
Busiest Player(s) of the Night: Maya Rudolph appeared 6 times.
Underused Player(s) of the Night: A lot of players were only seen twice: Armisen, Fallon, Forte, Edwards, and Meyers.
Major Player(s) of the Night: Horatio Sanz, Darrell Hammond and Jeff Richards all tied with two counts.
Host Sketch Count: Queen Latifah appeared eight times.
Surprise Guest Appearance: Dan Aykroyd
LFNY Tally: Hammond 3, Parnell 5, Sanz 2, Sandler 1, DeNiro 1, Tipper Gore 1, Rudolph 2, Walken 1
Non-WU Appearances from Tina Fey Counter: Seven
Grade: 4 + 4.5 + (4 x 6) + (4 x 7) + (2 x 8) + 9 = 70.5/13 = 5.4 ooh, that's kinda bad actually.
Next Live Show: Salma Hayek / Christina Aguilera
Oh, Christina. At least she's not hosting.