Ashton Kutcher / 50 Cent
May 3, 2003

By Mr. Glass

President Bush addresses the military
-Well, there wasn't any surprise about this. I figured Parnell would try his impression once more, the impression that sucks, but barely anyone wants to believe that. If I were to bet, i'd put money that Parnell won't play Bush next season. I mean, Parnell is great, but this impression just isn't him and he's definately not improving.
This was a pretty slow opener. It was just O.K.


Kinda funny, but I bet you anything they originally wanted Chris Kattan to play the part that Parnell did, but seeing as they already made a gay joke about Kattan and that Kattan wants people to think he's straight, he didn't do it. Thats just my theory, anyway.

Count Chocula Silver-
Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed this. Sure, it was lame, but I think that was the point. It was that kind of insane, "how in the world did they think of this idea" type commercials, that they used to do more of. Plus seeing Count Chocula around regular people is just funny.


Jarret,Äôs Room
-Pretty good this week. Everyone in this skit was good, especially Ashton Kutcher. Ok, near the end he got a little annoying, but oh well.
No complaints here.


Madonna: A Dateline Special
-Amy does a great impression of Madonna. Loved the part about her normal day and especially the joke about "Swept Away". Something like it was supposed to be bad. Classic line there. Seth did a poor impression of Matt Lauer, but had some good lines.


(NEXT WEEK) Adrien Brody
Get ready for Nose Jokes, Kissing Halle Berry recaps and Wake Up Wakefield

-Funny. The concept was pretty original and it made me laugh. Seth was definately the star of this skit, but the others did a good job.




Ouch. Wow. WU is getting bad. I mean, now its to the point where the guests are the funniest parts.(LIKE WHEN COLIN QUINN HOSTED WU) I couldn't imagine saying this last year, but Tina Fey is losing her touch. She used to tell some good rants, but she barely does that anymore. Also, when she first started, Tina had some funny, smart jokes but now its basically "Bush Bashing" and I think the audience gives her a sympathy laugh.
The Liza Mennelli and David Gest bit was pretty funny though. Fred and Will saved this WU with their singing, even though the song wasn't as good as before..
Liza and David/Singing Kelly brothers: B


The Falconer vs. The Muskrateer
-This is the best Falconer there is. This was sheer brilliance. I LOVED THIS SKIT. The Muskrateer, LOL. This was classic. Them playing Rockem' Sockem' and Scrabble was so awesome. Is it just me or did the Musktrat look more like a badger? Oh well. I LOVED this and its my choice for BEST SKIT of the season so far.


Ashton Kutcher gets Punk,Äôd-
It seems like things are picking up. This was really funny. Tracy and Dean were great and Lorne was pretty funny too. I'm gonna miss Tracy.


-Politics Today
-Darrell's character of Skeeter was funny and the whole sketch was good. As scary as this sounds, there are people like this that have NO CLUE whats going on in the world, yet they have strong opinions of what to do. Oh well. But yeah, this skit proved that Fred Armisen can carry a skit.




-50,Äôs Ent.
Considering this was the last skit, this could have been worse.

-Global Century Investments
Funny the first time.

I've watched this skit twice. The first time, I thought it was one of the worst this season; the second, I think its one of the Bests.
I think Ashton Kutcher was awesome. SO good, I think he could have made a good cast member.

BEST SKIT OF THE NIGHT: The Falconer (Classic IMO)