Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite
March 8, 2003

By Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- Queen Latifahs real name is Dana Owens. She was good in Chicago. I hope to see Bringing Down The House. Her talk show sucked. I never heard of Ms. Dynamite. All I know is she is from London.

DOLE & CLINTON COLD OPEN- Wow Dan Aykroyd doing an old line but instead of Jane its Bill you ignorant slut. Dans Dole impression sucked big time. I hate to say it but Where is Norm MacDonald when you need him? F

ROYAL MONOLOGUE- Seth looks good in armour. He does good on the accent. Please remind someone not to have Latifah in any medieval movies. F

BABY K- This was really cute. I see more Baby K in the future. Needs a little work. I see Jeff Richards has potential to become regular cast member. I can see this as a recurring character. C

REGIS & KELLY- I love this sketch. Darrell does an awesome Regis & Amy does Kelly perfectly. Kattan is laughable. Typical of Regis & Kelly to interrupt something too. Baby jokes are cute but will get old soon because how many babies can Kelly have? A

WHO FARTED?- This was funny at the beginning & then it went downhill fast. D

CHERYLETTES- I love this kind of music and styles. I bet that was hard jumping on one leg with high heels on. I give the girls credit for keeping their balance. Nice voices too. A

CELEBRITY WHO FARTED- Good Jokes. Jimmy does a good Gilbert Gottfried & Kattan was a good Kathy Griffin. Keep this one coming. A

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler were cut as a rich couple inspecting seats of a SUV. Jeff Richards did a dead on impression of Dustin Hoffman. Horatio Sanz was funny. Chris Parnell should be on Broadway. Fave Joke: Obese Women go to the Alamo at eat ala mode. A

MS. DYNAMITE "DY-NA-MI-TEE"- I hope to not see her again. Song was annoying. Out of all the British people it had to be her. What about Robbie Williams? F

HAM SKETCH- Bring Back the ham was a catch song. I like the Queens attitude & I love it when Tracy & Kattan dress in drag. Will Forte has a nice singing voice. I want this as recurring. A

TV FUNHOUSE: X-PRESIDENTS- How dare Robert Smigel leave Clinton out of the fun. He's now an X-President so let him join the group too. F

A & E JAZZ PROFILES- Ha Ha you're either old or accidentally changed the channel. I like that. Other than the fact Tracy does a good Louis Armstrong & Fred looks good in long hair, the sketch sucked. D

DONS APOTHECARY- This was a cute sketch too. It takes trust to talk to a pharmacist about your problems but it was funny how everyone had to know. C

MR. ROGERS SONG- Horatio did a good Tribute but I was waiting for him to come in a front door, change sweaters & change shoes. Nice knowing you dear friendly TV neighbor. A

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- Latifah did an OK job. What Happened? Did Steve Martin & Norm MacDonald have other plans? I give this show an A