Sarah Michelle Gellar / Faith Hill
October 12, 2002

By Steve

Opening: Chriss Parnell does a pretty good George W. Bush. but it still was
a cold opening B.

Monologue: Sarah offends a family of vampires, Chris Kattan was funny. A-

Swiffer Sleepers: I wish I had thought of that. C

Be safe: This was funny!!! The one liners were hilarious (I hope you get
assaulted every day for the rest of your life.) Sarah just looked funny the
way she dressed with that big hat and sunglasses (I didn't know talking on
your cell phone prevents robberies??) A+

Chris Kattan's Dentist: I rember when he did this sketch similar to the one
he did with Derek Jeter. (lipsyncing to love songs.) laughed hard when Sarah
and Chris made out while Chris Parnell was getting his mouth filled with
water. B+

ad parody racial profiling: Not very funny, but I wondered how many airlines
in real life do this? C-

Corona#1: Throwing the beer instead of the phone in the ocean, even Jimmy
Fallon couldn't save this one. F

Saddam's Palace: He has a body double (Horatio Sanz) thats too fat, and
keeps using his doubles as patsys. Sounds like Saddam. A

Corona #2 Yes he threw his beer in the Ocean again and he's drunk. D-

Faith Hill: I'm not a fan of country music but just looking at her is enough
to give her an A. She does have a nice voice.

Weekend Update: Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey are the funniest news anchors
since Dennis Miller but the low point was the crazy dell kid and the ramada
girls. B

Making the video: The second funniest sketch of the night. Sarah really hams
it up as Christina Aguillara and the costumed characters especially the
chicken and Horatio throwing up in his mask I NEED A RED BABBON ASS!! A

The show Arli$$ as a Bladder control device: Lame C-

Sarah vs. Faith: I wanted them to wrestle so bad!!! (my money's on Sarah) B+

Faith Hill: see above. A

My Man/I want breasts: Tracy always makes me chuckle. Maya's funny too B-

Corona #3 This time Jimmy hits the waiter. Funniest of the three C+

Nail Saddam: Time waster. D

Sexual harrasment: Chris Parnell is Merv the Perv. He's become one of my
favorite sketch players. B+

I felt the Show was funnier than last weeks, I give it a B+ overall.

Next week Senator John McCain/Nelly. see you then.