Jennifer Garner / Beck
February 15, 2003

By Eric Amundsen

A Quick Outlook On The Show:

This is my first review since 1998 when I reviewed the Kelsey Grammer episode. I want to first comment on the current cast of SNL. Many people were devestated when they heard that Will Ferell was leaving the show. They also thought the show would suck too after he left. I think people don't realize that the current cast could wind up being the best ever. It's true that the show got off to a slow start at the beginning of the season. I think that SNL is finally going stong again and the writers are finally not doing just a half-assed job anymore on sketches. I do miss Will Ferell a lot like many fans, but I am very hopefull for SNL's future. I think the current featured players are going to be the next generation of SNL and will all become stars and will have their chance to glow in the spotlight in the near future. Once the veteran's leave, such as Chris Kattan (does anyone care if he stays?), Darrell Hammond, Tracy Morgan, and ! Jimmy Fallon, the featured players will move up to cast member status and will be used in more sketches as they deserve so. I think that Fred Armisen and Jeff Richards will be the next big stars. Will Forte is hilarious and can write too! Seth Meyers is great as well, and will be amajor addition to the cast. And now I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Dean Edwards will be the another breakout star on the show once Tracy Morgan leaves and he comes out from Tracy's shadow. Dean has a lot of potential. He just hasn't had enough air time to let it show. Just you watch! He's gonna' blow everyone away. I think Jeff Richards is an awesome impressionist and will take over Darrell Hammond's spot, once he leaves, as the new go to guy impressionist. So with all that said, the other cast memebers are awesome too. I think SNL is in good hands and will be around for such a long time. I can't wait to see all! Now: On with the review!

Jennifer Garner / Beck (February 15, 2003)

Cold Opening - Address From President Bush

I'm starting to get used to Chris Parnell as portraying G.W. He's getting better at it. This one was pretty funny. Short and simple opening like usual. Chris Parnell is my current favorite cast member.

Grade: A-

Monologue - Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is so beautiful. I liked this monologue. But it didn't seem like the audience was enjoying it to much. Tracy Morgan was great as usual when saying "You make me feel like the lion king!" I wonder what the female cast memebers were doing at the time, like if they were jealous or anything.

Grade: A

Commercial - Clappin'

I loved this parody of the Stomp broadway show! I love it when SNL parodies the shows that are pretty lame and the ones that I can't believe that people pay money to see. Who wants to pay to see a buch of kids stomping on trash cans and other objects? I thought this was a brilliant commercial parody. Horatio summed it all up the best "They were just...clappin'!!! Ohhhh, man!" The best thing to was that it involved the entire cast and even Jennifer Garner herself! Good job SNL!

Grade: A+

Sketch - Last Call

This was another great SNL original. Fred Armisen!!! He was funny as hell. I can't wait to see Fred as a cast member. Jennifer Garner just lights up with beauty and personality. She's got such great charisma! They gotta' bring her back. Tracy Morgan is always funny. Like Will Ferell, I laugh just looking at him. I gotta' say this now: Mark my words - Tracy Morgan IS the next Eddie Murphy. He's going to be a huge T.V. sitcom star and movie star. Just you watch! Seth and Maya were pretty much just extras in this sketch. It was an overall great sketch.

Grade: A+

Show - Wake Up Wakefield

I usually like these. But this one was just an ordinary one. Maya seems bland as her character when Jimmy Fallon doesn't appear in the sketch. I like Rachel Dratch's Sheldon charater. She can pull off being a boy real well. It was cool to see Sheldon get some action this time! Go Sheldon! I love Horatio as the princinpal. He's always great. Jennifer and Rachel saved the sketch from sucking.

Grade: B

Sketch - Saddam Hussein & Osama Bin Laden On the phone

This was the highlight of the show for me. I was laughing my ass off. I loved how Jimmy and Horatio were improvising. Or were they? You never can really tell those two as they always crack each other up in sketches. But that doesn't bother me too much. I think it make it all that much funnier.

The best lines of the sketch:

Horatio as Saddam: "Listen bro!"

Jimmy as Osama: "I have to. It's a phone! What do you want me to do watch! I'm kidding! It's a joke"

Horatio as Saddam: "You care me, man. And I'm Saddam Freakin' Hussein."

Grade: A+

Show/Sketch - Invitation To Love

This was alright. I'm tired of Chris Kattan. He should have left the show years ago. He was funny his first 3 years and then just got way overused in a lot of episodes. He doesn't really make me laugh much anymore. I do like when Chris Parnell plays directors though. That's the perfect role for him. He was brilliant. Jennifer was okay and Seth didn't have any funny lines. Why doesn't Chris Kattan just come out from the closet and just admit that he's gay? I mean this character along with Mango and gay Hitler. C'mon! He's too fruity not to be at least bi-sexual like Jennifer's charcter suggests.

Sketch - Date W/ The Twins

Another sketch that proves that Chris Kattan is gay. Why else why he storm out at the end after saying he doesn't like football, twins, and beer. This sketch wasn't too funny. I think they've done Rachel Dratch's in-bred character too many times. It's not that funny anymore guys. Write somehing new please!

Grade: F

Weekend Update -  W/ Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jeff Richards, Tracy Morgan, & Chris Parnell

This was one of the highlights of the show. Jimmy and Tina were great. Jeff Richards was awesome as a rhyming Burt Bacharach. Tracy Morgan was hilarious when saying "we should stage an all out race war!" And I always love hearing Chris Parnel's brilliant raps. He should come out with his own CD! He's got so much talent.

Grade: A+

Musical Performance - Beck playing "Lost Cause"

Beck is great here as usual. If you don't own a copy of his latest CD "Sea Change", go out and get it man! It's one of his best. He shows a whole new side of himself. And that man can sure sing!

Grade: A+

Show - Michael Jackson In A Tree

I know some people didn't care for this one. But I did! I laughed my ass off at the show title alone. Amy Poehler was awesome as Michael. And guess who else was? None other than Dean Edwards. See what I mean. This is just a microscopic portion of the potential that Dean has. I can't wait to see his other impressions.Rachel Dratch was great as Liz Taylor. Even Jennifer Garner had me rollin' as Lisa Marie Presley. This was very hilarious. I hope they turn this into a recurring sketch.

Grade: A+

Musical Performance - Beck playing " Doing Fine"

Another excellent performance by Beck. This is one of his best songs that he's ever written I think.

Grade: A+

Sketch - Walmart Superstore

This was a good idea for a sketch. But is was pretty much a one joke sketch too. Amy and Jennifer were a good sketch combo though. Seth and Rachel were funny. Fred Armisen spoke with a different accent which was cool. An average sketch at best.

Grade: C+


They always seem to cut it off too quickly. This one almost latested the whole way. I think Darrell is ready to leave the show by leaving the rest of the cast on stage. He will be missed when he does leave.

Overall :

I think this was an overall decent show. Jennifer Garner was great as the host. The stars of the night were Jimmy, Horatio, Chris Parnell, Weekend Update, Amy, Rachel, and Tracy. I'm glad to see Dean and Jeff Richards get airtime as well as Fred Armisen. Next up: Christopher Walken. That should be another great show as usual. Thanks for reading this revirew. I hope do reviews on a regular basis or at least from time to time from now on.

Overall Episode Grade: B+

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