Al Gore / Phish
December 14, 2002

By Kirk A.

A lot has happened web-site wise this past week. I've found a new host in which I will hopefully stay with. They seem to be holding up quite fine. Thanks for hosting me guys!
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Pre-show thoughts:
Last week, my expectations were high for the host, and it turned out he wasn't the greatest. As for Gore, they've had some pretty good jokes in the past about him...I bet this will be a pretty good show. Now on with the Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live!!!!!!! =)

Cold Opening:
I really am not seeing the point. This has got to be the stupidest opening ever! Gore's not a very good actor...Tipper's intro was LAME!!!!!!!

Score: 1/5
(this shouldn't even get a one, but it's the lowest score I can give)

Well...I didn't think it would be that funny at first, but as it went on, I grew a little more fond of it. There is just that little thing about Chris Kattan playing yet another gay-ish guy. It's starting to get old fast. Chris either needs to admit it, or the writers need to stop putting him in sketches as a gay guy. 

Score: 3/5

Loved the comment about Bush having less original members than Destiny's Child. Classic!
Come on Al...get your lines right! Then again, Darrell was messing up quite a bit as well.
YES! Tracy as Sharpton! Gotta love it! 
Thank you SNL! I love Hardball!

Score: 5/5

SNL Best of Christmas! NBC Tuesday @ 8/7central! I'll try to watch it! (unless I have to work)
Review of the Christmas special will be posted in my message boards!

Fiesta Politica:
Tehe! These are so stupid they're funny!!! Horatio does a great job!
That dazed look on Maya's face is very funny! 
Hey! That's Fred! Fred is pretty funny. 
Gary! OMG! I love Gary! He is funny!

Score: An amazing 5/5!

West Wing:
Pretty good segue into this sketch from Fiesta Politica.
Again...Thought it was gonna be stupid, but it's totally not! It was pretty good.

Score: 3/5

Jarret's Room!:
YEAH!!!! lol! Gobi is great!
Wow! Gobi turned in a term paper!
Oops...Guess it was too good to be true. =)
Phish is now in the set. Gobi is really clueless!
The beer can flute is hilarious! Lord I love that sketch...never gets old!

Score: 5/5!

Don't rate musical guests

Weekend Update:
This update was pretty slow. A few good jokes here and there.
Not worth much of a score at all. 
And can you say SHORT!?!?


Daily Affirmations:
Oh I hate this!! I will never like this and I have never liked this!
Need I say more? I don't care what anyone does...

Score: 1/5

Willy Wonka:
This is pretty funny.
I used to totally love this movie. Brings back some good memories...with
a twist!
That was good! We're oompa loompa doompity screwed. =)

Score: 4/5

TV Funhouse (Charlie Brown Christmas):
lol..This was good! I think I'm going to go around and wave my arms
and see what happens. =)
One of the better TV Funhouses that weren't Gay Duos or Real Audios
Loved the way they fit Phish into the cartoon.

Score: 5/5

I don't rate 'em

The Bar:


Christmas Song!!!!:
I don't care what anyone says...THIS SONG/SKETCH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 5/5

Post-Show Comments:
Turned out to be a pretty good show! I am pleasantly surprised!
Overall Show Score:

Best Sketch: Fiesta Politica
Worst Sketch: The Bar sketch

Thanks for sticking with me! I'll see you all in the new year with more reviews!
Have a safe and very merry Christmas!

Side Dish- Just a reminder...check out my web site for my review archives as well as other peoples' reviews.
I'm pretty sure I'll watch the SNL Christmas Special on Tuesday. If I do, I'll have a review (hopefully) up at the web site. Remember, the NEW site is: