Al Gore / Phish
December 14, 2002

By funnyboy88

1= good .5= ehh? 0=just bad

Gore Makes Out with Tipper - When they first started to kiss, I had the
feeling they were going to stay together...and they did. Fantastic start.
It was so funny to just see Lorne and Jimmy standing there trying to pretend
nothing was happening. The joke about Jimmy not coming back was funny too.
Tracy was great too. It's going to be sad when he leaves.

Monologue/Bachelor parody - FANTASTIC WRITING. This tight, crisp writing is
what has been missing from the show a lot this season. Good ideas that are
usually not pulled off at their best. Not this. Great parody. Parnell's
Lieberman was cracking me up. The best part was when they were in the hot
tub. Sketches like these make me proud to be an SNL fan. 1

Hardball - This sketch is always good. Hammond's Chris Mathews is amazing.
The blows to Trent Lott were expected. 1

Fiesta Politica - Ok, when I heard they were bringing this back, I thought,
"Oh great, another lame character." However, it worked this time, but it
wasn't fabulous like the earlier sketches in the night. I really wasn't
laughing at all, until one point I just saw Al Gore sitting there being
surrounded by a bunch of dancing Spanish people that was supposed to be a
political talk show, and it clicked in my mind, and I started laughing a
lot. After that, the sketch seemed much more enjoyable. Fred Armisen and
Tracy Morgan, and also that dog, saved the sketch for me. 1

West Wing - BRILLIANT. Al Gore was hilarious. I was completely dying.
Classic, classic. There's not much to say here, but this piece was sooo
good. Can you tell I liked it? 1

Jarret's Room - AHHH!! Not this again...already!! Didn't they do this 2
episodes ago?? Atleast it feels like it. I can't stand this sketch
anymore. The only funny thing that is making me give this a .5 is the part
about Chuck Norris. Bwahahaha. I feel that in general, Jarret's Room is
the new Wayne's World, with two guys hosting a show trying to crack
eachother up, but did anyone else have flashbacks to when Aerosmith came on
Wayne's World? .5

Weekend Update - The best joke was about the woman having a baby and people
throwing money into her vagina. The jokes about Trent Lott certainly made
the audience groan. Overall, Update did feel short this time. The thing
with Amy and Rachel as porn stars was amusing. WU felt short this week, I
suppose because there was only one commentary. 1

Stuart Smalley - Nice to see Al Franked back! He contributed a piece
earlier this season too. Why doesn't he just come back full time then? I'm
sure the other writers could use some inspiration. Very good skit. I was
dying when Gore was looking at himself in the mirror. 1

Willy Wonka - Coincidentally, I watched the Willy Wonka skit from last
season on my computer earlier in the day. It was nice to see them do it
again. Jeff's Gene Wilder is really great. Amy as Charlie looks eerily
good. Kattan, Forte, and Armisen also looked so real as midgets. Good
quotes: starring Gene Wilder and some midgets, we're oompa loompa screwed,
stepping in oompa loompa dung.

What drink song - Wow, Dean Edwards doing something! Finally! Of course it
wasn't log until the focus switched from him though. I have to say, this
was one of the better Maya/Tracy bits. I'd still rather see the Ferecito
sketch that got cut though. The ending is what I'd call "cute." .5

Xmas Song - I know they have done this a million times, but it is not that
bad because you know it's not supposed to be THAT funny, but it is just
supposed to be entertaining, and it is. So I'll give it a 1.

Adding up the scores, the show has gotten an 11/12!!. Amazingly high!
That's a 92%, which is an A! BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON (so far). Everything
was really on target tonight. Several classic sketches (west wing, bachelor
parody), downright hilarious (willy wonka), and even the usually
disappointing stuff had great moments (Jarrret's room, Maya/Tracy song).

Sadly, not much from Parnell this episode. He is the only main cast member
to get crapped on this time. Forte didn't do much either. It's amazing to
see how much the writers rely on Tracy. It took 7 years to get this point!
That means there is hope for Dean Edwards! The same happened to Tim Meadows
too. Al Gore was a great host. Interesting that two of the best shows this
season came from political hosts. I also put the Sarah Michelle Gellar
episode up there too. But Al Gore's was the best with out a doubt.