Sarah Michelle Gellar / Faith Hill
October 12, 2002

By Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I hope this is a good show. I like Sarah Michelle Gellar & Faith Hill. I hope there's a Wake-up Wakefield.

BUSH/CHENEY COLD OPEN- DING DING DING. I think we finally found our Bush. I hope they keep Parnell as Bush. I actually laughed in this cold opening. A

MONOLOGUE:VAMPIRES- I knew a Buffy theme was coming. This reminded me of the time we used to have a sketch called Goth Talk. Chris was right when he said everybody wants to sink their teeth into Jimmy Fallon. B

SWIFFER SWEEPERS- commercial. This was hilarious. A

SAFETY CLASS- This gave me a few laughs but not wearing a condom will teach people a bad thing. Its called sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. For a minute I thought Sarah looked like Tina. C

DENTIST- This was cut from last week. I love this sketch. Good music. A

AIRLINE AD- commercial. All I have to say is Chris looked really good in that uniform. Other than that. Crash.D

CORONA #1- Yep that's Jimmy drinking. Drunk too. Didn't like it. F

SADDAMS PLACE- Where was Fred. He would fit right in unless they killed him already. F

CORONA #2- see corona #1. F

FAITH HILL "CRY"- Finally they got a good MG. She's an awesome singer. A

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- I laughed at Seths Dell computer guy. A few good jokes. Favorite Joke: Here is a picture of Michael Jackson with Sigfried/Roy with some animals. I guess the orgy is over now. C

MAKING THE VIDEO: CHRISTINA AGUILERA- This was getting nowhere. It just makes me not like Christina even more. F


TRACY BACKSTAGE- I love it when Lorne is in a sketch especially if Tracy is involved. I had a feeling the Get Me A Pepsi Biotch was coming. I clapped when he said that. A

FAITH HILL "FREE"- I like this song. Has a good beat to it. I would dance to it. A

MY LOVE- Where was this going? F

CORONA #3- Same as #1 & #2 except I laughed when Jimmy knocked Fred out. D

AMERICA SPEAKS- Should I be pissed off at Saddam. Who knows. Im waiting for them to get bin Laden. D

SEXUAL HARASSMENT SEMINAR- I don't know why but I loved this sketch. I wouldn't mind if Parnell talked to me that way. YUM. A

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- This show wasn't as good as Matt Damon. Faith Hill is better than Bruce Springsteen. I give this show an A

****Side Note****
I do my grading different. You're probably wondering why I gave this show an A when there is also Ds, Cs, & Fs. Heres how I do it. I count how many As, Bs, and so on I have. Whatever I have the most of that goes as the first grade. Hey we all have our own way of doing things & this is my way.