Jeff Gordon / Avril Lavigne
January 11, 2003

By funnyboy88

The way it works:

1=funny .5 = kinda funny 0 = WTF?

First show of 2003!

North Korea - My lordy! The audience has been silent on this one! I kind
of have to agree. We usually expect more laugh-out-loud material in the
opening. This was dumb. No other way to describe. They took a foreign
leader and added universal insults that didn't strongly apply to him. It
wasn't very clever. 0

Monologue - I really like Rachel Dratch and Chris Parnell, but I feel sorry
for them. This was a terrible monologue. The idea of putting Nascar fans
in the audience was good, but I'm sorry, this was bad. The only part I
laughed at was when Chris and Rachel started talking about what they really
like to do. But other than that, it wasn't that special. .5

Joe Hetero - GREAT! After a slow beginning, something truly funny has
happened! Very good parody. You know they couldn't leave Joe Millionaire
untouched. 1

Brian Fellows - I like Brian Fellow (is it Fellows or Fellow?? Sometimes he
says Fellow, another he says Fellows), but there wasn't much to chew on in
this one. Usual same jokes, nothing that surprising, but the bit with the
snake was funny, but all around, it was "been there done that." .5

Diana Ross - What is with Jimmy's Pat O'Brien impression? That sounded
NOTHING like him, in my opinion. The voice wasn't close. Maya was pretty
funny in this, but the dialogue didn't leave much to chew on. I only
laughed out loud once. .5

Joe Caucasion - Even better than Joe Hetero! Tracy looked hilarious dressed
in that make-up. 1

Career Day - I'm glad that Seth was able to get a lead role, but this sketch
was average. Great concept, and it was "cute." However, it never triggered
any uproarious laughter. .5

------------mid show comments: What's going on here?? The only solid things
so far were the Joe Millionaire parodies! Everything has been weak.

Star Dates - Haha! I really enjoyed this, although I don't think the
audience cared much for it. The impressions were fantastic. Dean was great
as the host. Also, Jeff's Gary Busey was DEAD - ON. I was dying the entire
time. I'm so glad that he was made fun of. That guy is a freak. Kudos to
this bit. I just wish the audience would laugh more. My favorite line was
about how Gary thought he was the one meeting the celebrity. Nice to see
Jeff getting a lead role, plus Dean getting some good laughs from me! The
'new' guys are taking over!

Joe-not-a-Rapist - Very good once again. Parnell's rapist character was
quite creepy and funny. Good job, Chris. 1

Update - I thought all the jokes were very good this time! They currently
escape me at the moment, but I remember them being funny. The only one I
remember is the one about Lieberman giving a speech from a locker. Rachel's
chronologically deformed baby returns! If some of you remember from the
99-00 season, Rachel dressed up the exact same way, only she was the child
of Angelina Jolie and her brother. Good stuff. Jimmy's Grammy bit was
great too! It seemed a little long, but it was entertaining the whole
time. The ending was nice with Will as Jimmy's old friend who is the Grammy
president. 1

Repair Men - This has to be one of the worst sketches I have
ever seen. These characters talked funny, but what they said was terribly
not. This sketch will forever be imprinted in my brain for crappiness. And
worst of all, Jimmy and Horatio cracked up again! Many people hate Leather
Man, but I'm one of the few who kind of liked it, but this one is just bad.
Bad. This reminded me of Sandler and Farley doing bits together in 94-95.
This definitely reminded me of a 94-95 sketch.

Charlie Rose - Wow, Jeff gets two sketches in one night! I really like his
impression, but there wasn't much substance to this sketch. It was a
"one-joker." Rose would just interrupt whenever Rumsfeld got a chance to
talk. Poor Darrell, this was his only appearance in the whole show. .5

Joe Dude - The surprise element of these bits are starting to get old, but I
still thought it was funny. Second time we have seen Tina play a lesbian
(the other was during a monogue back when she was only a writer). 1

The Terry Show - It's always nice to see Parnell do something on his own and
not part of an ensemble or with a partner. These moments are rare. This
sketch was bizarrely funny. I didn't know what to expect. The character
almost sounded gay. Is he supposed to be? However, it was still a very
funny character. Jeff Gordon was funny in this one. I was about to give
this sketch a .5, but, I'm giving it a 1. But it just BARELY made it. It
was still kind of average. But if they can get this character to work, then
I wouldn't mind seeing it brought back. 1

Stripper Pole - I liked this! Once again, I don't think the audience cared
much, but this was pretty good. I was hoping Parnell was going to be the
one to try it out, but Rachel did instead. Dean and Tracy made a good pair.
It is nice that they ended the show on a high note (compared to the rest).
OVERALL: Ouch. This has been the worst show of the season, without a
doubt. First off, did anyone notice how they gave Gordon so little to do?
Next, I have to say this has been one of the worst 90 minute episodes I have
EVER seen. The entire show was just dying. Even when the show was funny,
the audience didn't seem into it at all. Besides the Joe Millionaire stuff,
everything was purely average (Diana Ross, Charlie Rose, Terry, Career Day)
or just bad (Cold Opening, Repair Men, Monologue). I've defended the show a
lot this year. Before, people said the show as off this season. In my
opinion, this episode should be the basis for the show being "off." I
always said "hey, the show could be worse!" Well, this episode was the
level of that "worse."

Score - 10.5/15 points. That's exactly a 70% (a D).
If I really wanted to ruin this week's score, I could've counted the Joe
Millionaire's as one big sketch, given the show a 7.5/12 (a 63%!). But, I'm
going to be nice, and use the 10.5/15 instead.