Jeff Gordon / Avril Lavigne
January 11, 2003

By ETisWrinkley

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POST SHOW THOUGHTS-hmm a racecar driver hosting snl?in the words of Marge Simpsons:"I don't think this is a very good idea".He could be funny though.And oh dear god don't get me started on Avril Lavigne.She's an untalented bitch who sounds horrible live,so im not looking forward to her.
I rate on 1 to 10(1 lowest 10 highest)
Cold Open:Kim Jong Il
Horatio did a good job of playing him and this was pretty funny,but for a cold open wasnt all that great. Rating:5
Monologue:Fake Nascar Fans
This was pretty hillarious.It was great how Rachel showed him her boob with the tattoo at the end funny stuff,and how Chris turned soo opposite after they admitted they were from NYC.
Joe Hetero
Hillarious!short but sweet.
Brian Fellow's Safari Planet
This was one of the funnier Brian Fellow's ever.The thing about the snake marrying his mom was so weird it was funny as hell and Tracy in drag is always good for a laugh or two.Him saying his name all the time bothers me though.
Access Hollywood:Diana Ross
Jimmy's Pat O Brien impression was perfect and i was laughing so hard wen he said "i never breathe through my nose,ever".The whole diana ross part was pretty funny,not as funny as jimmy's impression though.
Joe caucasian
great great great!! funniest part of the night
pretty funny,went on a little long though
Joe Not-A-Rapist
hillarious,though not as great as joe caucasian.Chris P. is creepy as hell when he wants to be!!
Music:Avril Lavigne
awful awful dog could sing that song better.
Weekend Update
a pretty good update,brining back angelina jolie and her brother's baby was pretty good,Amy's impression of the crazy clone lady was PERFECT and the jimmy/comedy club thing was short but funny.Gay Hollywood Hitler was gut bustingly hillarious!!
Gary's Fish Tanks
didnt think it'd be funny,but i love it when jimmy and horatio crack up.its annoying sometimes,but it fit right here.
Charlie Rose
uhh the impressions were good kinda boring though
Joe Dude
yay! Tina in a sketch other than weekend update,but lookin like the dykiest dyke that ever dyked! oh well,this was funny.
Music:Avril Lavigne
even worse than the previous song,she sounds like a cat dying when she sings,and she just stands there with her hand on the microphoneand nothing else!she should learn some stage presence!!
Stripper Pole
Amy was great as the huge tit dumbass stripper,but Dean ruined it for me,he was really annoying
The End!
Next Week:Ray liotta/The Donnas
The Donnas!! what the hell are they doin on a big show like snl? theyre my favorite band and have been for 3 years and theyre just now becoming sort of well known! i cant wait to see how it goes!Ray liotta should be funny too.
Overall: this weeks show was great,even though jeff gordon didnt really get a chance to prove he was funny,he didnt really play any funny characters,but this week the cast was hillarious
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