Jennifer Garner / Beck
February 15, 2003

By Jamie Klein

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I like Jennifer Garner. I just started watching Alias. I know her husband is Scott Foley. Beck is an O.K. person....or he was the last time. This should be a good show.

BUSH COLD OPEN- FINALLY. A Bush is aired. I still think Parnell does a better Bush. C

MY FUNNY VALENTINE MONOLOGUE- Jennifer has a nice singing voice. I was waiting for a cameo from Scott Foley to have a discussion with the boys. I was touched by this monologue & I have no idea why. A

CLAPPIN- commercial. It was funny how Will was clappin at the beginning. If I kept clapping for that long period of time my hands would be sore, itchy & red. A

BAR- This sketch was hilarious. I thought it was funny everytime Jimmy screamed. Fred make a cuter woman than Jeff doing drunk girl. Jimmy told me this was a really hard sketch to do. A

WAKE-UP WAKEFIELD- Rachel really does play the cello. I thought it was funny how she tried to run off the stage with it. That thing was bigger than she was. The disco ball made the whole studio have an effect. This sketch is dull without Jimmy. D

SADDAM MAKES A CALL- I could picture Saddam doing something like this but do they have phones? Some things were funny. C

SOAP OPERA- Jennifer & Seth would be good in a real soap. Maybe Parnell too. Again Kattan plays a gay character. Yes, the rumors & such will begin again. This didn't do it for me. F

TWINS- I see Rachel is going to have a recurring character with that thing she is. At least she wasn't drooling. Kattan looked good here. I felt bad for him because Jimmy go the pretty one & then I thought it was funny when Rachel was the one with the vagina. Jimmy's not getting any from Jennifer. B

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- I was waiting for Ben Affleck cameo but he never showed. Chris Parnells rap wasn't as good as the Kirsten Dunst one. Fave Joke:Atari is going out of business and they go out making noises {Jimmy makes sounds of losing my FAVE GAME Pac-man} C

BECK "LOST CAUSE"- This was a nice song. This song would be nice to listen to in a bar. A

MICHAEL JACKSON IN A TREE- Amy's voice annoyed me after a while. Please don't use her as MJ again. Lorne must be letting Dean start small & work his way up. One of these days Dean will get his day. F

BECK "GUESS IM DOING FINE- This was a long song. I wouldn't listen to it while driving for an hour or more. May cause drowsiness. A

SUPER WAL-MART- This sketch reminds me of the movie The Good Girl where Aniston was talking to her friend. Loved the accents. C

MY BIG THICK NOVEL- This wasn't in dress. After all the commercials cut they have to put this in. F

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- Jennifer Garner should be a model. What happened to Ben Affleck cameo? Beck was good. He could be country I guess. Im happy to see Fred & Will getting airtime but what about Dean & Seth? I give this show an A