Sarah Michelle Gellar / Faith Hill
October 12, 2002

By Stéphane Dagenais

Greetings to you all. I'm John Koenig's good buddy Big Mac. I've been introduced to SNL in 1987 and I don't think I've missed more than 10 shows since. You can say I'm a die hard fan, but I'm also pretty crittical, having lived the Carvey era, when a bad show was one with two mildly funny sketchs. So here we go with my first critic on your web site.

Prez and VP address :  Parnell as GW Bush was somewhat boring. He didn't do anything. No tic, almost no diffrence in the voice and make-up.  As for the jokes, you could see the guys were trying, but it was flat. They tried hard and for that : C-

Geller Monologue : It was cute with the vampires and all. Kattan was funny. It was not an explosion of laughs, but it was original and it made me smile. At least, it was short : C-

Sweepers commercial : Sweeping floors with kids in an outfit made just for that, like the floor sweepers that you can trashed after use. Not a laugher but cute idea. C

B-Safe Police Sketch : It stated slow, but picked up at the end with really funny demonstrations on how to protect youself. Geller and Poehler were not particularly funny, but Armison saved the sketch. It was a bit long, but with 3 people sharing the spotlight, you have to give them some lines. B-

Dream Dentist : Good old Kattan with his cheesy songs and loving attitude. It reminded me of the dancing sketchs he did with Teri Hatcher and some other gal. The twist was not funny though. But for the music and for Kattan's luck of always finding a way to kiss the cute guest stars : B

Racial Profiling Airline : Humm, well, what the hell was that?? A one bad joke sketch. They are not at there best when they go to far and go with the provocating stuff. They could have done more with the idea, witch was not at all wrong. But the way to present it was. I'm not an offended virgin so : C-

Corona Commercial #1 : When after a commercial you ear 15 audience members clap and some coughing through out the laughing, it's not working. They tried something, didn't work so : D

Saddam Lookalikes :  Well smack me crazy but I liked it. Sure it was to long and some chemistry was missing, but the idea of the lookalikes was funny. I probably liked the idea more than the sketch, but it worked for me. Sanz was a good punch as a fat Saddam lookalike. : B

Corona #2 : Stop it guys, it didn't work the first time. D

WU : It's regularly the funniest moment of the night. It was funny tonight. Fey and Fallon had good lines. Dell kid was ok too. The Ramada sisters were forgettable. For the update : B+

Aguillera Video : They had a better joke about the video in the weekend update. It was a good way to see Geller in a very small outfit, but not much more was made here. C-

Arli$$ :  They sure hate Arliss. It's not the first joke about how unfunny the show is. It was cute. C+

Wresling match : Tracy Morgan as Tracy Morgan, his greatest caracter. It was somewhat funny and the Lorne intervention was a saver. C

Breast Man : Morgan at his best with not much to read of the cue cards. He's always good in those kinda sketches. Good lines, I laughed.: B-

Corona #3 : Please stop!! D

Saddam's fault : Too much Saddam jokes in the show. It was not bad, but come on, enough with Saddam. The idea was ok. The Enron joke was funny and the street guy who said let me enjoy my way of life was funnier. Ok... B-

Sexual Harassment : Good performence by Parnell. As I said erlier, I'm not the offended virgin type, so I liked the sketch. Merv the Perv will probably be back, mark my words. B

All in all, it was not a very good show. Mildly funny, but nothing will be remembered. If we never see this show again, we won't miss much. C- for the show .