Al Gore / Phish
December 14, 2002

By  Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS-I cant imagine Gore being funny so we'll see. Phish is supposed to be like the Grateful Dead so they should be good.

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GORE COLD OPEN-This was funny especially when Tracy zapped Gore the first time & Gore went back to kissing Tipper again. What kind of name is Tipper? A

RUNNING MATES MONOLOGUE-This was a spoof of The Bachelor so I thought it was funny. I'm surprised Darrell wasn't in it. Gore should leave his shirt on. Im disappointed he's not running for President. He would make a good one. A

HARDBALL-This wasn't bad. I loved when he said something about Liza Minellli & her medicine cabinet. C

REBECCA-I liked this sketch because of Gary. What a cute dog. I loved Mayas face when Gore was talking about politics. C

WEST WING-This was all right. I don't watch the West Wing so I will give this sketch an average rating because it was a good sketch. C

JARRETTS ROOM-Seth Meyers looks good in leather. He looked like a stripper or one of the members of the Village People. I thought it was funny when Gobi thought the lead singer of Phish looked like Chuck Norris. Good move. I think this is the first time I give this sketch an A

PHISH "46 Days"-Cool the MG is after Jarretts Room. This song was good. A

WU WITH FALLON/FEY-Will Forte was cut as Tim Calhoun & Fred Armisen was cut as Fericito. I thought it was funny when Amy & Rachel were talking about Jimmy being a virgin & Tina wanted to pay to have sex with him. Fave Joke: With a Sunday deadline for a transit strike looming, New Yorkers face a possible Monday morning commute without subways or buses. In response, the city has designated areas where large groups of people go around and shove people. C

STUART & THE GORES-I have always liked this sketch. Tipper looks like she would be good at acting. This was the first time I've seen this sketch in person. C

WILLY WONKA-I thought I would never see this sketch again. Jeff does a good Willy Wonka. Chris Kattan was a cute Oompa Loompa. Amy really does look like Charlie. A

TV FUNHOUSE:PEANUTS CHRISTMAS-This was a funny cartoon. I love Peanuts. I wonder why its called Peanuts? I dedicate this sketch to Sean Bradley, the owner of <> because he's playing my favorite Peanuts character, Linus in his college play Charlie Brown Christmas. A

PHISH"Chalk Dust Torture"-This song was good too. A

ON THE HOUSE-This was good next to the one in the subway. Maya sounded like a muppet which isn't a bad thing. I like Muppets. B

HORATIO CHRISTMAS TREAT-I have always loved this sketch. Jimmy really did look like Harry Potter. He should play an older Harry Potter in the movie. Horatio was a cute teddy bear. A

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS-This wasn't a bad show. Al Gore can be funny & Phish isn't bad. What happened to Kattans recurring sketches? [Mango/Peepers] Is this his last season? I give this show an A