Sarah Michelle Gellar / Faith Hill
October 12, 2002

By Mary E. Calvano

Bear with me, as this is my first time doing this. But, I am sick of studying for my midterm and I have some opinions on the show I'd like to share, so here goes...

COLD OPEN-Chris Parnell and Darrell Hammond

*Not Will Ferrell, but Parnell does a decent job... even though he does appear to be doing an impression of Ferrell's "Dubya." With a little more practice, I am sure he'll make a fine George W....again, not as good as Will, but then, who is?

Monologue-Sarah Michelle Geller,Chris Kattan,Rachel Dratch,Amy Poehler

Never my favorite part of the episode, they always seem so fake and rehearsed, I enjoy spontaneity and cleverness. This had neither. Although, Poehler and Kattan had great lines with biting the Jimmy Fallon, the vampire bit was predictable

Swiffer Sleepers-Amy Poehler, cute little kids

OK, can I take these kids home with me??? How cute were they? They turned a lame-o idea into a cute parody. Amy Poehler was good, but the kids stole this one...especially the little boy at the end.

DARE Parody-Amy Poehler,Fred Armisen, SMG, various cast members, extras

Hmmm...not really my cup of tea. Had some funny moments, but overall kinda bad. And too bad real DARE presentations are equally ineffective and lame. Not sure what I think of Armisen yet...Ferecito left a bad taste in my mouth

Daydreaming Clerk-Chris Kattan,Chris Parnell,SMG

Didn't like the first one, liked this one even less.

Trans-American Commercial-various SNL members

Humorous, but scary.

Corona #1-Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler's voice (???)

Since I taped this because I had a bachelorette party on Saturday night...I skipped over it originally...just saw the second one...when I read about it, I went back and watched it. Loved Jimmy Fallon...totally confused as to who the woman was next to him, but think Poehler did the voice over. "BEER HERE...PLEASE!"

Saddam's Palace-Darrell Hammond, Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Richards, Chris Kattan, and Horatio Sanz

By far, the two most entertaining parts of this sketch were the Tony Blair comments and Horatio Sanz making Jimmy crack up...other than that, lame.

Corona #2-Jimmy Fallon

Almost died laughing at Jimmy using the bottle as a phone...his lines were great, totally hysterical...."I can't hear you dude!!! WHAT??!!! Piece of crap!!" I hate those commercials, but SNL found a great way to make them funny. Will have to remember to parody this the next time I drink a Corona.

Musical Guest-Faith Hill

Absolutely LOVE this Faith Tim McGraw...he would've been the only thing to make that any better.

Weekend Update-Fallon/Fey

All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR W.U.!!!! Great jokes...Justin Guarini, Michael Jackson, Krispy Kreme!! Why is Seth Myers still only a featured player...he was too damn funny, he even made the annoying Dell guy funny...favorite line: "DUDE! I'm getting thorazine!!" Classic. (by the way...manic depression and bipolar disorder are the same thing...I'm a social worker) Didn't like the Ramada sisters though...tsk tsk Maya, you're better than that!!

Christina Aguilera-SMG,Poehler,Fallon,Kattan,Rudolph,etc...

Hate Christina Aguilera, loved this sketch. That video is terrible and I am SO glad SNL ripped on it. Fabulous!! Although, Dean Edwards seemed a little confused at one part...SMG did a good job.


Don't know what the hell Arli$$ is, but I am never watching it now. Didn't care too much for this one, however

Tracy Morgan-SMG-Faith Hill-Lorne Michaels

Ugh...lame-o. Only saving grace was Tracy's line to Lorne about getting him a Pepsi. I hope this was the last one. Tracy is better than this...give him some real material!!

Maya and Tracy

Since I love both of them, this was hilarious!!! I loved Tracy's interjections and Maya can do the best voices...still waiting for another Wake Up Wakefield though, that's my favorite Maya sketch.

Corona #3-Fallon

Funny, but not as great as the second one. Enjoyed watching Armisen ( I think) get whacked in the head with the bottle and Jimmy grabbing the "brews." Did anyone see him on Conan when he talked about "taking Derek Jeter out for a night on the town?" Well, if you didn't, I am not going to explain it...but I was reminded of it when he grabbed the bottles.

Blame Saddam-various SNL members

Yawn...some good lines...but yawn. We get it...we have other problems in this country and no one really wants to go to war with Iraq...but enough already...this is the THIRD Saddam sketch.

Merv the Perv-SMG,Chris Parnell,Maya Rudolph,Rachel Dratch, etc...

I like Chris Parnell, but briefs??!! Come on!! SMG did a good job with this one. All in all, I liked it...Parnell plays a good creep.

Overall: Kind of a lame ass episode. I am still waiting for it to get better. I must say that last weekend's was a little better in my estimation because I actually laughed more than five times. But, still, neither episode had my stomach hurting from laughing too hard and I miss that feeling. Hopefully this week will be better, but with Senator McCain hosting, I somehow doubt that. WHITE STRIPES!!!! They rock and they're from Detroit, so you can't go the way...I go to Michigan State for grad school, hence last week's Hannibal Lecter sketch was funny to me when it probably sucked to everyone else.