Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite
March 8, 2003

By Jesse Whiteley

Show #14, Review #7

Yes! March Break is finally here!
I don't really have much else to say this week, except I'm happy for Norah Jones winning all the Grammys she was nominated for last week even though the show sucked of course. All award shows are just about who's hot at the time. That's it. And most of the time, one person or group dominates. I think Come Away With Me is a great album, but I find it very hard to classify it. All jazz people say it's not a jazz album, and I agree. It's not jazz. I know I said it was a jazz/blues album before, but now I realize it's not jazz. The album has certain elements of jazz, such as Norah's singing and some of the arrangements are jazz influenced, but her piano playing has elements of country, gospel, blues, etc. It's very eclectic sounding. In simplest terms I would describe it as singer/songwriter, but Norah only wrote two of the songs on the album. Again, I'm happy that Norah won a ton of awards, but I would have liked to have seen Avril win at least one award.

Regarding my review of the last show (Christopher Walken/Foo Fighters), I thought Jim Carrey just showed up for the Goodnights at the end and wondered how he got mentioned. When I was watching the show live, I left during the middle of the Foo Fighters' performance before he came on, and when I only noticed it when I watched the tape again, after I wrote the review. And when I saw it, it was hilarious! My original grade for the performance was a C, but I'm going to change that to an A. That takes the show average from a B to a B+, somewhat of a difference.

Pre Show Thoughts: Queen Latifah's on to plug her new movie Bringing Down The House which started last weekend and, to me seems like a pretty good movie, but I would rather rent it than see it in the theaters. And she's nominated for an Oscar for Chicago, and I admit even though I hated Chicago, Queen Latifah was one of the few people who didn't annoy me or piss me off. One of the worst things about the movie was the songs were so bad, but Richard Gere pissed me off so much (especially his songs), and I couldn't stand the way Renee Zellwegers hair looked. I think Queen Latifah can be funny, though, so it shouldn't be a bad show.

Cold Opening: 60 Minutes Point Counterpoint
Players: Darrell, Dan Aykroyd
Great to see Aykroyd again.
Darrell's Clinton impression wasn't as funny as it was before, mostly because he didn't say as many funny things this time, but he's still great at Clinton's facial expressions, and things like that. Hey, great they mentioned Chrétien. Yes, Bill did mention him second last on his list of foreign politicians but at least he mentioned him, and the pronunciation wasn't bad. Cret-i-en. Aykroyd as Bob Dole was hilarious. As soon as I saw it was a point/counterpoint with Dan in it, I knew "You ignorant slut" was coming. He is so great at talking in fast long sentences in that deep voice, whether it's as Elwood Blues, Ray Zalinsky, or in this case, Bob Dole. It was stupid not to have either of those two guys say LFNY. Instead they went back to the 60 minutes logo, and Parnell as the announcer said it.
Grade: A

Players: Latifah, Horatio, Seth, Mya, Tracy
In these kinds of monologues (dialogues) between the host and whoever, they always make it so obvious of their reading cue cards. Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I know she's called Queen, but it's one of those things I never think about. All the rap jokes were great. Nellyville, Miss E. Elliot, Cool J, Sir Mix-a-lot, etc. SNL have mercilessly made fun of Missy Elliot this season.
Grade: A

Show: BET Top Ten Live - Baby K
Players: Dean, Mya, Jeff, Latifah
Oh god, not this again.
How do they shoot this with Jeff playing a baby.
This was pathetic for the first sketch of the night. I didn't laugh once during this.
Grade: D-

Show: Live With Regis & Kelly
Players: Darrell, Amy, Chris K., Latifah
I'm suprised they brought this back so soon. Yeah, I heard about Kelly having her baby when Regis filled in for Dave on The Late Show. He was awful. And Paul Shaffer wasn't there either. It was especially awful because it was the Friday show and there was no CBS Mailbag or Will It Float. But now that I think about it, I'm glad Regis didn't do any of that stuff cause Dave's the only guy who can do stuff like that. Whenever I watch the Late Show, unless I like the guest(s) I just watch the first half before the guests, cause I love all the random shit that Dave does. It's great. Anyway, I ramble. Back to the sketch.
Amy went really over the top as Kelly this time with the hugging. I never watch Regis & Kelly but I'll assume that she gets close to Regis and hugs him a lot. Darrell's impression of Regis wasn't as funny as last time. Hmm, again. Two off impressions in one show, and I think that could be the first or one of the few times I've seen Darrell break character. Kattan was hilarious as Gelman, especially with the Mexican hat. "Fox is such a classy network" HA!
Note on when Latifah (Frenchie) was singing: Hey, it doesn't matter if you turn the lights out inside a building with windows, it's not going to get rid of the natural light from outside.
Favourite Quote: "My wife has that flu that's going around so I took in a few piano bars" - Gelman
Grade: A

Commercial: Who Farted?
Players: Mya, Seth, Latifah, Tracy, Will, Darrell, Horatio, Rachel
This was so stupid, but so funny. I said before that I didn't like the McConaughey's Red Hot Texas Chili commercial that much but this was funnier because there were only two fart sounds in total, as opposed to multiple ones. SNL's really doing a lot of Fox jokes tonight. This is a reality show that I might actually watch.
Grade: A+

Show: VH1 Where Are They Now?
Players: Mya, Latifah, Amy
Another music show. BET, now VH1.
Probably the funniest thing about this was the party dance. How much of this was actually done live and how much of this was pre-taped. Mya's character sounded exactly the same as Glenda Goodwin.
Grade: C+

Commercial: I'm A Celebrity...Who Farted?!
Players: Rachel, Jimmy, Darrell, Jeff, Chris K.
Again, hilarious.
Great to see Jeff do Gary Busey again.
Grade: A+

Weekend Update
Players: Jimmy, Tina, Horatio, Jeff, Chris P.
Wow, the audience responded slowly to three jokes in a row, and I thought they were pretty good. 60 Minutes, Stolen Painting, and Jerry Sienfeld's baby.
Horatio was great as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. It looked like this could be the first time that Jimmy and Horatio were in something together (kind of) and neither of them cracked up, but Jimmy was grinning visibly for a little bit. Jeff's Dustin Hoffman was dead on. I'm glad they made fun of Dustin Hoffman at the Grammys, cause he was awful. He looked like he was bored out of his mind, or drunk, or something. It's a good thing there was no host, or he wasn't the host, or whatever. Great that they got him mispronouncing Bruce Springsteen (stringbean).
Best Joke: "The record for longest marriage was broken this week when a pair of childhood sweethearts celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary. Reached for comment the husband said dear god when is this excrutiating pain going to end'" - Jimmy
Grade: A-

Music: Ms. Dynamite
Pretty good.
She's a good singer, and her band was good, she had especially good keyboards.
Grade: B+

Sketch: That's My Ham
Players: Latifah, Amy, Rachel, Mya, Tracy, Chris K., Will, Chris P.
This was great. Latifah was especially funny in this one. Will singing with the Ham killed me, and there was great organ too, and he looked so funny holding the ham.
Favourite Quote: "Nu uh. I'm gonna take this ham home, and I'm gonna eat it."
Grade: A+

TV Funhouse: X-Presidents
This is good.
Not much else to say, just a good cartoon.
Grade: A-

Show: A+E Profiles In Jazz
Players: Darrell, Latifah, Tracy, Mya, Fred, Dean
Wow, so far Latifah's played a rapper, a member of a 60's girl group, and now a 20's jazz singer. Again, mya sounded like another one of her characters, I can't remember who. Oh yeah, that old lady from the bar in those wierd sketches with Tracy.
Tracy did a great Louis Armstrong.
Grade: B

Sketch: Walgreens
Players: Horatio, Fred, Latifah, Chris P., Will, Rachel, Tracy
Well, tonight's been pretty much either sketches about music, or gross-out jokes. This was pretty good.
Favourite Quote: "He honey are you single cause we had a guy runnin' around here with herpies, you guys d make a great couple."
Grade: B

Tribute To Mister Rogers
Players: Horatio
I'm glad to see they did this, really nice way to end the show.
Can't rate this on humor, because it wasn't supposed to be funny.
Grade: A+

Show Average: A-

Sketch Of The Night:
That's My Ham

Players Of The Night:

Final Comments: Really good show, one of the most consistently funny shows this season. Queen Latifah was a great host. That's two great hosts in a row, and two great shows in a row. That's All Folks