Jennifer Garner / Beck
February 15, 2003

By Joe Morgan

Hello out there, you SNL-ers. My name is Joe Morgan, and this is my first episode review. But, before the review, let me tell you about myself.
I am from the great state of Wisconsin. Well, Wisconsin Rapids to be exact. The town is located in the central part of Wisconsin, if you read a map. Anyway, I am 22 years old, and work at the local Pizza Hut. 
I've always loved SNL, because it's the only show that still dares to be funny, even close to 30 years from now. Alright, enough babbling. Time for the review!

Tonight's host is "Alias" super-spy/chick and star of the movie "Daredevil", Jennifer Garner. The musical guest is Beck. So, in the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, "awaaaaay we go."

Bush Address starring Chris Parnell as President bush
There wasn't much audience laughter during this, but Parnell's Bush is alright. Sure, it's only the third time he's done this, but I like his impression.
Score(from 0 to 50):40

Jennifer looked stunning, and she has a hell of a singing voice. All the men were used for this, and they all did pretty well. Good stuff!
Score: 45

Clappin' Commercial
This was so fun, I wish it was real. Nonetheless, some very good clapping moves.
Score: 45

Lights On starring Seth, Jimmy, Fred, Maya, and Jennifer
Pretty good start. It was a little awkward seeing Jennifer turn into Fred, but that was a quibble. Jimmy did indeed say G.D. during the sketch. That's a no-no.

Wake Up, Wakefield starring Rachel, Maya, Horatio, and Jennifer
This was good. I've liked this sketch from the beginning. Rachel and Jennifer's lip-lock was suprising. Horatio as the principal was funny, especially when he sang Missy E.

Saddam Calling Osama starring Jimmy, Horatio, and Fred
It was O.K. I did like all the guy's impressions. Jimmy and Horatio cracking up again was funny.
Soap Opera starring Jennifer, Chris K., Seth, and Chris P.
Again, just O.K. Everyone was alright. The last line with Chris K.'s voice spoken deeply was good.         

Twins At Pad starring Jennifer, Jimmy, Chris K. and Rachel
Very funny sketch with everyone, especially Rachel with that arm sticking out of his head, doing well. The last line is a gem!

Weekend Update with Jimmy, Tina, Jeff, Tracy, Chris P, and Jennifer
Very good Update this week, with several good jokes. My favorite was the Atari joke. It was amazing how they timed the effects with Jimmy's mouth. Burt Bacharach impression was good. If he comes back, I wonder how many more words he can come up with that rhyme with Iraq. Tracy was seen too briefly, and Chris P.'s rap was alright. I also like the bits at the end where some person makes off with Jimmy's pencil. By the way, about Jimmy's joke for Screech, I think he said the f-word instead of funky. That's probably why the audience gasped there. 

Music I don't comment on, unless it's a country act. So, let me say that the Chicks were great last week.

Michael Jackson in a Tree starring Amy, Rachel, Jennifer and Dean
Pretty weird sketch, with Amy's Jackson alright, but not high itself. Rachel's Elizabeth Taylor was good, but Jennifer has the Elvis accent down pretty good. Dean's Jackson was good, too.

Wal-Mart starring Jennifer, Amy, Rachel, Seth, Maya, and Fred
This was a funny last sketch, because this was from personal experience. You see, I used to work at a Super Wal-Mart for a few months. I liked all the comparisons as to how big this store was. The I know's did get a little annoying, but, again, it was a quibble.

Total score(out of 550):481, or 87%.

Overall, I liked this show. There were some quibbles, but it was an enjoyable show. Next week, it's Oscar nominee( for "Catch Me If You Can") Christopher Walken, and musical guests Foo Fighters, fightin' foo. Until then, Mind where you step! SO LONG!