Sarah Michelle Gellar / Faith Hill
October 12, 2002

By Amy

This is Amy's Episode Review. These are my opinions, and if you do not agree with them, that's fine. Just don't send me hate mail because I don't like Chris Kattan. Kuh-peesh? =)

Pre-Show Thoughts:
Sarah Michelle Gellar did a tremendous time hosting last time. I'm energized to see what she slays up this time! We all know that she married Freddie Prinze, Jr. over the summer. Surprise, surprise! Even though I had a major crush on Freddie in like, 7th grade, a girl can get over him! I love Jimmy Fallon now!
Though I don't particularly care for Country music, I think Faith Hill is a remarkable star. She has such an awesome voice and a beautiful face to go along with it.

Cold Opening- Listen to this, Sadame!:
Wow! Looks like we have a new Georgie (who had some Botox, *LOL*)! Chris Parnell is now our Bush! Of course, someone had to take Will's place! Hopefully Chris will do as well as Will! He has some BIG shoes to fill!
The Cops joke was funny.
Score: B-

Cast Run-Through:
Okay, looks like no one was promoted for this season. Seth Meyers and Jeff Richards I thought did make an impression last year as Featured Players, but I guess not a huge enough one to advance. Dean Edwards perhaps now has another chance to show his stuff- he had barely any air time last year! Will Forte & Frank Armisen are our newbies this year!

Monologue- The Vampires Speak-Out:
You know what; I'm going to say this. I'm SO sick of Chris Kattan. He is getting so exhausting to me. Chris, LEAVE! He made this skit suck. But, THANKFULLY we had a save from Amy Poehler.
"But Daddy, I want to bite ze' Jimmy Fallon"
Yeah, you can add THIS Amy to that list too! Jimmy Fallon is wickedly sexy.
Score: C+

Swiffer Sleepers:
This was so adorableyet, so stupid.
Score: C-

The "Be Safe" Gang:
This was amusing. Poking a hole in a condom so "the bacteria can vent" was the high point for me. The rest was sort of dumb. You could already see the jokes coming.
Score: B-

Store Clerk Fantasizes About Sarah Michelle Gellar:
Once again, I don't like Chris Kattan. Great idea, but adding Chris Kattan to the sketch was a very bad choice.
Score: C-

Trans-America; Racial Profiling:
Uummokay? What was this?
Score: D

The host is Senator John McCain with musical guest The White Stripes.

Corona Commercial #1Miles Away From Sober
Humorous. Jimmy is so sizzling.
Score: A-

Sadame- Evil how?
Very funny. Horatio's entrance was the high point. Hey, don't knock Tony Blair. I think he's awesome.
Score: B-

Corona Commercial #2Miles Away From Sober
Alright? Jimmy gets getting drunker every time.

Musical Guest:
Faith Hill performs. She sounds outstanding LIVE!
Score: A-

Weekend Update:
I love Tina's hair!
The new & safer airplane seat was funny. "How about adding them in 2 thousand-RIGHT NOW, BITCH?"
Seth Meyers did a breathtaking job as the multi-diagnosed "Dell Dude"
I really didn't understand the whole "Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle" thing Tina was doing. It was funny though, anyway.
"Man, did anyone see that new Christina Aguilera video? I think that thing gave my TV genital warts!" FUNNIEST THING IN THE SHOW!
That Orgy joke w/ Sinfred & Roy w/ Michael Jackson and the tigers was SO FUNNY!
Crispy Crème Cakes are now accompanied with size 26 wedding dresses! Damn, man.
Score: A+ (As always)

Making the Video w/ Christina Aguilera-"It's just not dirty/skanky enough."
Christina is SUCH a freakingw-h-o-r-e. I hate her! THANK YOU FOR MAKING FUN OF HER ONCE AGAIN!
"Well, we all know that Christina ain't one to wear panties, so I just used red spray paint on her poo-poo." FUNNY!
Score: A-

(I'm paraphrasing)
Notice that you piss your pants often while laughing? Just watch the full 7 seasons on DVD of the HBO show, Arli$$
Score: B

Tracy Morgan & Lorne try to convince Faith & Sarah to wrestle
How tacky and sexist can you be? Why do these things always end with Tracy saying: "Get me a soda, bitch!" to Lorne? Hmm.
Score: C

Couple Chat: A Night of Exploring a Female's Body
"Mmm...Hmmmnow about those breasts"
"Yeah, I like those breasts."
"Girl, I already creamed my jeans when you said breasts"
This was kind of gross, but comical nonetheless.
Score: B

Corona Commercial #3Miles from Sober
Okay? 3? As much as I love seeing Jimmy, you can stop playing this commercial anytime now!

American People Have Spoken
(People blaming practically every problem in America on Sadame)
"Sadame, America's pissed off, maybe not at you, but you'll do."
Score: B

Sexual Harassment Seminar w/ "Merv the Perv"
I've never seen Chris Parnell play a character like this. You'd think Tracy would be one to act as a sex-crazed bafoon. But Chris? How refreshing!
Score: B

After-Show Thoughts:
Yet again, Sarah Michelle Gellar has done a wonderful job hosting. Even though she married my "ex-boyfriend", she is a good actress, who can play at any nature.
Thank you for making jokes at the infamous Christina Ho-guilera!
A very strong mark made by Seth Meyers tonight, I believe that he will soon be joining the higher ranks of "Cast Member" status.
Not much done by the rest of the featured players; perhaps later this season?
The show went quite well tonight! I'm very impressed by everyone's performance. A very different variety of skits, and the show seemed a bit long to me.
Overall Score of Tonight: B-

Well, thank you for taking the time to read my episode review! It has been a pleasure!
Sincere Love,
(Future Mrs. Fallonahem.)